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  1. Yes but the economy is very closely related to Europe and UKIP is not a single issue party anyway. We have strong ideas about how this country can be made great again. So much is related to immigration and Europe but this hugely impacts on our economy and what people have ‘in their pockets’ No more immigration and no more pouring money into the black hole that is the EU and we will all be better off.
  2. Mike, I'm not advocating bleating on the sidelines - it's pointless because the EU isn't going to change with France and Germany running matters. We want out. Nigel would do a great job as PM - an ordinary guy who left school without going to university and made a success of himself. Not a silver spoon boy who went to public school and never had a proper job.
  3. One of my favourite Maggie clips is when she stands their at the despatch box and says 'no, no no !' in response to Delors advocating more centralising of power back in 1990. Unfortunately the Conservatives knifed her in the face of British public opinion - a disgusting act of regicide that we have paid the price for since. The Tories are not interested in helping the wealth creators now, not interested in making the drastic cuts to public spending and welfare that need to be made, not interested in shrinking the role of the state and not interested in defending the traditional British famil
  4. This debate must be now - we cannot make any 'improvements' they are a hellbent on increasing central control and taking more decisions in Brussels that we have no control over.
  5. That seems to be about 20 years old WH, nonetheless the knocking of people like Major and Clarke rings true. It is a travesty Clarke is still in government and after the 2010 election, Major said he hoped that 'coalition would continue beyond 2015'. No wonder Maggie was disappointed in him ! Failures who have let Britain down.
  6. With respect November, the policies of Billy Bragg were unequivocally rejected at the ballet box in the 1980s.
  7. Well whether you like it or not, and I suspect you don't WH, Nigel has shaken up the political scene and more and more people are identifying with what UKIP are saying - we want our country back.
  8. She would have found it impossible to work with these Eurocrats, by 1990 it was clear that we as a country should have gone one way and they should have gone the other but because of a few failed bottlers who panicked, and have since being proved wrong on nearly every issue, we have ended up getting increasingly sucked into this European machine. Well we will not stand for it any longer.
  9. I suspect you voted Lib Dem Dave - you don't seem willing to answer this question. The British people must be allowed to determine who governs them.
  10. Dave UKIP is a broad church and support is increasing in working class northern areas like yours
  11. Because originally BB it was about free trade not about bureaucracy, protectionism, federalism and imposing rules and regulations. If she had not been knifed by the likes of Clarke and heseltine you know as well as I do that she would have taken us out by around 1995.
  12. Do you back FPTP Nick ? Moaning were you when Maggie won with less than half the vote ? Probably yes. But you are happy to point out that UKIP might not win a seat whilst recording maybe 20% of votes cast. Like many, running scared and you don't even live here I notice !
  13. The point is to make life as difficult as possible for the EU whilst Britain remains in it. We want out. There is plenty of point to UKIP even if this is achieved, for me it is about the second stage of Thatcherism and making this country great again based on a flexible economy that genuinely rewards the wealth creators and stops wasting money on outdated public behemoths such as the NHS and crazy rail schemes. There is still time for the Conservatives to pull themselves out of this situation; if Cameron records a really low percentage next month, the pressure will be on from not only from
  14. Balmaha - I'm a southern English patriot, I accept I have nothing in common with SNP supporters. We will leave it at that.
  15. My position is that we are better together. Scotland will say NO.
  16. SB, I accept that it is partly a generational thing but I don't accept that it is ever right. I'm an economic liberal, not a social liberal and believe in strong state influence in these matters. Lack of this is one of the major reasons for our descent into moral collapse over the last 20 odd years. As we know, Maggie was suffering from dementia in her later years and unable to comment on important matters, if she had I'm sure she would have echoed what the great Lord Tebbit has said on issues like these. We had a Conservative lesbian MP criticising Mitt Romney in Parliament and then this wh
  17. Steve, I'm expressing a personal opinion not official UKIP policy. I've already said it is too emotive to get into a debate about homosexuals.
  18. I don't agree with homosexuality, that is my personal view. When I was a boy, it was jail. People object to having something shoved down their throats in the way that the gay lobby does. Cameron has legitamised these people.
  19. November, Maggie would have never allowed devolution. We are stronger together. Scotland have a large number of MPs who can influence the outcome of Westminster general elections.
  20. What is wrong with that ? All the classic comedy characters - Basil Fawlty, Corporal Jones - the embodiment of the British spirit that UKIP now represent.
  21. I don't see how UkIP's performance in England should impact on the independence vote. Everyone knows we can't win the general election I personally would have the troops out to enforce the union.
  22. http://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/top-stories/scottish-independence-salmond-s-immigration-vow-1-3198028 Most people's interpretation of that is that Salmond will introduce further immigration from the EU, he seems to be coy about the issue because he knows that so many will oppose it. Many businesses are now coming forward and warning that independence will be a disaster for Scotland.
  23. What should be happening in the Conservative Party SB is for Cameron to be replaced by a proper Tory who will stand up for Britain and impose policies that will turn this country round rather than pandering to homosexuals and the like.
  24. SS, UKIP are campaigning for independence from Europe intervention, the SNP are campaigning to break up the UK, which would be a disaster. Salmond wants the Euro and mass immigration from Bulgaria and Romania, driving wages down and bringing in more unskilled labour, with the potential for civil disorder. Within 2-3 years of independence, Scotland would be like one of the Southern European basket cases only without the weather.
  25. There should be no independence vote at all, there should have been no devolution. We want a United Kingdom.
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