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  1. Another monumentally nasty spell of weather.  Yesterday torrential rain with a max. of just 10C (mid-June 😡), today the stellar high of 11C just now, and the rain has started again.  The last time I remember the weather  being so vile in what we laughingly describe as "summer" was the last weekend of August 1963 (August Bank Holiday was at the beginning of the month at that time.)

    The unspeakably vile British climate has really excelled itself again. 

  2. On 04/03/2019 at 23:19, Summer Sun said:

    MEPs vote to scrap twice-yearly clock change by 2021

    A committee of MEPs has voted to scrap the custom of changing the clocks in spring and autumn by 2021, as momentum builds behind a draft law that could raise tensions with Britain after Brexit.


    I actually experienced all-year-round Summer Time from Spring 1968 to Autumn 1971 and it was an unmitigated disaster.  Sunrise around 9am (or even later in Scotland) with having to drive (or even worse, ride) along dark, icy roads to get to work - in my case I had to leave home around 8am to ride across the Wirral on icy back lanes to Port Sunlight to start work at 8:30am.  The dark mornings led to a spate of accidents where school kids had to mix it with half-awake drivers and obviously came off worst.   It's ironic how RoSPA then declared that permanent Summer Time  to be disastrous, but the same RoSPA are now agitating for permanent Summer Time.

    Hopefully this Brexit nonsense will be shortly a thing of the past and we leave the clocks as they are.

  3. 20 minutes ago, itsnowjoke said:

    Have have you got antibiotics if not you need them it won’t go away in it’s own 

    Flu itself is viral and antibiotics won't help.  However any secondary infection could turn out nasty.  In my case a minor chest infection developed into (bacterial) double pneumonia with pleural oedema that put me in hospital for couple of weeks, and two courses of  Doxycycline and then one of Amoxicillin.  This was at the end of last November.

    Recovery from pneumonia can take several months and I still have relapses. The lousy British winter doesn't help.

  4. Amazing isn't it?  First day of meteorological  Spring tomorrow, and we've been catapulted right back to weather more typical of January.  7.9C at almost 3pm, the "warmest" part of the day, moderate rain and gloomy.  Only saving grace is lack of wind.

    I really wish we had proper seasons again and in their right places. 

    Edit: note to pedants, my observations are subjective, I post as I feel.

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