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  1. Liverpool ATIS @ 15:20Z Wind 290 21kt Temp 8C DP 0C Pressure 1010hpa steady High wind and gale warning in force Currently windy, sunny and dry here.
  2. Report from Liverpool ATIS @ 14:47Z: Wind 290 27kt gusting 37kt Temp 8C DP 0C (2C drop over one hour) Pressure 1010hpa steady Currently windy, cloudy and dry here.
  3. Report from Liverpool ATIS @ 12:56Z: Wind 290 22kt (reducing) Temp 8C DP +2C (going down) Pressure 1010hpa (rising) Showers visible High wind and gale warning in force. Currently very windy, dry and cloudy here.
  4. Halton is part of the Liverpool City Region - aka Greater Liverpool
  5. Wind veered 10deg in the past two hours. Will check again around 1pm Edit: My bad, earlier direction was 290deg, wind strength has increased from 24kt to 28kt with 40kt gusts.
  6. Current report from Liverpool ATIS timed 11:50Z: Wind 290 28kt gusting 40kt Temp 8C DP 3C Pressure 1009hpa High wind and gale warning in force. Currently dry here.
  7. Just went out to check, the loud crack I heard was one of my fence posts going. My garden fence is head height wood panelling so I'm concerned, and it looks I might have to face some expense.
  8. Reception poor possibly down to weather conditions but current report from Liverpool ATIS timed at 10:20Z Wind 290 24kt Temp 8C DP 3C Pressure 1008hpa High wind and gale warning in force.
  9. Heavy showers around dawn, currently no ppn, very windy - I'd say F6.
  10. Well, around 4th February is Imbolc, the start of Pagan Spring!
  11. Good call, I must have had a "senior moment" . We had lying snow from Christmas to the end of February.
  12. From my 66 years' experience there were only a couple of winters when snow lay "deep and even" until spring: 1962/63 and 1981/82 although the Eighties saw several significant snow events lasting up to a month. This was in the Merseyside area.
  13. Currently 14.6C @ 13:00 so quite possible we'll make 15C. My energy meter is already showing the benefit, roll on another mild winter.
  14. We didn't up here (I lived on Wirral at the time), that October was fair and mild. November 5th was very mild and dry, I walked down to Lower Heswall to watch a firework display. November 21st was the first frosty day - I remember it well because I was taken ill at school and sent home. It was a mid December weekend when my family went to visit relatives in South Liverpool and we saw the first snowy showers of the winter. A certain wobble-board artist's single "Sun Arise" had gone to No.1.
  15. Looking at the charts from 62/63 it's been pointed out that present synoptics are very similar to those back then. Ironically the present international situation mirrors that of October 1962 so yes, history might well be repeating itself.
  16. I'm looking at my energy meter, those figures to the right of the £ sign have already begun to rise. How I wish I could hibernate until late April.
  17. "Ice Cream Man" by the Tornadoes. Was at an air show at Liverpool Airport (this was 1963 before all the terrorism nonsense) and out on the airfield under deep blue skies you don't get nowadays in the middle of a fortnight long mid-May heatwave. Of course the Tornadoes had a major hit in Autumn 1962 with "Telstar". Believe it or not Telstar 1 is still in orbit but obviously completely dead.
  18. When I lived on the top storey of our building I was getting 20-25C indoors with all windows open. Now that I'm living on the ground floor my home is always feeling chilly, only managed 21C indoors on a couple of particularly hot days this past summer. I even felt chilly in bed last night under an open window as I usually do even in winter. The block has cavity insulation and my windows are new ones with a good 1" between the panes. I'm looking at my energy monitor which indicates my living room temp is 18C. Should it go below 16C then given my age that's when I have to turn on my CH.
  19. Last night's min was 8.7C. Maritime location (Mersey estuary), semi-rural, minor UHI
  20. Not according to the stats. 62/63 is regarded to the most severe of the 20th Century with '47 a very close second. I wasn't around in '47 but the very cold spell in 62/63 was very long with a penetrating frost severe enough to freeze water mains buried 6ft deep. Around Merseyside we had snow flurries during December with heavy snow over the Christmas holiday that persisted all the way though Jan and Feb. It was at the end of Feb that we had our first 50F accompanied with a thaw (we used old money back then). Oops, we've gone a bit off-thread. Sorry.
  21. I'm not claiming to speak for others - I'm stating a fact regarding that particular winter. However those who enjoy harsh winters forget that winter is a killer - look at the annual cull of the elderly by the "Great" (or in my words, Lousy) British Winter. During that most severe winter of the 20th Century we didn't have to shell out a large proportion of our incomes just in order to survive as we do now - and my home at the time was heated by coal fires, central heating was a relative rarity but my parents grumbled about the cost of coal but it wasn't a case of "eat or heat" which is the harsh and potentially fatal choice many pensioners face.
  22. I actually did: Winter 1962-63. An experience I hope never have to repeat.
  23. We tried all-year-round summer time from 1968-71. The reason the experiment was abandoned was because it was an unmitigated disaster. However you muck about with the clock, you still only have about eight hours of daylight around the winter solstice. I clearly recollect riding a bike to work in the dark mornings with black ice still on the roads because the sun didn't rise until after 9am. Schoolkids being knocked down on the way to school on dark mornings by drivers who hadn't wakened fully. I don't mind moving the start of summer time to 1st March, but most definitely not all year.
  24. ................And things were much better today. Just now Liverpool ATIS reported 25C with dp 18C, almost wall-to-wall cloudless skies with just a few bits of Ac every so often. This reminds me of the very warm spell in September 1963, the first summery bit of a very mediocre summer (I'd use other terms but I may end up banned )
  25. What an anticlimax. 1pm in Liverpool a miserable 18C, chilly, cloudy and wet and with just a clap of thunder around 3pm. Wet enough to be a depressing Autumn day without any redeeming features. To add insult to injury, I assumed the forecast for a dry, sunny 25C would be accurate and left stuff out on the line to air. Big mistake.
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