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  1. What you had has passed directly over me, it was eery! The stuff to its south looks GREAT for development.
  2. A few strikes just South of EGLL (heathrow) looking promising although my window is not showing much ha ha!
  3. Camera is all set up for lightning photography. Decided on the 18 - 55mm lens over the 75 as i'm only using around 25 - 30 mm to give me this angle! Hope i'm not getting my hopes up for nothing!
  4. I'm looking forward to saturday! Hopefully my first time photographing lightning with some flying on sunday!What lens to choose for thunder hmm, 18 - 55mm or 75 - 300mm hmmm choices ha ha!
  5. Hi, That scraped past me, the towering is HUGE i'd say to 45000ft, to the point where the top spreaded out! If only i was manning the glider eh! Oh well, tomorrow i shall be flying Liam
  6. Hello, I'm new to this forum. I've signed up with the intention of learning more about meteorology in particular how it effects my hobbies. Well a bit about me, i'm going to be 15 in a couple of months my name is Liam though you've probably guessed that. My hobbies are Gliding and cycling. Essentially I am a outdoors fan. Really i'd like to learn more about forecasting and predicting conditions for gliding. So stuff like, forecasting thermals and their strength and wind. Liam
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