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  1. Not a normal lover of all things blowly, but yesterday was rather pleasant. I was warm enough in my t-shirt/jeans and the wind wasn't cool enough to cause annoyance. Same with today, I just dusted off my boots, but on a rain coat grabbed an umbrella and off we went. Wind had totally dropped. That weather warning with the squall and it now being named reminded me of some of the 'better' thunderstorms in this country I have been happy to witness. They going to start to name them too? No quotes please. If it's gonna be that bad then ok.
  2. It's too hot.

  3. Dami

    TV Ads you hate.

    The Tui 'aint no bodee walking on the beach' ads. annoying woman.
  4. Well. What a 24hrs i've had. Poorly bubs, phone call from school. Child of mother who hates me has been horrible to bubs, reported by another mother who's own child was upset it was happening, but is also good friends with the mum that doesn't like me. So i'm a little confused if it been done in good faith or i should take up self defense classes. (yes it would be that bad) Had an idea something was up but bubs wouldn't say. I am now going to be updated with events and probably will end up with the head discussing it. Oh my's. Well it could be 30C all winter and I wouldn't care atm.
  5. Dami

    Did you know.

    Can't stand them. As well as TV reality shows. However I do watch masterchef (the UK one is pants) and Doctor who. X-factor hasn't had much air time this year --> boring. Hubs watches Amercian sport so I watch that. Oh and the apprentice (love the egos). But mainly one watches films. At the moment it's paddington two on repeat and captain underpants. BTW how do you get those BIG emotji's to happen. My logic of changing the font size doesn't work.
  6. He loves shopping. probably more than me. I think hardly a day goes by and he hasn't ordered something whilst on the loo.
  7. not on your life. not going into the loft to get the rest down. Spot of rain in the air, a breeze actually feels a nice temperature. Didn't mind waiting for bubs in it.
  8. That's my point. Only name if it is really necessary and by that I mean something bad so the public take note that it's going to be bad. Therefore used very rarely.
  9. Dami

    Did you know.

    soaps are so boring. gah.
  10. when you think what is about to hit the U.S, I think if we must name our storms then they need stronger criteria - a little bit of wind and rain shouldn't cut it - and the fact other countries have their own names makes the whole thing a mockery. Should be used for very severe weather to warn the public, not something that is made a game.
  11. I gave hubs a list of decs I liked the look of and he went ahead and brought them. All of them.
  12. The cat is making so much noise sounds like a thunderstorm is coming. 

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      mine hasn't meowed for 2 days, can only mean one thing, DRIZZLE

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  13. One of my Christmas decorations broke in the box. This is not good. Not going to mess around sending back something costing 3 quid. Hubs told me he didn;t like my choice of coat so didn't buy it. MEN. Anyway, weather is boring.