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  1. Apart from the rain this morning it has been an ordinary day really, a gentle breeze and blue skies. Is that it then?
  2. Have had quite heavy rain for the past half hour now, not even a breeze. Have a feeling this could lead a few people into a false sense of security, especially if the worst is yet to come. One thing I have enjoyed with this ex Bertha is how it has had everyone head scratching over what it will exactly do, I do enjoy weather systems where you just have to sit tight and wait to see what hits you, the brilliant forecasts that you tend to get these days does sometimes take out the anticipation and excitement of what is heading your way.
  3. Thank you for the welcome LadyEV06, nice to meet a local weather enthusiast.
  4. Thanks for the welcome and thank you for clearing that one up, shows what little I know. What with the heavy prolonged Thunderstorm we had yesterday and now the expected weather tomorrow it has been a good few days for me as an avid weather watcher.
  5. Here goes! first time using this forum and I must admit to not really knowing all the technical terms for weather so you will have to excuse me when I use very basic common terms to describe things I live on the border of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire and have for the past hour been watching some very black and heavy clouds roll in, have had a few heavy sharp showers but lasting no more then a minute or two. Just looking at how angry the skies are at the minute and you can tell it is just waiting to unleash its fury. Is the the front to Ex Bertha ?
  6. Storm rolling in, some of the best cloud formations I have seen.
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