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  1. ☹️ @lassie23 yeah my friends in Eastbourne told me all about it. (again!)
  2. I will say it was very very humid this morning. Tropical. I normally love humidity which is odd as i hate heat, but it was awful. felt like i was walking thru a blanket. very sticky.
  3. nothing here last night apart from that overcast meh you get after a storm you didn't get.
  4. Not got thunder yet dami

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    2. Dami


      it did a little bit when i went out then a big fart came and blew it all away🙉

    3. lassie23


      lol unusual weather term that, hope the BBC use it

    4. Dami
  5. from cloudless sky to some cloud and the breeze we have had all day is turning gusty at times. Still feels nice out. Didn't come back from school a sweaty mess.
  6. SO! will Bedford hear thunder. ⛈️

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    2. karyo


      No storms in towcester.  😞

    3. Dami


      My reward for sweating my boobs off was some rain this morning and weather so humid it was hard to breathe. 


    4. lassie23


      it was a bust here too but a different bust from yours dami😆

  7. It was a beautiful walk to school today, clear, light but not too cool breeze, comfortably warm. If only it lasts for the day! However it has proven an excellent drying day so washing everything in sight. Always love this time of year, watching the storm forecasts, so the next few days will be heaven. Feeling much better from my jab now and treated myself to a few things and the small hope of hearing some thunder at some point. 🙂
  8. yeah My end of Bedford hasn't done well, but we usually get at least one storm a year.
  9. No storms 21 thread up for your moaning pleasure 🙂

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    2. Dami


      don't blame them


    3. lassie23


      think they wanted the beach

    4. Dami


      yes please i miss the sea

  10. Hello. Late to the party, but since we have a chance of some fireworks and lack of, I've started the thread for this year. Enjoy.
  11. dreadful nights sleep, bedroom 29.2c even with all windows open and our new air cooler fan. Woke up feeling awful as did hubby. Lovely this morning. Nice breeze and pleasant, was a nice walk to school today and it's nice to finally start wearing the summer stuffs i brought for going outside.
  12. just cloud here. Not worried too tried to worry if the heat will keep me awake or not later 😴
  13. But Bedford hasn't?!? Not here anyway, everything seems to break up.
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