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  1. Ed, as said above I do work for an oncologist and chemoradiation is treatment, we sent a patient along for some recently. http://www.macmillan.org.uk/information-and-support/bowel-cancer/rectal/treating/chemoradiation
  2. For my sins I work for an Oncologist and yes that is certainly a very interesting scientific finding indeed, will be interesting to see how it develops in the future but I have to say chemotherapy is no fraud, as toxic and as nasty as it is, it does save lives in a huge number of cases although of course sadly not in all cases. It can also extend the life expectancy and relieve symptoms for a while of some with terminal metastatic disease.
  3. Gutted, in the same area and I appear to have missed it!! Best of it being I was actually outside in the summerhouse/cat pen with the door open! Think I must be going deaf...
  4. Know what you mean regarding looks people give you. Heatwave summer 2016 and I needed to walk from work to the tram station in West Brom in the mid afternoon sun. Decided to use a pretty bamboo parasol I had to shade me from the sun and some plonker looked at me curiously and pointed out it wasn't raining
  5. What a fabulous and sensible blog there to raise awareness of having too much sun exposure without the correct protection. Skin damage caused by too much exposure to the sun is not a pretty sight and malignant melanoma's are very scary things to have.
  6. Snowycat

    TV drama

    oh I soooooo wanted Bennett to have miraculously survived that vicous attack......
  7. Can't see anywhere where I'm trying to make anyone feel quilty about anything to be honest.....
  8. Genuinely glad you got to enjoy the recent hot weather stainesbloke but being so sarcastic about those who genuinely don't enjoy the heat as much as you is not particularly friendly from where I sit. Firstly intense heat such as we have experienced over the last few days causes some real issues for people who suffer from a range of medical conditions, in particular those making breathing difficult, so spare a thought for them struggling to breathe in such intense heat and secondly Kuwait, unless I'm mistaken, is a country well geared up for heat so is able to cope.
  9. I agree, the past few days have been unbearable. I'm also worried it has really knocked my 17-year old cat for six all this heat and it hasn't done me many favours either having to work in an office with no opening windows (other than 2" with a struggle!!) and no air conditioning. Happy for pleasant summer weather but not the oppressive heat of the last few days.
  10. Skies looking towards Birmingam way from my garden....does it look promising?? Desperate for a good downpour...
  11. We've had some thunder rumbling around...dark clouds towards Shropshire ( or over bills mother as they say) not sure if it will come to anything....
  12. That an ancestor who left these shores for Barbados (who was called Nicholas of Barbados surprisingly) seemed to have had 6 wives and was recorded as being "drunk and licentious"......
  13. Here's another member of the family. He was willed to me about 8-years ago (with an allowance!) by my mums neighbour. We can account now for just over 50-years he has been around but just don't know his true age. He loves pushing his pot around but sometimes gets so excited with it he tips over backwards
  14. here is the latest addition to my feline family. I foster for a local cat charity and she was left in a box with a kitten who was not her's. We found a home for the kitten but I kept this little girl I call Tabitha......she's pint sized with a loud voice. Sadly I lost one of my beautiful black and white boys (Jesse) 2-weeks ago to a dreadful disease called FIPS, truly heart broken as he was a mad feral whom with hours of patience I tamed. A random disease that can occasionally develop in healthy cats and there is no cure. As a foster mum I've a beautiful black cat I've called Ebony who had 5 kittens last Friday.
  15. .....mine love the log burner too.....sometimes its a littke tricky getting to put a log or two on there....
  16. Appreciate its been a great deal drier than the last few winters but this comes to mind when thinking of the last couple of awful winters, although it has been wet and damp around these parts over the last week. (sorry if advert is at beginning, didn't know how to shift it)
  17. I have been vegetarian for many years now and to make matters even more interesting was diagnosed with coeliac disease some 7-years ago. If I go out for meals or go to friends where food is served I quietly negotiate my way around whatever is on the menu or served up on the table. I don't think I have ever made a fuss at all on both accounts. I may just ask what has been used to thicken a sauce or soup and there is nothing wrong in asking those questions; if normal flour has been used I just choose something else - if you pick up gluten my accident you can be really quite poorly.
  18. My friend and I .....way back, and I mean way back had pen pals in the Royal Navy, think I was around 18. I wrote to mine for quite some time, he was serving on HMS Ark Royal, he was a real funny guy, wrote hilarious lettters. As is most often the case with these things it all died a death. However, soon after when the Falklands erupted (told you it was a long time ago), I did get concerned about whether he was involved so wrote to his mother in Devon, It was quite some time before I heard but Andy did write to me to thank me for my concern and yes he had been involved in the Falklands and was terrified having been bombed and blasted. He had met and married an American girl when Ark Royal had been visiting across the pond and was leaving the Navy and planning to live in the states.
  19. They are awfully claustrophobic things and very noisy; I liken it to going into a loo roll and its not as though you are in them for a couple of minutes, they are long scans. Hope you never need one but if you do just be aware there are open MRI scanners around. We have quite few patients who can't do normal scanners and have to go to an open MRI scanner centre.
  20. Guess I've been lucky so far. No nasty weather events to deal with, thankfully no near death experiences through illness, no hold ups etc. Some may understand this and others not but the scariest moment for me was the first time they tried to put me through an MRI scanner, still feel rising panic when I think of it. They got me into the blsssed thing to shoulder level but no further and whats more they never will. I work in a hospital and each time I go down to imaging I shudder each time I walk passed the scanner room. Its a recent build at my hospital to have the static scanner as we had the mobile one before......tried desperately to talk them into an open scanner.
  21. I live in Penn, Wolverhampton, on the edge of the seven cornfields and the large farm adjacent to Penn Common. I can vouch for that sentiment for 2010, it was wonderful!! Looking out over the woods and fields from the top of my garden looked just like scenes from the chronicles of Narnia!! Bring it on again I say!
  22. At nearly 57 years of age, I still have a bedroom full of soft toys including a Tobermory and Paddington bear mum made me years and years ago.
  23. Just a couple of what I've found so far on family names:- Prideaux - Somerset/Devon late 1600''s and Gabriel Craze 1700 Dunster - paternal side. maternal side - Farlow - all yeoman farmers in Cheshire late 1600's, William Starr, Ribbesford in Worc marrried 1748 - struggling to find a birth for him though. Fumpson - suspect its most likely a mispelling of Formston, North Shropshire 1700's and the name Grueby, evidenced locally in Tettenhall 1700's, however, I think whoever kept these PR's must of been drunk(!!) as the PR's are atrocious, all over the place and the writing illegible...went crossed eyed trying to decipher
  24. Had a strange happening after my beloved father died a few years ago. Dad was known for his fabulously dry sense of humour. As he had inoperable gastric cancer we all knew what was to come. During those last dark days he never lost his sense of humour and when asked by mum and I during one of those conversations if he would let us know if there was life after death, he just looked at us both and calmly said...."I tell you what, I'll ring you from the other side when I get there"....The day after his funeral I was really surprised to get home to my house alarm merrily ringing away, especially when it had not been set. It happened again a few days later. When the alarm people came out to check it all out, the board had burnt through which was why it had randomly gone off despite not being set. Mum and I often wonder! Having watched a few paranormal TV shows they are always of the view that spirits do try to exploit the surroundings to communicate!
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