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  1. Admit I didn't see John Major on Marr's show but if he was bumping his gums about the NHS, he needs to tread carefully. It was under his watch the internal market was introduced to the NHS and the service has been grappling with this principle ever since and has never quite got it right (he also worked on its inception). Cost millions and millions to develop and in my hospital at the time we saw a whole tier of middle management created almost overnight. Thats two drastic things he got wrong then!
  2. He's a complete disgrace. If I, or anyone else on this forum, behaved like that at work I have no doubt you'd be facing disciplinary action if not dismissed on the spot and escorted off the premises.
  3. Not sure I said we'd have to mimick exactly the agreements Switzerland and Norway have, surely with a bit of imagination, thought and skill we can negotiate our own agreements with the EU and as others have pointed out we do have the rest of the world to trade with.....there is really a wider world out there....honestly We're not trying to divorce europe per se just eurocratic brussels
  4. Yes but out of the top three richest countries in Europe both Norway and Switzerland 2nd and 3rd respectively are not members of the EU.
  5. Sorry Ed, thats funny. Really intended to keep out of all this as it all got a little too intense but I have to comment that no-one has set his cap at winning at all cost more than Dodgy Dave ....come on!
  6. Oh well, we'll just agree to disagree, last sentence.....very good!!! I'll sleep on that one....
  7. It would have to be an area of priority but as others have said before it can be done. Just about remember the Spinners.....
  8. Been well covered in previous posts, increase patrols by air and sea. Theres always a trade off and we would simply have to spend money in this area. Would it not provide employment for coastal areas if local ports became involved? The points system would work so well despite what you think. I know of two people who decided to vote out after watching the story of the Romanian who came to this country and made a mockery of our welfare. I didn't see it but I was led to believe he came to the UK and although could not get work he went home collected his wife and 5 kids, came back to the UK and was housed straight away by the authorities, soooo many folk angered by this. Under a points system he wouldn't have gained entry to the country let alone be rehoused in such a fashion. BTW looking at another posts of yours, are we having fun with word association? Do hope so, nice to see a sense of humour. You were talking about outers being shouters - how about inners being spinners!!
  9. Oh I do so agree with this sentiment. Whilst I do recognise its not always appropriate to laugh and some things are not funny, I do find if you can retain and inject a sense of humour in the midst of day to day strife and troubles it goes a long way.....
  10. Is this the chap who does one of these programmes on telly called the graduate or something?? If it is him then I wouldn't give him the time of day, sir or no sir I simply would never let him speak to me like he seems to speak to some people. Full of his own self importance somewhat I think.
  11. Sure it helps but they also know full well making any journey to Australia by boat or any other covert method is pointless; unless they apply to live in Australia through the correct method and have the necessary entry qualifications Australia aint having them. Lol I shall treat the last point with the contempt it deserves......
  12. Ok....did take two attempts though...lol
  13. Its a good question. Many people think/believe the less money being pumped into the EU system = more money to spend here at home, which could include future governments not keeping raising state pension age. The more they keep the "old uns" working the fewer jobs available for the younger generation I always feel. I had more warning about my retirement age being raised and I do have my NHS pension but I know some people who geared life plans to retire at 60 only to have it snatched away at zero hour - very unhappy people and some people in physically demanding jobs will find it more difficult of course to keep working.
  14. Yes, NS was mentioning the leave camp and immigration and I supported the earlier posts today in that the Australian system would work well.
  15. Wimps, I gave up smoking the hard way with sheer willpower. Never seen one of these things. Is this the device I saw a builder using the other day on the roof next to my office.......he created that much smoke he looked like one of Denearys dragons from Game of Thrones
  16. It would seem, as explained in many posts today, that however tough it may be the australian model would work very well to cover this issue, we would grant entry even welcome immigrants/migrants we need but deny entry to those we don't want or need.......and by the way as a personal point can I respectfully point out I've worked all my life and contributed through taxation since I was 16 so I have well and truly covered my pension, which incidentally was recently raised from 60 to 66 ......what age do you expect to be when you retire? With the retirement age threshold constantly being reviewed, you'll probably be 92 before you youngsters get a pension.
  17. Err, might need to check posts from a few days back. We've had this debate previously, don't think I'd open it up again somehow, not particularly a good idea.
  18. Mike, we've always been a reluctant member though for as long back as I can remember. Maggie Thatcher (if my memory serves me correctly) rejected ever closer union years ago and Cameron reiterated this fact only recently? Given we've rejected this, we rejected the euro and have distanced ourselves from the EU army surely if we remain we'll only ever continue to be on the fringes of the EU playing at it as you believe. Do you honestly believe any future prime minister will undo all the years of keeping the EU at arms length and take us further into this EU project, getting us involved as an active member? Don't you think that horse bolted rather a long time ago? Given how divided the country is, no newly elected prime minister would surely alienate half the voting public by taking this action.
  19. Just another of those personal attack posts I assume, not sure what they add to the discussion but hey ho sticks and stones and all that. Actually proved you inaccurate on a couple of things so sorry your views on anything don't resonate with me at all, not one jot and before you ask, no I won't spend anytime reiterating them.
  20. Lol, you must be joking! He wasn't very convincing when trying to get a better deal out of the EU before the referendum now was he, they saw him coming a mile off. Every time I hear him speak I literally cringe. He talks at you not to you lecturing you almost and recently he reminded me so much of those old fashioned church preachers many years ago who used fire and brimstone to put the fear of god into their congregation banging on the pulpit in his dire warning of the doomsday scenario if we dare to vote to leave the EU. He's a first rate twit. Politicians need a certain amount of charisma and he was last in the queue when this was dished out, has as much charisma as a stick insect!!! I read a comment recently by someone who said he had the most punchable face she'd ever seen and when I thought about it I sort of agreed....think I'd like to smack his face as well
  21. Don't believe that's true at all to be honest. The Tories won such a majority because the country was terrified of a labour government being elected supported by the SNP - stuff of nightmares!!!
  22. Crickey, in the event of Brexit there is a petition one can sign which if successful will remove Cameron from any part in the exit negotiations....I've signed it https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/121579?reveal_response=yes Now, where is the petition one can sign to get him removed from office if we vote to remain in the EU.....
  23. Absolutely right that UK taxes should be spent in this country and not ploughed into the EU to be distributed to other european projects. I read a post recently (I think it was SP1986) who'd found a hospital project or something in Liverpool funded by the EU, how good of them but thats a drop in the ocean. Part of the monies we would save from handing it all over to the EU would need to be recurrent year on year NHS/ social care funding. It isn't just about the capital monies to build and equip hospitals its more about the weekly, monthly, yearly cost of running the service. Just one example, back in 2013 the tariff paid to providers (hospitals) for treating a fractured neck of femur was £7,500. I don't think people realise how expensive medicine is to provide.
  24. Whatever you view of Boris being british or english, he has an amazingly diverse european ancestry http://www.bbc.co.uk/whodoyouthinkyouare/new-stories/boris-johnson/how-we-did-it_2.shtml
  25. With your first point, Hamlet comes to mind...."the lady does protest too much, methinks"....I read yesterday that trust in Cameron and Osbourne is not all that high - I wonder why! If the world was going to collapse after an EU exit they simply would not have given us the referendum in the first place. and yes I agree with you entirely on the second point - the UK can thrive on its own.
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