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  1. The snow left here is bubs snowman, snowman on the corner and the big pile of white by a side road. Still raining a bit.
  2. The wind is chilly. Most of the snow gone. Unless it's the school entrance now under an inch of icy yuck. Now raining, so hubs has gone and gotten us hot sausage rolls and ordered a big box of retro sweets. yum.
  3. Don't need me to say it is bloody cold. Bubs was allowed to wear snow boots in school today and it's awful up the side roads and they hadn't even cleared the path from the gate to the class rooms. Lots of excited kids.
  4. Nasty road aside, they had much more snow further in the village and everyones got their Christmas lights on and it looks lovely in the laying snow.
  5. Heading towards the worst bit of snow, the bit I hate, when it melts and re-freezes, rather have more snow or hope it rains enough to melt it all. Our road down is like a ice rink, people still driving like it's a clear road and coming at you expecting you to reverse round an icy bend by a parked car. Be a fun walk to school tomorrow. And that wind is bitter
  6. In Memoriam

    He used to annoy me a little when I was younger, but it's sad to hear I will no longer get his daily jokes on twitter.
  7. You wanna see selfish people? come down our icy road and watch the drivers.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Snowflake Queen

      Snowflake Queen

      Glad I don’t drive dami ... I would get done for road rage :oops:

    3. Dami


      last snow we had when i had my car, My car spun 360 down the end of the road, thankfully no one was coming down the road and i missed the parked car. I was going like 5 miles an hour.

      These days its very hard not to cross at what people do - no one gives a crap.

    4. Snowflake Queen

      Snowflake Queen

      Jeez shows how dangerous the roads are in these conditions! And your right they don’t care ... I’m sitting out looking at the cars now and waiting for another bang ! Our eldest is due Home at 1am he is a “good “ driver but I think it’s best I wait up for him 

  8. I have had a couple of days off for snow in my time ( both heating issues) and once during the great 80's storm due to the gym roof being blown off. You have hit the nail on the head though. The Head made the call due to her staff saying they felt it too dangerous to get in, stating a good fair few live out of the Bedford area, no mention of the childrens safety. We live not five minutes away and I had already had bub's snow boots to hand so we could walk into school as we wouldn't have an excuse - In fact we were looking forward to the walk ( but it must of rained in the night or something, we have lost a lot of cover) I am one of the fortunate ones that it doesn't worry me either way, bubs can go in what snows that left and have a bit more fun. Although I dare say that when I worked in shefford, we had heavy snow one winter and I had to travel down roads i didn't know seeing cars in ditches . These were nasty windy country roads, and although i got to work it wasn't fun. Please stop pointing the finger, in the world that schools sees pupils as figures and stats let them be children for once and enjoy the rare snow.
  9. Bubs' school is closed tomorrow, one happy lil one.
  10. 'Snow' day for bubs tomorrow:yahoo:

    1. lassie23


      why to go bubsey wubsey:yahoo:

  11. Some forecasts now have me down for sleety rain, outrage. TBH what is falling seems to be melting the laying snow Need another few inches to get that all important snow day off.
  12. My light snow is turned to heavy snow. wow.
  13. much finer snow here now, but i count myself very very lucky today.