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  1. Hi ya joggs it is going well. Yes it has been a boring mid winter and it held such promise. I do hope we have some snow in Feb/March before the winter is gone totaly

  2. Hi there they are slowly getting sorted out. I am hoping we get some snow this week was dissapointed at the lack of it this weekend but seeing the amount some people got I am happy we did not get any. Enjoy your snow and I will let you know when I start to see it coming from the sky in my neck of the woods. x

  3. Hi andy I am sorry you lost your dog I am dreading losing Leo.

    He is a flat coated retriever and does not have any white on him at all only a few small grey wiskas cause he is nearly 5.

    He is soon to be a PAT dog so I am looking forward to getting him out so other people can enjoy his company as he is lovely to be around and is always happy to see me.

    Enjoy the ...

  4. Hi joggs hope you are well. You were quite right when you posted on my wall in Aug lol let's hope we have a good one. sorry i did not reply earlier but have been dealing with a few problems in the family. Sorting its self out now though :-)

  5. Hi Barry this is the big one this year i feel it in my waters lol

  6. Hi joggs no we have had no storms here at all. :-( We have hit 30 today and it is just like living in the med so hot outside I wish we could have a storm but I don't thing we are forcast any as the air is so dry still here's hoping.

  7. Hello dogs32 my sister in law lives in Up Hatherly.

  8. Hi TEITS where are you? When are you coming back? We all miss you on the forum and people are asking where you are. Pop back in to let us know you are alright.

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