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  1. Not quite true Mike, there has been some really crass remarks made from some remainers towards leavers, some of which have been very much below the belt. Even a sense of humour has been missing most of the time. Its time, for me a least, to leave this thread alone now as agree with I & C that its time to move on. I'll concentrate on the convection thread to see if storms are due!
  2. absolutely nothing wrong with learning many other languages, BoJo speaks quite a few (despite everyone putting him down all the while). Do they teach more languages in school these days? I went to an all girls church school (horror of it all) and my 0 level choice was between french and biology....not both....so biology won! Yep, thats very true our distant ancestors were out of Africa...and.... there has certainly been some neanderthal exoressions on here at times (no seriously thats only meant as a lighted hearted joke to try and raise a smile in such a tense thread ) Certainly agree wholeheartedly though, I consider my birthright English/British not european. Anyway, aren't we currently classed, anthropology wise, as caucasian any way rather than European.
  3. Just taken this photo of the sky from my front garden south to south west (excuse bins, bin day tomorrow!)......is it anything to get excited about??
  4. I & C, found this link as well. Is this what you seek at all? http://www.statista.com/statistics/268177/countries-with-the-highest-public-debt/
  5. No problem....just don't expect any response from me to any of your snide posts in future.....not interested in your apparent anger..
  6. Oops, so easily could have missed this post....knew I had you on ignore for good reason. White supremacist - what on earth is that all about, what complete and utter rubbish you do spout sometimes......and if you can't resist swiping at me each time I post....do me a favour and put me on ignore please. I explained my reasons for feeling closer to the commonwealth countries and its not in your remit to trivialise or question this, absolutely nothing to do with britains past empire, which didn't enter into my thinking when a voted leave . You may have european roots and continued ties with european countries and culture but not all of us have some of us have closer links to non EU countries....... so suck it up!. I will say also I thought your post yesterday aimed at MIA making unsavoury changes to your post changing an n to an N was totally uncalled for. You made it look sinister when in fact I suspect it was a simple issue with the quote button, we've all experienced problems with this, including you!
  7. As for your discussion item and your own personal beliefs that the 'promises' being made by many of the old commonwealth countries are not trustworthy and not worth the paper they are printed on...... I am looking and thinking about countries like India, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, The USA in addition is showing us friendship (despite Obama!).j Absolutely incredible...... These countries came to help us in the war!. They lost many hundreds of thousands of men in order to save us . I would rather trust them than the likes of France and Italy and possibly Spain for example.... Well put MIA, I really do concur with you. It would be fabulous to forge new trade deals, economic ties and closer relationships with our old friends the commonwealth countries along with other countries around the globe; I buy quilting material sometimes from down under, unusual material which seems to pop through the letter box in next to no time. There is no judgement here from me about so many feeling emotionally tied to the EU but I do feel so very much closer culturallly and emotionally to the likes of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India etc......maybe its simply because, through my genealogy research, I have discovered so many distant relatives/cousins living in these commonwealth countries.
  8. Oh grief, more anger. For heavens sake its just a turn of phrase. I was merely trying......delicately and politely ......to put it across that sentiments I have heard expressed recently amongst family, friends, colleagues etc simply put are they are somewhat disappointed that Westminster persistently tries find ways to keep Scotland as part of the union......a great number of us would really be very happy to see you on the road to independence, however, as SS rightly points out this is not the thread for scottish politics.
  9. SS, I don't think anyone is really anti-Scottish, grief my great-grandma's sister married the mayor of Elgin and I've distant cousins by marriage who lived in Elgin for years, only recently (sadly) the older family died out with most of the children now living south of the border, just a couple left in Aberdeen. I will say though all the older scottish family contacts were dead set against independence. Its just, with all due respect to you, you are coming across in your posts as being very angry towards us brits south of the border, that's all. There may be some posters on here who wish to keep the union together but I will say there are a great many south of the border who would be very supportive of an indepent Scotland.....happy to cut Scotland loose to go it alone along their chosen path.
  10. An interesting statistic from the Financial Times for the remainers who felt ex-pats living abroad were freeing up the NHS of health costs. Just found this interesting paragraph in an article exploring the ins and outs of EU citizens currently living in the UK and UK citizens currently living in the EU. ...Second, there are many ways in which EU member states would lose out by taking action against British expats. Take the issue of health benefit payments, for example. In 2014-15, the UK paid £674m to other European states for the health treatment of British nationals living overseas; but the UK received just £49m from other European nations to treat those from other countries living in Britain. This differential is hugely advantageous to EU governments.... Sort of thought this was how it was in reality but couldn't find the data.
