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  1. A few years ago my hubby was out in texas on a work trip. Just was general nosing what the weather there was and saw a tornado warning flash up. Panicked, I texted him to be told they were on the way to a shelter. Horrible couple of hours to live though. Thankfully it past where he was. These posts make me realise how lucky we both were that day.
  2. Fog. Dunno. I really dunno. lass wrong thread.
  3. In another twist, he just posted his four cars with the caption "Heaven' Not what a man in despair over the environment would post, surely?
  4. Tales of a mild winter part deux. Go to local retail park wearing a black cord dress. Buy your wee one among other things, a gorgeous soft white jumper dress with a little bit of sparkle for Christmas. Get covered in white fluff from said dress and pretend it's actually snow while picking it off in the breeze. Today i learnt wearing a cord dress, holding something white and walking through quite a breeze doesn't work. Cloudy too but didn't rain. Needed a cardie. getting old.
  5. Random comment. Going to watch dem Bengals go 0-7 WHO DEY. Worst in the NFL. \o/
  6. In the scheme of a mild winter, I de-iced the freezer today. sunny and some cloud. Alexa says 'some sun and thunderstorms' Alexa is wrong. Don't be like alexa.
  7. No thunder that i'm aware, but it had been raining. Cooling wind but not too cold. Gone from sunny to cloudy. @Snowflake Queen I've got some fur lined boots I wear when the weather hits freezing, so i guess that'll count as frost boots?
  8. Nice cool morning and clear. Garden said it was barely above 1c but alexa knows best and said it was 5c. Didn't feel overly cold, a little chilly, but I'm quite surprised how warm I am feeling doing the walk to school at the moment. Tried out thermal T-shirt and thin jumper. The Bizz my friends. P.S. I saw some anvils last night which looked like a dying storm. Very pretty. No pic cos airhead.
  9. He hasn't performed at his best since summer I feel and I certainly think he would of liked to beat Schumacher, but all said and done the Championship (for him) should of been in the bag by now and isn't and he's clearly fixated on what ails him. And that's not good.
  10. I am placing slim hopes for Lewis at Mexico, considering reports he is depressed. I thought he looked down, but often think he's having GF issues (lol). He is concerned about the planet in general and was thinking of 'giving it all in' For the record, he has just opened a vegan burger restaurant. Lewis Hamilton: Social media post says he feels 'like giving up on everything' - BBC Sport WWW.BBC.CO.UK Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton posts on social media urging people to turn vegan and calls the world "messed up".
  11. Bubs enjoyed her camp. Nice big fire and marshmallows. Not all the girls went, some were put of by the drizzle. But anyway, the rain did get heavier towards the end of the evening, but the woods sheltered them all. Took delivery of winter cold stuffs yesterday. I feel the cold and have been sweating on the walk to school, but i'm sure they will keep till we get any cold. Drizzle today. Bubs off to a sports festival and we have parents evening. \o/
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