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  1. A very unusual sub-tropical depression in the Bay of Biscay.


    From Google translate.

    Satellite Image METEOSAT10 on 15/09/2016 at 12:30 UTC: this is a particularly remarkable phenomenon that is taking place in the Bay of Biscay. Depression that wraps has subtropical characteristics, namely a warm heart dominated by cold air at high altitudes. This causes a convective activity locally and stormy near the center of the depression, which is typical of tropical or subtropical process. Other convective clouds are present over a wide band from Britain to the Balkans.

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    2. Nouska


      @weirpig She has been named Stephanie - she will drift SSE and be broken up over the Pyrenees - similar fate to many of the tropical storms when they hit the mounains of the Caribbean islands. There's a sting in the 'tail' for some tomorrow morning. :D



    3. carinthian


      No real signs of its activity here in Ibiza. Just a drop in temperature. Mostly fine and sunny. Note the SWly jet is quite strong on its southerly flank,that's going by the speed of the cirrus we have here. Not bad here but you can tell the maritime influence compared to the start of the week when we had a very hot flow out of Africa.



    4. Nouska


      Oops - thought it was a non updating image I posted and now cannot edit.

      Here's the original.


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