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  1. Stuff that for a game of soldiers. It's the end of April and I don't want to see a return to winter no matter how brief. "Cold hating nancies can wait a bit longer lol." A "Nancie" like me? That's a 1" thick slab of ice.
  2. Passable today, even managed to catch some rays around lunchtime as long I was sheltered from that cold breeze. Monday night managed 1.7C overnight and given my sheltered garden sensor I suspect out on the fields there could well have been a ground frost.
  3. Yet another cold, mostly grey Easter. Looks like my birthday could again be marred by wintry weather just like last year. Whatever happened to my childhood/teen Easters when the dress code was T-shirt/shorts? And no, it's not the wearing of rose-coloured spectacles, my memories of the time are remarkably clear. We seem to be entering the now usual spring/summer rut:of a couple of passable days like last weekend followed by weeks of cold NW/N/NE winds with endless grey days followed by cold, frosty nights.
  4. On BBC CountryFile "Video Diary" on winter swimmers shot at New Brighton, Wirral, on Valentine's Day 2008. The week up to then had been extremely cold with Merseyrail trains frozen to the tracks overnight but my day was wall-to-wall sunshine and an air temp of 10C (bear in mind this was February). I was in the water at 7C most of the day so was treated to a huge fry-up for lunch to keep up my calorie expenditure needed to maintain core temp.
  5. This was Pickmere (Cheshire) on Saturday afternoon, air temp around 17C and water temp 13C (about right for time of the year). Gloriously warm and sunny this afternoon (Sunday) with the breeze actually feeling warm as I cycled to Brookvale Recreation Centre (Runcorn) to do my Swimathon in tiles and chlorine. However when I left the Centre four hours later it was cloudy and a very cold breeze. had got up. According to my (sheltered) garden sensor I got a got a max of 24C but when I was out on my bike I'd say the true temp. was more like 21C. Coming home the temp was 14C and falling quickly. 6-7C drop in 4 hours! Did quite well in my Swimathon - was down for 2.5k.
  6. March of course is the first month we can realistically see the first 20C in the UK. Looking at the model thread there signs of a warm second half of March. Given that March came in like a lion with Doris it hopefully will be going out like a lamb.
  7. Now continuous moderate rain and temp down to 2.3C. Light breeze.
  8. Yes, the Water Tower! Of course there wasn't a cell base station when I lived there (1950s/60s). I remember watching when the Water Tower had its "roof" put on in 1960.
  9. Moderate to heavy rain but seems to be just rain. Little or no breeze and outdoor temp 3.7C
  10. 14:47 Now snowing quite heavily with large flakes but not currently sticking.
  11. We managed 73mph sustained with all Port of Liverpool operations suspended. Newly repaired fence damaged again. Still very gusty but rain stopped. Not posted in the wrong forum: Meteorologically speaking Cheshire is in the Midlands - dividing line is Mersey-Humber.
  12. Liverpool ATIS reporting 40kt gusting 53kt No reports of any problems.
  13. Exceedingly windy with heavy rain sheeting horizontally. Wind howling through nearby high-voltage lines loud to be heard through double glazing. Tree trunks in motion.
  14. The main change in our current "forever Autumn" is the persistent cloudiness. In summer what sunshine does occur is in the small hours before most of us wake. Come breakfast, the grey lid has already slammed down and stays until sunset. Again, dry stats don't tell the full story. Stats might "prove" that 2016 is warmer than 1984 but in '83 and '84 it felt much warmer because we actually saw the sun most if not all of the day. All that incident IR on the skin which you don't get in modern sunless summers.
  15. Dickensian winters are reckoned to have been influenced (and inspired) by the early 1800s Dalton Minimum. Some hold that we are currently entering a new Grand Minimum as solar activity appears to be ratcheting down every cycle.
  16. Believe me, most who hanker after a repeat of '62/'63 would regret it should it happen again. I was there!
  17. We had nearly two months of sunlessness last summer during June and July.
  18. It snowed on my birthday, April 21st 1963. Bear in mind it was That Winter which didn't finally relent until the last week of April (Location: Wirral) we had snow in March in 1970 which is still the Sixties decade (the Seventies decade didn't start until 1971).
  19. Cloud (Cu) now building from the NW, wind seems to have dropped, still dry. Liverpool METAR: EGGP 131420Z 32022G33KT 9999 VCSH FEW031 SCT039 05/M01 Q1013 TAF: EGGP 131237Z 1312/1412 32022G35KT 9999 SCT045 TEMPO 1312/1315 SHGS BKN010CB BECMG 1315/1318 33009KT PROB30 TEMPO 1321/1409 32018G32KT 1200 SHSN BKN006CB ATIS @ 14:20Z wind 320 22kt gusting 33kt visibility >10 showers visible temp 5C DP -1C pressure 1013hpa high wind warning in force Edit: Just been out: still blowing a gale and bloody cold.
  20. I wouldn't go that far 'cos we're talking climate change and you really need at least 50 years' data to be sure. But yes, there does seem to be a slight warming. I'll have to persuade my swimming mate to take us up to New Brighton so I can do some more readings. Don't forget last year's "Cold Blob" in the North Atlantic could've had some influence.
  21. Measured deep Irish sea 10-20 years ago during high summer usually 14C (57F) off the coast of Anglesey. Last such measurement in Anglesey (Rhosneigr) in Aug. '15 was 16C. I measure water temps at 400mm depth with a calibrated spirit therm as stipulated by FINA. Sea temps in Liverpool Bay (New Brighton) have reached 20C on a couple of occasions with the incoming tide crossing hot sands but usually 17-18C in summer. In winter sea temps at NB average 7C in February. I did my winter swim for Countryfile on St. Valentine's Day '08.
  22. Dry, sunny and windy. Liverpool METAR: EGGP 131150Z 31025G37KT 9999 FEW031 SCT045 06/01 Q1011 Liverpool ATIS @ 12:04Z wind 310 21kt gusting 34kt temp 6C DP 0C pressure 1012hpa high wind warning in force Liverpool TAF: EGGP 131104Z 1312/1412 32022G35KT 9999 SCT045 BECMG 1315/1318 33009KT PROB30 TEMPO 1321/1409 32018G32KT 1200 SHSN BKN006CB
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