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  1. Bored. 

    1. lassie23


      Great day for kite flying:santa-emoji:

  2. the sun is trying bless it, but it can see my washing line. so sun says no. ah here it is.
  3. I must given it royalties of at least 20p.
  4. you do not know what the greatest meal on the planet is lass? shame on you
  5. The English breakfast was a metaphor btw
  6. He actually likes both, just prefers men.
  7. he likes the full english lass, just prefers sausages to bacon
  8. My boys are sexier. Neil goes to posh restaurants non of this fish heed nonsense. <3
  9. I would buy lots of stuffs.
  10. Light rain here atm. Need a nice low downpour but beggars and all that.
  11. Last hoorah heavy rain shower before it dissipates.
  12. coleslaw from KFC is nice with their 'old' chips. They have the super crispy fries now.
  13. Lovely clouds and anvils on the school run, although looked like it was all missing me. But no. I missed getting totally hailed on by minutes bringing the bin in. Got some steady -ish rain now, all good for the garden,