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  1. Flu prospects this winter

    Not saying the jab gave me the illness. I just know i had the jab and a month later I had a sudden, flu like illness and i hadn't been that poorly for years.
  2. Flu prospects this winter

    Quite agree. It just hits you. No built up. One second you feel ok the next I was ill.
  3. Didn't find it overly cool today but coming back from school a bit earlier , there is fresher air here now - needed that jumper and coat. Wind can do one, already had a power cut don't want another one. Just under a month till my B'day and B'day stuffs. I expect 4 foot of snow by then.
  4. Flu prospects this winter

    Had my first flu thingy a few years back, ended up with a flu like illness which sent me to the docs and in bed for two weeks and another week to feel human again, a month after having it. Worst I have been for years. Bubs and hubs have theirs, but i'm not going to bother. I at least escape from the dead arm from having it.
  5. Sent flowers, flowers get left on door step and then get stolen. Seriously what low life would steal some flowers and a teddy bear. Bastards.

    1. Mokidugway


      Some weirpigs  out there :rofl:

    2. Daniel*
  6. September 23rd The End?.

    Well the ladies only bar is up on floor 2
  7. September 23rd The End?.

    Tesco? pah. No waitrose or M&S food hall?
  8. September 23rd The End?.

    nice. how long is that valid for?
  9. September 23rd The End?.

    No no they moved starbucks over to where molly's muffins were and now i believe it's by TGI Fridays. Hopefully the 2 for everyone offer is still on
  10. September 23rd The End?.

    I think we should make plans. As we go thru the pearly gates all make a right and i'll meet you there.
  11. My friends OH is showing no improvement and she is understandingly not coping well . Wish I wasn't so far away :(

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. lassie23


      Head injuries can take time to respond to treatment, just hope that there are signs of improvement soon.

    3. Mokidugway


      Oh dear ,best wishes to your friend .

    4. Dami


      thx all xx

  12. Goes from yellow to red-ish yellow to just dark then back to yellow. The sun is red if it makes an appearance. Am heading out soon. wish me luck.
  13. The sky by me. Pic doesn't do how yellow it looks out or the fact the clouds are pink where the sun is., Although my phone shows more detail. To my north it looks very very dark, as if I am expecting a thunderstorm. Gone from no wind this morning to gusts. Looking forward to getting bubs home in an hour.
  14. dark looking skies, clouds pink where the sun was, all very odd looking and it stinks like a old tart too..

  15. In Memoriam

    Kevin Cadle, NFL presenter on sky, basketball and life coach. A true gent. Will miss his video's on FB every Monday. R.I.P big man.