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  1. Well done to the ECM I think for picking out the High position and a much cooler weekend now looks likely, perhaps turning quite cold and unsettled from the middle of next week.
  2. Cool ECM next weekend with chilly northerly winds especially for Eastern areas.
  3. I feel whatever Hodgson does with the squad, they are simply not good enough. When have ever been 28/1 to win a tournament with the bookies ? Italy will edge a tight struggle and then we will probably lose a bad tempered clash with Uruguay.
  4. GFS shows some unseasonably cold weather next weekend, not pleasant. !
  5. It looks an outlier solution when compared to the other charts available Steve.
  6. Don't have much faith in the ECM latter stages having seen some of it's winter failings !
  7. Well done to Murray - hope he doesn't burn himself out for Wimbledon !
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