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  1. Hey everyone. Well it's 27c and 66% humidity in ipswich. Very very muggy and hazy skies. Hoping everything comes off. Certainly Suffolks best chance of a major storm in a long while. I have to admit though I feel like a big kid. Well exciting. Looking at the current speed of the system can anyone guesstimate how long that beast will take to hit essex and suffolk as I may have to drive to a friends house past Colchester v soon
  2. Hey there,, I've been watching the forum for a fair while again..I used to be a member "theredarrows" but left the site after being on here for years. I've decided to come back to join in on the fun.. new people on here aswell as the old. Back to the weather I really think we're relying on storms from the Continent to make their way up here, survive the channel cross and clip a few of us. Temps look good here but I'm not too sure on enough convection at present for home growns. If we're lucky then Southern counties, Kent and possible EA may get something but I'm not holding my breath.. As per usual storms have darted straight up the middle of the country and hit the usual areas. Even if we don't get storms it's nice to have some summery weather
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