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  1. I had a warning for fog. No fog 'ere. Got some frost my lovelies.
  2. Happy Birthday to me🥳

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    2. Snowflake Queen

      Snowflake Queen

      😂 happy birthday lass 

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      lol happy birthday essex easterly

    4. Dami


      Thanks all 🙂 xx

  3. Windy and wet, but didn't feel overly cold. Some surface water on the grass now and puddles. Just over the road from us (we are on a slight slope, but it's still a fair way away) is the River Ouse so i expect the land around there is flooding a bit now.
  4. During the 'beast' it showed me under Green for some of it but it was snow.
  5. Didn't actually feel quite as cold today. Saw some places in Ireland and Okehampton have got some snow.
  6. He's still alive, be it quite old now.
  7. I bit like vegetarians eating eggs, which is a unborn chick that never got the chance to live. Poor chick, having it's egg cracked open so you can have your cake or morning scrambled eggs, or cheese. Poor cow having it's bits pushed and pressed around so you can have a white coffee or cheesey chips. Poor potato being dug out of the ground probably screaming in pain. I'm not a vegi BTW. And my daughter will choose her life and what she eats.
  8. I used to miss conkers and British Bullcock sorry i mean dog as a Kid. All banned.
  9. So the charts are going away from the cold? Never mind. It's quite sunny and cold atm. Nice and refreshing.
  10. You also couldn't make it up that at exactly 3:04pm there was a heavy rain/hail shower when I needed to go on the school run. nice one.
  11. You couldn't make it up that on Take home task Monday it was raining and i had to fashion a cover for the helmet, shield and axe. And a bit blowy too. And a bit cold because of it. Then when i'm home out pops the sun.
  12. I lived by the south coast for over 30 years and never saw ONE white Christmas. In fact for a good few years barely any snow. The closest I have gotten to see actual falling snow in the run up was the great 2010 when there was still snow in the garden on Christmas day, when I had then moved to where I am now. Seen snow on boxing day in kent maybe in the 70's but it had fallen a while back, so I never saw it fall. I think I will have a mild sunny christmas day. maybe a bit of frost. The usual.
  13. Oh. So it's still gonna be mild winter with cold and dry? ugh. Don't like that friend much.
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