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  1. Doubt it. Just going to get a bit colder.
  2. I quite agree Surrey. I didn;t have my phone with me, but I was just in awe of the clouds I was looking at. Had nothing like it all summer.
  3. Lovely looking at all the anvils on the way to pick up bubs from ninja's. Nothing heading my way but nice all the same. Still quite mild.
  4. Rained a bit. no thunder. Mild. breezie. Might be cold enough to wear one of a new jumpers end of the month.
  5. Dami

    Did you know.

    Did you know that I am sick and tired of one or two people screwing up / being too lazy/ couldn't be bothered making bub school panic and change picking up rules? Why not actually get your weeble out of your house and pick up your child rather then panic when said child goes to a friends without saying and we all now have to suffer.
  6. gz to the new mods.

    1. lassie23


      is moki one yet?

    2. Mokidugway


      Lol unlikley  as hated by the mods which suits me 😂

  7. Dami

    Good retorts to telephone cold selling.

    The Pc virus ones are a good one. I pass them to hubs who job is in IT and he has a field day.
  8. Bubs take home task done. teacher wowed, class wowed, big smile on bubs, happy mum. Now I need to sort out the wreak of a kitchen table. \o/ Cloudy and mild, hardly any breeze. It will rain next saturday, btw.
  9. Some rain this morning, saw 2 rainbows. Not that cold really. A bit blowy. periods of cloud and sun.
  10. Dami

    Good retorts to telephone cold selling.

    I usually say 'OMG really?' when you get the 'you have been in an accident in the last 6 months' calls.
  11. Bubs just put a Christmas Film on, because 'now Halloween is over, it's nearly Christmas' 😱

    1. lassie23


      and dancing santas will return....wooohooooo

    2. shuggee


      Quite right

    3. Mokidugway


      I'll be in Madagascar eating heads and mince pies

  12. peed it down ( didn't hear any thunder) and still raining on/off. 8c which felt milder to the other day when it was 8c but there's no wind. Amazing the difference.
  13. much milder, misty and damp today. Been raining but none when school run called. Can't say I've seen any cranie's at all this year. Can remember there was an underground walkway where I used to live and there would be tons there. Either that or the Cat's eaten them.
  14. To the man wearing shorts this morning I salute you.