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  1. Yet another dank, dull, depressing, SAD-inducing Autumn day.  And this was after a mostly dull and often wet "Summer" with a mostly stationary front parked on top of us.  This is a:) a moan and b.) this is my subjective opinion, I'm not interested in stats which can be manipulated to support any point of view.

  2. 6 hours ago, chrisbell-nottheweatherman said:

    I'm disabled, so I know what you mean.  I was thinking about getting into the garden or just outside on a sunny day rather than staying indoors if possible rather than going anywhere in particular.  If you're having trouble walking, would it be useful to get a mobility aid?

    I'm fully mobile and have two e-bikes. The problem is I have Stage III heart failure so I tend to get breathless after walking around 50 yards or so. Have to  take  a breather (literally!)  I can swim for long distances because the water supports my weight. I also wear a full-face snorkel mask (Decathlon Easybreath) that lets me breathe normally through my nose, non of this gulping a breath then doing a couple of strokes before the next gulp. Doesn't do much for my looks 😉


  3. On 06/10/2019 at 19:32, chrisbell-nottheweatherman said:

    If it never snows where you are, then I can understand that you might find winter rather underwhelming.  For me, the worst weather type is those nothing grey, dry, mild-ish drab days with nothing of interest happening.  By contrast, a wet, breezy day like today is invigorating, especially if you dress appropriately (why do people go out in summer clothes and then moan that they're cold and wet?) and get out in it.  That being said, lack of sun is a problem for many - my advice is to take vitamin D3 supplements (500-1000IU) and try to make the most of the cold, clear, sunny days.  Consider, though, what it's liketo feel unwell every time the temperature goes over 30C and the relative humidity gets above 60%.

    There those of us (like me) who aren't able to walk very far so unless someone gives them a lift - that's it, stuck in.  During winter the only time I "get out" is when someone takes me swimming. Otherwise I'm effectively housebound.  At least in summer I can sunbathe in my back garden.

    Vit.D3 supplements aren't any good for dealing with SAD.

    Don't forget the annual cull of the elderly exacted by the lousy British winter - I'm 69.

  4. Thoroughly vile day up to now although some brightness developing and it's turned dry.  Very dark morning with wind and  intermittent heavy rain.  Looks like winter may be making an early return given the single-digit maxima expected around the weekend.

  5. Poor summer, June even colder than June 1962 and that's saying something.  Two weeks of thick cloud, heavy rain and sub-10C day temps (in June!!!).  Other than three hot days, July was nothing to write home about.  August,like recent Augusts, was taste of Autumn. Days with a stationery front sitting over the Merseyside area. Again like July, three hot days at the end.  So that was Summer 2019: six hot days, the rest pretty well excremental. 

  6. A glorious day, min temp last night 10.8C min so not as cold as the previous night.  Didn't get the promised 23-25C but around 19C like yesterday. Sunbathing in my garden but that is very sheltered as I suspect without it I'd have been cold.  Looking at the outlook, I suspect today is the last summery day for the next seven months - and I do detest the lousy British winter.

  7. 4 minutes ago, Froze were the Days said:

    Sometimes wonder if you live in another country...but 15c is some 10c colder than here in Essex today - incredible! As I said a few weeks ago you need to move down here 🙂

    It's down to fronts constantly parked on top of Merseyside and N. Cheshire during this so-called "summer" with sunnier conditions either side.

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