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  1. Every time a Tory comes out with FACT (Ha ha) we know it's a bloody big LIE (there you are, more CAPITALS)*snigger* You can believe your version of "reality" and I'll stick to mine. I don't need any Tory to tell me how "the system" works - you forget that I've paid into "the system" for over forty years.. The claims that that the N.I. system is basically a huge Ponzi scheme turned out be yet more twaddle.
  2. Nonsense You can't teach Grandpa how to suck eggs. I well know how National Insurance works, I was born at its inception. The ringfenced National Insurance fund is fully topped-up. That's unless our towel-folding joke Chancellor has mortgaged it to his bankster pals.
  3. The largest burden on the social security budget is the State pension. My State pension is my money, not yours, not the State's nor anyone else's. Right-wingers deliberately conflate pensions with benefits to exaggerate their claims that "hardworking taxpayers" are subsidising smoking, drinking "layabouts" who spend all day watching their 50" TV sets. Well, I'm one of those who watch "hardworking people" going out in the rain to get to work, then I turn over and go back to sleep. Our Welfare State isn't just involved with Social Security, what pays for our NHS?
  4. Not such a cold morning today but misty over the Cheshire plain adjacent to the Mersey estuary. After breakfast the sky was partially obscured by a sheet of cirrus while a little later Cu infill developed. The afternoon saw a return to blue sky, currently clear. Light breeze all day, F1-2. Overnight min: 6.5C, max: 20.5C, currently 12.8C. Pressure 1032mb steady.
  5. Day dawned clear and cold. Remained sunny all day with less than 1/8 fair weather Cu coverage. Currently clear. Warm day, more so than during our so-called "summer". Overnight min: 4.4C, Max: 20.5C, current: 12.5C and falling. Pressure 1032mb steady. Had a swim in Hatchmere (Delamere Forest), water temp about right at 15.5C.
  6. After a cold night I thought I was going to see something I've not seen for 2-3 years: a completely cloudless sky. it wasn't to be, sunny intervals until lunchtime and then the infill, a mix of Sc and Ac. Overnight min: 4.5C, max 20.0C*, current: 11.8C. Pressure 1026mb steady. Currently calm and clear. *Sensor sheltered but not screened. Minor UHI
  7. That's why I always be nice to the cashiers. On the other hand, a management twerp in a cheap suit...............................
  8. Overnight min 8.5C, currently 11.6C. Pressure 1023mb rising. Short shower this morning but otherwise variable cloud with sunny intervals. Quite breezy.
  9. Temp now falling quickly, currently 11.8C - suspect tonight will be a chilly 'un. Pressure rising, now 1011mb
  10. The last few days of September 1969 were exceptionally warm, with temps in the mid-70s F (we thought in old money then). Mid-October saw a relatively quick transition from warm to more seasonal (ie chilly) temps with overcast skies. Autumn/Winter '69/70 were pretty meh, the coldest time of that winter was early March '70. This was in Wirral.
  11. Increasingly cloudy all day then a band of rain at teatime. Currently clear with Sc in view looking west.
  12. Same here, Liverpool ATIS still reporting 14C but the sun makes it feel a little warmer.
  13. How do I embed Youtube videos? Can't see any way to do so
  14. Another miserable morning, was woken up during the small hours by what sounded like heavy rain. Currently cloudy with some blue patches, Liverpool ATIS reports 14C Well, it is the beginning of astronomical autumn.
  15. Just finished The Wooden Horse by Eric Williams. I first read the entire novel in 1965.
  16. Cassetteboy vs David Cameron - Gettin' Piggy With It https://youtu.be/FBpQJ98rR4o Warning: RUDE!! Edit: How do you embed Youtube videos here?
  17. The term "pulled pork" takes on a whole new dimension.
  18. Thoroughly foul this morning - wet and cold. just had a sharp shower and some patches of blue now appearing. Note to self: must pick up a waterproof container and new batteries for my outdoor sensor so I can keep an eye on how cold it gets overnight.
  19. If you're getting on a bit then you should heat your home to maintain at least 16C. We oldies mightn't realise we are dangerously near to hypothermia until it's too late. I maintain 16C indoors in winter despite my sport affording me heavy insulation (OK, blubber )
  20. That bloody "i" word - issue. Another lazy Americanism that should've been torpedoed half way across the Atlantic. What's wrong with "problem", "concern" and so on?
  21. Same here. High pressure and still we can't shift that damned Sc dross.
  22. No need for apologies Ian. I can be terse because it still takes me some effort to write prose (consequence of stroke). I believe that whenever wind farms are needed they should be sited off-shore. Even I think the situation on the Southern Uplands is a bit OTT. However not all infrastructure is ugly, hydro schemes were resisted but many schemes are now regarded to be picturesque. Unfortunately we all know the effects of burning fossil fuels so we need renewables to help reduce the carbon we are still belching into the atmosphere. The alternatives are conventional nuclear which takes time to build replacement power stations (and dealing with the nuclear waste), and fusion - if I'm still alive I might even see the first fusion pilot plant being built in France go into action.
  23. I was originally commenting on the remarks about Llandudno. I live ONE MILE from Frodsham Marsh and I wouldn't be bothered. There is already a huge 400kV Supergrid switching centre nearby with long lines of pylons converging across Frodsham Marsh so I can't see any problem with half-a-dozen so of turbines.
  24. The relatively small Burbo Bank windfarm situated near the mouth of the Mersey can produce 90MW, you'd need a bloody big kettle! Compare that with a typical 600MW steam turbine/alternator set as found in power stations.
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