  11. don't tempt us, ha ha.....yep you'd be well on the way to getting Scottish independence then
  12. only just come in to catch up with the thread. I haven't quoted anyone specifically as I didn't want it to seem as if I was having a go at anyone in particular but all this talk of betraying and deserting Europe really bothers me greatly. I have to say I really think its a silly meaningless view to take and also very hurtful as we have voted to leave the EU (a club) not europe (a continent) for heavons sake. Last time I looked we were physically anchored by geography so how can we leave Europe!! We've mentioned the polish airman so I will mention this. Twice in the recent past good men of this country, commonwealth countries and other countries around the world went to the aid of mainland Europe to help liberate them from oppression - had we have not responded in their hour of need at those points in time then yes that could have been classed as betrayal and desertion. Its the 100th year of great great uncles death at Fromelles 19th/20th July (next week) - in fact, like a great many others, he gave the ultimate - he gave his life trying to liberate France and other low countries. Buried in an unmarked pit in Pheasant Wood for some 90 odd years or so - I look at this photo and wonder if he is amongst these dead - so for me personally after all that's gone before I'm sorry but leaving the EU is not desertion.
  13. ..someone hasn't witnessed some of the more dodgy vegetable stalls in West Brom outdoor market then....
  14. Even just 10-20% of that spent on the NHS per week would go a long way to help!!
  15. Hello GF, certainly amongst the people I know, the lie peddling about straight bananas etc has been seen as the funnier side of EU stuff to be honest and is not part of the reasoning why the people I knew voted out. I have seen no talk of all EU legislation or directives being removed and I cannot see any reason why the good EU stuff such as safer food and medicines will not kept. Likewise all the gloom and doom about science funding, I cannot conceive of why any government wouldn't want to match it, indeed it may give us an opportunity for more focused on funding sciences. I did read leave camp campaigners were looking to match the funding given to the sciences; its really far too early for all the doom and gloom on that score. I know two medical Consultants who voted out and one that voted remain - the remain voter is happy with the out verdict though as he feels it gives this country a great opportunity going forward.......and he is a second generation immigrant. The government just needs to get organised and focused on the next steps and to be fair I feel they've fallen into line very quickly and things will start to become clearer.
  16. Yes, I tend to agree Rosberg does appear to be the favoured one, however, (with a wry smile on my face) it still seems to me that even when given a helping hand more often than not he (Rosberg) still can't quite match the skills Lewis pulls out of his bag of tools to get the job done!! I also agree the rules about not giving technical help to the drivers during the race is a tad silly.
  17. first one at Fromelle's July 2010 at the re-burial of great uncle Samuel Farlow with a cousin who provided the DNA to identify him and the second photo (I'm on the right) taken October 2009 with a friend who lost her battle with cancer a few months later.
  18. it has been a lively enjoyable debate on here about the referendum but I have become increasingly alarmed (if not somewhat amused) at some of the silly posts of late so like a good many others I will not be visting this thread again. I couldn't believe the suggestion the authorities were already targetting school children the other day.......talk about reds under the beds for gods sake. SS - I've not worked in education but I have almost 30-years of NHS/healthcare experience and I can tell you categorically frontline admin staff in the NHS were asked at least 10-years ago to ask patients their country of birth/ethnicity and religion when they arrived or were registered to use the hospital services. Most, if not all, were reluctant to ask these questions because (a) they didn't feel comfortable asking and (b) they often took verbal abuse from patients when asking these questions. Very simply these questions form part of the data set required to register a patient. Why were they asked to collect this data? Purely to understand the local demographics. The data can then be used by hospitals and commissioners to ensure the correct type of service or help is put in place when developing local healthcare services especially in areas of high immigration. I don't suppose it could be that collecting data on children was to fulfil a similar aim? I've read posts about the UK being the laughing stock of the world by various people and yet I've read other posts from overseas posters on here say the opposite in fact. What they are most likely laughing at us about is the whole obsene farcical post referendum push to try and overturn what was ulimately a democratic vote. The constant whingeing about it all been based on lies, lies, lies is wearisome. Are the lawyers crawling all over Osborne's claim households would be £4,300 worse off after leaving the EU - no I doubt it. Spikecollie - I've always truly loved reading your posts about the storms you are experiencing in your part of France and wishing we were having the same in good old blighty but seriously all the pedantic swipes at peoples English does not come across particularly well. As one or two others have said.....we all need to move on and work together to take the country forward in a positive direction. We've all had devasting disappointments in life at some point or another but constantly bit**ching about the result will not facilitate the healing process - deal with your disappontment and/or anger and move on.
  19. Lol, nah, Barry Auf Wiedersehen pet.....
  20. Lol, just take care you don't get too native and resemble Rab.C.Nesbitt though
  21. Unless I'm mistaken I think the article was in the express and star, not the Express....not the first time these have been confused.......
  22. Sorry Spikecollie, I have to say you seemed quite happy to have a pedantic swipe at Ifc the other evening though and he's dyslexic, didn't seem a fair thing to do.....just pointing out how it came across.....
  23. Doesn't necessarily mean all ex-bankers have no people skills now does it....
  24. I must admit I have felt quite dismayed at some of the demeaning one line comments made in response to your posts especially coming from a supposedly educated quarter, particularly if they are aware of your dyslexia.
  25. Good grief....was anyone aware of this; http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/07/04/pegida-pair-hunt-migrants-with-vigilantes-on-bulgaria-border/ Sort of puts Britain's ballot box concerns/protests against uncontrolled immigration into some sort of perspective perhaps. It also backs up the points made sadly about extreme right groups on the rise again in Europe....
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