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  1. Dont know a lot about the weather,but have an extreme interest,one thing I can say is that the convection is really starting in my neck of the woods(south east Wales,blackwood area)was almost clear skies an hour ago,and felt really warm in the sun,now the sky is getting filled in quite rapidly with towering clouds,I'm in work from 2pm-10pm,be my luck that there'll be a storm and I won't be able to watch
  2. Best storm this way for a while... Constant flashes, and deep, rolling thunder, but seemed to die down pretty quickly... I'm still a happy chappy though,hope everyone else enjoyed/is enjoying the storm
  3. Deffo getting closer, can see the cloud structure with some of the flashes, and very muffled audible thunder...
  4. Currently stood at my back door, constant flashes, getting brighter... But no thunder yet
  5. Sky is starting to turn black and mean looking around me, feeling muggy too ,few spots of rain starting to fall, looks like a flash could pop out of no where
  6. Just had my first few flashes and rumbles, since I don't know when I'm not excited, honest lol
  7. More rain, thunder and lightning starting up again, thunder/lightning every 2/3 minutes or so atm, hoping it'll get a little more frequent ...an unexpected but pleasant start to the day
  8. Been sat in the grandparents garden looking at it,doesn't seem to have moved,clouds are bubbling up nicely overhead though,with small appearances of the sun, making it feel really quite warm and muggy...fingers crossed we get one aye mate
  9. No storms down my way yet,but got a lovely view of this, which I'm guessing is the one over Cardiff right now?
  10. Looks like there's a shower heading for me fairly soon,hoping to see a few flashes and hear a few rumbles
  11. Agree with you on that one mate....looking good, hope we get something a little later
  12. Would this be a funnel cloud,or scud guys? Took this photo yesterday, whilst having a cigarette, just as a very heavy downpour moved away?
  13. Hey guys!! been lingering for quite a while and finally decided to sign up,I don't know much about how the weather works,but I've picked bits up from reading the threads!! anyhow, looks like a storm is passing pretty close to me,I'll try and upload a pic, you guys let me know what you think?
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