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  1. Lost the cloud for a bit and had wall to wall sunshine with a breeze.However when I went to collect bubs the cloud was back and it was a different world. much milder.
  2. O.5c here. Thick white frost on cars and roofs. It felt 'heavy' out there, could feel a light breeze but no trees etc were moving. 17c odd degrees warmer and i'd be taking about how humid it feels. As far as feels though, it felt quite refreshing, but it was cloudy.
  3. Actually saw some ice today there was a puddle of water frozen over. However not much of a Frost as it goes, went down to 0c here. So obviously it felt a little colder today. oh sunny and there a little cloud this morning.
  4. Our barometer is fed up with this crappy winter and has broken. Stuck on 'Changeable' but goes down a little if tapped.
  5. 2nd day of frost and it's a miracle. This time even the grass had a look in, woohoo! 4c and sunny.
  6. Every time I put on my Beige teddy coat I feel over dressed and today was no exception. I probably could of gone sans coat. January and I don't need a thick coat at 8:30am. I'll be in dresses by the time February arrives. So yeah, mild as.
  7. My word, the suns out.

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    2. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      That must have been a real treat to see a monster of a hail shower and 2 rainbows. It has been several years since seeing two rainbows and even longer for a heavy hail shower which was seen last in Barrhill in the early 90's in Scotland.

    3. Dami


      then a rainbow in a clear blue sky but i couldn't take a pic 😞

    4. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      I hope that you will get another chance of photographing a rainbow later on in the year.

  8. Although it was windy and wet last night, I didn't notice it too much. Hubs told me this morning that it was quite cold out and it did feel colder than 6c. However by the time I was sorted for the school run, there was hardly any wind, no rain and it was warmer. Hit 13c here yesterday. I am not looking forward to summer.
  9. me. No rain this morning, nothing when i went out to pick bubs from dance and I have eternal hat hair this time of year. Hope you are feeling better btw!
  10. I am in weather limbo. Someone in the village thought it was be a great idea to have a path through a patch of waste ground and a seat put there so it could be somewhere to sit and think. We need a safety fence so the head will re-open the school gate on our side of the village, but no a path is more important. And it's made the path we have to walk a mud fest now too. No way on this planet would i want to sit on my own in a secluded piece of ground in this day and age. Should of put a MacDonald's there.
  11. Rain is so heavy it's knocked our sky out, not done that in a while.
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