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  1. dark, humid and spitting. I am not sure how much rain we had over night cos
  2. bye bye ben, have a super trip old chap
  3. not really humid not really raining much, missed out on thunder.
  4. Thunder near me but heard not even a little rumble, had a bit of rain. As is the norm Beddy's rain/storm/any thing good shield is up.
  5. Hubs said it wasn't so warm this morning, so for him to say that, that's saying something. Missed the shower we have just had. Next door are having their windows done. And it's gonna rain oh yeah. not good.
  6. nah no thunder here. I'm not expecting any. Had my bang for the month.
  7. Not so windy today, cosy in sweater and summer jeans. Getting cloudier but not moaning cos it's much nicer to clean bathrooms and hoover floors when it's like this. garden needs the rain, hope it delivers. Then warm temps please and storms cos you know summer. Cos weather gets boring.
  8. windy cloudy but we have had a bit of sun. But fear not, the stuffs I brought are summer stuffs and last time I did that the temp went up to 30C and I had some thunder In other news it looks like my summer wet stuffs will be needed this week.
  9. where is every one?
  10. Lovely day for me. perfect for drying school stuffs, breeze warm but not hot. cloudy but sunny. Did some shopping, and now watching glasto eating pizza.