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  1. I actually miss Life in the 80's. 

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    2. cheeky_monkey


      i was at school in the 1980s...this pretty much sums up my life back then..thanks to Madness

      The headmaster's had enough today
      All the kids have gone away
      Gone to fight with next door's school
      Every term that is the rule
      Sits alone and bends his cane
      Same old backsides again

      Lots of girls and lots of boys
      Lots of smells and lots of noise
      Playing football in the park
      Kicking pushbikes after dark
      Baggy trousers dirty shirt
      Pulling hair and eating dirt
      Teacher comes to break it up
      Back of the head with a plastic cup

    3. Dami


      It's not about what's happening now, it's about how life was then. No social media, you used a landline so no texting. No computer games so you went out and played. TV was much kinder in a lot of ways. Saturday night TV was looked forward too. Food tasted different. Humour didn't need to be disgusting to be funny. Top Deck shandy and Lions maid Lollies. Warm summers by the sea and thunder storms!

    4. lassie23


      Cadbury's chocolate didn't taste like dirt

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