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  1. Pentecost storms - check out this strange video from a storm that week: No idea why they thought to add fake thunder to the video, nor why they chose to add the whimsical village fair music - but that’s Europe for you
  2. This video captures perfectly the frustrating nature of that storm system. Amazing watching it approach - frequent lightning - but I remember the rain was so intense around our area that night, and the lightning frequency seemed to drop significantly once the storm got close. IIRC it never really seemed to go overhead, rather it formed an active band over East Sussex and travelled NW into London. A fantastic video nonetheless, expecially enjoyed the start - fantastic watching the huge flashes approaching over the sea - but I remember being really disappointed with how that worked out for the central south, and the rain made any photography almost impossible. Sadly one of the only big events we got last year... here’s hoping this summer can redress the balance?
  3. Some sort of waxed paper. I think there’s a lot of new composite materials coming into existence which will do the job quite adequately. Don’t think recycled plastics are the answer, they still gradually breakdown with each use and it’s the micro plastic pieces which we can’t keep from getting into the water sources that cause the big problems
  4. The plastic straw thing is a farce. It’ll take 4 years to do that and then another 4 years to ban plastic lids or something.
  5. Let me have a quick guess - they’ll forecast rain or showers for all 5 weekdays next week - and it won’t rain once? This has been happening all month
  6. You are absolutely spot on - it’s been really bad so far this year. Whatever the possibility of storms something knocks ‘em dead before they’ve even begun. I wouldn’t mind if every day we weren’t being told the weather is going to get more wild as years go by. If this is the kind of wild they were talking about - wildly dry and lacking in any interesting characteristics - then I’ll just stop following the weather at all. I’m already worried we won’t get even one decent event this year in this area. Is there a reason for the decline in storms...? who knows, but it’s hard to deny that the ‘supposedly’ warm south of England (right next to the continental landmass of Europe) is one of the last places in our hemisphere that one can expect to see even the most distant of storms (except for perhaps maybe Greenland?).
  7. Can’t find any stream to follow it but lots of tweets about magnum tornado touchdown
  8. Too much inhibition from the storms in the area this morning?
  9. The Sheffield storm shield is particularly strong this time of year
  10. It’s great footage - we have a better view than most of the chasers
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