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  1. Can't believe they are saying 34c. It's hot enough The point is, it's not me wanting the rain, it's needed.
  2. rained enough here for the desert outside to show signs of something green. Spent all evening smelling the air and getting wet. freak that I am.
  3. i'm playing 'guess where the rain is coming from' cos it looks like it coming from all directions.
  4. Nice moderate rain, big drops, air smells lovely.
  5. It's raining.

    1. The East has Ceased

      The East has Ceased

      Even I got 5 minutes of drizzle!:yahoo:

    2. Dami


      we had quite a heavy lot.

  6. dark enough for some rain, but radar shows me in the'close but no cigar' area. oh well.
  7. Currently put my bra back on and doing a rain dance. Edit :
  8. wind is getting up and it's getting dark but i think i'm missing it. just cloud and ew here.
  9. Rain shield at maximum. this 50p has lasted weeks.
  10. rain to the south of me rain to  the north, here I am stuck in the middle with you.

    1. CreweCold


      Could be worse, could be stuck in the middle of Crewe

  11. cloudy here now light breeze but it's gone from ok to phew. v humid and heavy.
  12. Can't say I was surprised to read the storms probably won't happen. Not surprised at all. It drives a woman to mop the kitchen floor, so it does.
  13. I am hoping for some lovely cloud porn today so i can at least be reminded what a rain cloud looks like. Other than that since no lovely upgrade, I shall mainly be wearing a dress and thong sandals. Not expecting anything, cos you know beddy.