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  1. This pig would like to say it was cloudy today but quite mild.
  2. It was a selfie. on a warm summers days as I swing my udders along.
  3. Things that tick you off?

    people who open their car door as you walk past, almost hitting you in the process and yes, after having to slowly walk bubs to school over the last few days due to feeling crap I did call someone a knob.
  4. screw that. No one spends a week in bed to have to come up with animal jokes.
  5. Bloody hell. I'm not here for almost a week and this thread has gone down hill. Seems you need Mummy Dami back.
  6. I don't know. You lot. You perfectly can see it 's a 'Y' and stands for 'yeah baby' Cor deary dear. Met O are obviously very excited about this snow.
  7. It is piggin raining. The car didn't piggin start. Had to walk in dark and wet to collect bubs from brownie's. piggin' weather.
  8. someone asked me if i was French today:cc_confused:

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    2. JennyJane1


      My mate had an accident and the ambulanceman asked where she was bleeding from, she said "bleeding Romford, innit?"

    3. Ed Stone

      Ed Stone

      The guy who told to 'go back whence I came was Scottish'. He was also as fissed as a part. But it wasn't Scottish Skier!:good:

    4. Dami
  9. In Memoriam

    very sad new about Ken, obviously an icon from my childhood. I think our 'comedians ' could learn a bit from these masters, never using verbal smut to get a laugh. I don't think we will ever see anyone quite him again, sadly.