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  1. Not worried we are missing the rain, no thunder from it.
  2. I wish someone would turn that wind OFF. I had to wear a jumper this morning It's been cloudy most of the day here, had a small break and now rainy looking and getting dark.
  3. it's sunny, warm but that breeze is gusty. Not idea dress wearing weather.
  4. It's a bit dead in here. Every one must of had a bang yesterday
  5. New No storms club for 2018 is open, Post away stormless peeps.😊

    1. Mokidugway


      I've had 4 already this year 

    2. IanR


      I'm in !   😠

    3. lassie23


      🤗had one in april

  6. Well might as well get the ball rolling early this year. No storms today.
  7. Just taken bubs to brownie's, clouds around with a storm just outside MK. Bug all here as usual.
  8. It's quite pleasant, light breeze nice temp. Finished cleaning the upstairs \o/ I will be in trouble later. Bubs went to school without a hat so they won't let her play on the field opps. No storms for me pity.
  9. 14.9 AND 65 MM. Cos I hope it might actually storm.
  10. Dami

    Did you know.

  11. Dami

    Did you know.

    R.I.P Scatman.
  12. A bit fed up with this chilly breeze.
  13. Dami

    Favourite Pub

    Coming from Sussex, i've been to the rushlake green pub a fair few times - my parents often went out on a Saturday night for a meal, so faves include The berwick inn, Berwick, The horseshoe Inn, Herstmonceux ( been here loads of times as it hosted a clubbing event in it's function room) The Star Inn, Normans Bay, The tiger Inn, East dean and my local growing up The British Queen. All Traditional pubs, some with log fires, a world away from the sadness that is a 'chain pub' , and sadly something My daughter, due to these 'chains' will never see.
  14. Dami

    When was your last morning storm

    Had a small storm one morning last year and a few years back a couple early hours. But pretty poor. None of this all night malarkey
  15. Dami

    In Memoriam

    How very awful.