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  1. Not heard one bit of thunder yet here all day, had plenty of rain and wind but no thunder
  2. anyone seen the moon? its bright orange. here is a 144p image of it from the front of my house
  3. The sun is trying to fully come out and now I actually see blue skies unlike the last few days where it brightens up but goes back to being overcast. If it's going to be sunny THIS is the day we want it to be sunny the most and get the last amount of warmth this year edit:
  4. Atmogenic


  5. it's getting brighter now but I don't have my hopes up from how the last few days have been
  6. Went to a new place called Stodmarsh nature reserve near Canterbury yesterday and although the weather could be better, it wasn't that cold with the overcast skies as there was very little wind. Manage to get a few nice images but really like the sunset one the most
  7. Was overcast as I got up at 9:45am and thought it might be one of those days, but just looking at the comments now about the cloud breaking up and just looked out my window and see the cloud breaking up with blue skies coming through, its as if by magic it appeared as I'm browsing this thread
  8. Had a beautiful time outside today, though there was some high cloud it still felt warm when you're in a enclosed area. I went to a lovely place yesterday and unfortunately forgot its name but my dad took me to the place so he knows the name. These were the pics I took
  9. welp the first misty start this year when I woke up, but I don't mind that at all and now it's clearing away leaving blue skies. I think today is going to be another lovely day
  10. Was cloudy to start with yesterday, but I headed to the coast and it was lovely and this morning seems lovely but who knows how long that will last
  11. That's a joke a very bad one, that chart is from April 14th 2012 https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/outlook/archive/2012/day1otlk_20120414_1630.html
  12. unpopular opinion but it's nice to see the UK being the warm one for once and not every country in Europe having the nicer weather (though today was a dull day)
  13. I don't normally get wakened up by rain but that rain this morning really was banging hard outside and woke me up, I wasn't annoyed but sleep is important
  14. I hope not, August gave enough overcast skies within one single month, we deserve some extra bit of warmth though September was pretty good to be fair
  15. Saw this bubbly cumulus cloud whilst on a walk due to the showers we’ve had here today. There was another to the left of that one but didn’t have a good view to take a decent pic
  16. what an amazing storm Shaheen headed for historic landfall in Oman » Yale Climate Connections YALECLIMATECONNECTIONS.ORG The cyclone is pushing west on an unprecedented track through the Gulf of Oman.
  17. yep around 2:30 the wind was suddenly picking up and at times as strong as yesterday, there wasn't much rain though at times it did come down heavy. I'm sorry everyone, my mum put out her washing as it was completely blue skies when we had lunch today
  18. yes and it will be even better as it'll be dark whilst us will be all warm and cosy inside our houses
  19. wind is constantly gusting here with the rain almost going sideways, it's like we got our own little tropical storm
  20. yuck, just had the first taste of autumn and i'm reminded how much I hate cold weather. I went on a boat trip in Poole and I couldn't stand sitting outside with that cold wind, there were many lovely views but I had to sit inside due to that wind and couldn't take pics from inside as the windows were dirty due to the pier water. I'm so glad autumn has arrived so that I had to wear a thermal vest, a t-shirt and two hoodies over each other and at times hiding my hands in my pockets due to them being frozen, such lovely weather that we're heading into now
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