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  1. Here are the videos, unfortunately they don't contain thunder or lightning which is quite disappointing as the first video was the storm that came over to me at Hothfield and literally a few seconds after that it had quite good amount of lighting and thunder but as i said earlier i was getting pounded by rain and didn't have waterproof clothing on so i couldn't record that much. The second video was when the second wave came over and again, no thunder or lighting but good amount of rain. I know these aren't fantastic videos but maybe they're good enough for some relaxation or something.
  2. Some more photos and it looks like another wave is coming over again, the second wave came over but it was just some very heavy rain no thunder or lightning.
  3. Got to the wye downs to see what i could get and it was worth it. It also looks like we’re going to get another storm coming over as it looks bleak on the second picture with really bubbly clouds so i’m prepared for wave 2
  4. Just had a decent storm arrive on top of me whilst out in hothfield but i had to take cover as i was getting pounded by rain and wind. I did a video but its too large to upload here so im going to upload it when i get home. There was some mammtus clouds after it past though.
  5. The sun seems to be trying to cut through the cloud and I hope it does so we get another splendid day. But as people have said we really need some rain.
  6. Just got back from having a wonderful day out in the countryside and took a few pickies
  7. Had a lovely day yesterday and it looks like today will be the same, I just wish we could get more of it.
  8. Got some lovely cumulus clouds this morning, also had a heavy shower that lasted about 5 mins
  9. Got Some lovely looking sky and what looks like mammtus clouds on the pics
  10. Well the rain came at around midnight but I wasn't expecting any sort of electrical activity, though I was hearing large rain drops hitting on my windows, But think positive guys there may have been little electrical activity but the rain is needed (especially here) after the long period of dry weather.
  11. Let's just stick to the first two charts and ignore the other two
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  13. Not a great pic but from ashford these are what those showers from the north of here looks like
  14. any pics of that slow moving cell in the southwest or is it cloud covered? Just for us southeasters who don't have a cloud in the sky
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    Alton woods

    This path had a mix of Californian and Florida vibes because all of the tall pine trees and further down the path got very swampy just like how Florida's environment is like
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