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  1. Blowing a gale, heavy rain and according to my weather station, pressure 975mb.
  2. Flu itself is viral and antibiotics won't help. However any secondary infection could turn out nasty. In my case a minor chest infection developed into (bacterial) double pneumonia with pleural oedema that put me in hospital for couple of weeks, and two courses of Doxycycline and then one of Amoxicillin. This was at the end of last November. Recovery from pneumonia can take several months and I still have relapses. The lousy British winter doesn't help.
  3. Amazing isn't it? First day of meteorological Spring tomorrow, and we've been catapulted right back to weather more typical of January. 7.9C at almost 3pm, the "warmest" part of the day, moderate rain and gloomy. Only saving grace is lack of wind. I really wish we had proper seasons again and in their right places. Edit: note to pedants, my observations are subjective, I post as I feel.
  4. Spent another lunchtime in the garden sunbathing in just shorts. Air temp felt smidgeon lower than Tuesday. Given the forecast I suspect there'll be quite a while before sunbathing outdoors again.
  5. Just spent two hours in my back garden catching the rays in just shorts. Hopefully given the strength of the sun now I topped-off my level of Vit D3. Unfortunately I can't record the temp. as my outdoor sensor is fully exposed to direct sun. First sunbathing session in what is still winter.
  6. Garden fence panels damaged with two fence posts snapped at the bottom. Fortunately it's the housing association's job to repair/replace the damaged sections. At one time I was worried one of the posts could come crashing through my bedroom window.
  7. Wind howling through the power lines just down the road. There's going to be a lot of structural damage before the night's out.
  8. Very windy here with heavy, driving rain and some sleety bits @ 8:00am
  9. Just had a fresh fall of snow but doesn't seem to be very much. Time 9:15pm
  10. Up early this morning. Moderate to heavy snow which has left 2-3cm @ 6:30am
  11. While in Widnes this afternoon at around 3:40pm a really heavy sleet shower. That was it, currently dry.
  12. Radar shows a green blob of sleet over here but currently dry.
  13. Sunny with light breeze. Not been outside yet but with the forecast 5C it won't feel all that warm. Looks like tonight could see the matinee for the expected main snow event.
  14. Sunny but cold. Still a dusting of snow from overnight showers at the front of the building which is sheltered from the sun. Very icy this morning. Overnight min. -2.5C
  15. Thoroughly nasty night. Heavy rain but no sign of any sleet. Temp. 4.2C
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