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  1. Thoroughly vile day up to now although some brightness developing and it's turned dry. Very dark morning with wind and intermittent heavy rain. Looks like winter may be making an early return given the single-digit maxima expected around the weekend.
  2. Thoroughly nasty cold and wet night with same pertaining now. overnight min. 11.3C, currently 15.9C. Given the weather I won't be going to my leisure centre on my e-bike for swimming, looks like I have to go by taxi.
  3. Thoroughly nasty Autumn day: Cold (13.8C), dark with thick, low cloud and currently torrential rain @ 1:15pm
  4. 2:15pm, torrential rain. Edit: 3:00pm Severe flooding reported in parts of Liverpool.
  5. A pretty nasty Autumn day. Some brightness earlier on but now back to the British climate's default position: thick cloud. Outdoor temp 15.8C and moderate rain. If this is Humberto's "sting in tail" I feel some very heavy rain is following behind.
  6. Poor summer, June even colder than June 1962 and that's saying something. Two weeks of thick cloud, heavy rain and sub-10C day temps (in June!!!). Other than three hot days, July was nothing to write home about. August,like recent Augusts, was taste of Autumn. Days with a stationery front sitting over the Merseyside area. Again like July, three hot days at the end. So that was Summer 2019: six hot days, the rest pretty well excremental.
  7. A glorious day, min temp last night 10.8C min so not as cold as the previous night. Didn't get the promised 23-25C but around 19C like yesterday. Sunbathing in my garden but that is very sheltered as I suspect without it I'd have been cold. Looking at the outlook, I suspect today is the last summery day for the next seven months - and I do detest the lousy British winter.
  8. Cloudless sky all day after a chilly night. Managed to catch some rays in the back garden however if I didn't have the shelter of a high wood panel fence it'd have been a little chilly.
  9. Sunny day after a cold night (6.9C). Felt very warm under the sun but air temp only 19C. Needed the heating on for an hour this morning when I got up. Suppose it'll be the same tomorrow.
  10. Same here, I hate long pants although all my shorts are heavy and fleecy. However I cheat as I have an electrically heated jacket.
  11. It's down to fronts constantly parked on top of Merseyside and N. Cheshire during this so-called "summer" with sunnier conditions either side.
  12. Back to Autumn. Wet and just 15C mid-afternoon and cloudy. Looks like the cloud is doing the usual, melting away as it gets dark. The outlook is even more Autumnal.
  13. Mixed day, overnight min 14.9C, temp at warmest time of the day, 4pm, 21C. Day dawned clear and sunny but then about lunchtime became cloudy and close with a couple of light showers.
  14. Sunny afternoon with hazy blue sky. Outdoor sensor in full sunlight so can't give the temp. Netweather gives 23C for my location.
  15. Two glorious sunny days but now an uninspiring 18C and 8/8 cloud. Very little breeze.
  16. Fine night with min 13.0C but of course come morning down comes the grey lid and believe it or not, more bloody rain although now experiencing a sunny interval. Otherwise 8/8 cloud. Current temp an uninspiring 16.0C. Just remembering the Supertramp track "It's raining again."
  17. I remember the summer of 1959, it was a cracking one. Christmas '59 was also remarkably mild.
  18. A half decent August day but for that dratted cloud and chilly breeze. Not sunbathing weather given the intermittent sun and chill.
  19. I wonder if that appalling toll is down to isolation and SAD?
  20. This glorious August day is now experiencing near-torrential rain @ 5.15pm.
  21. Monumentally vile August day. more like November. Overnight temp 13C, currently 14.7C, breezy and heavy rain. Yes, what passes for the British "summer" is already over.
  22. If that's you in your avatar then obviously you are young and can travel, given that you post from Canada and several towns in south England. To quote from my earlier post elsewhere: "Que? Easily just move abroad? Is it that really easy? OK for someone young with no established home. How about the elderly, or those with medical conditions? Given the current political climate how long will your EHIC card last? There's the distinct possibility that expat Brits could be deported from the Costas to the UK. Where would they able to buy or rent suitable accommodation given the chronic shortage of housing?" The prospects for me moving to anywhere outside the EU would be even worse. Canada wouldn't accept me as a.) I'm old and b.) have serious heart condition.
  23. The usual rain overnight now broken cloud and sunny intervals. Current temp. 19C which is definitely below par for a mid-August afternoon. Despite the temp. there is a chill in the strong breeze. Looks like Autumn is back over the next few days.
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