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  1. Heathrow just shy of 33°c not even 11:10 am.... According to weatherhq
  2. Intense rain for the last 20 minutes, street lights came back on ??️
  3. Very dark here in West London Uxbridge area, pressure is changing, soo very still.
  4. My goodness, monsoon rain for the last 20-25 minutes in London Bridge area.
  5. I suspect that the flight leaving Heathrow will be cancelled in the morning. ?
  6. Errr,, what the ekky thump is this for Heathrow. Me thinks it is having problems dear xcweather. Mentions snow... on Valentine's day....
  7. Bloody hell, the wind has really ramped up. Huge gust about 5 mins ago. Crashing banging noises galore.
  8. Whoah, that was some intense rain. Very short, sharp and strong pulse of rain, with strong windy gusts.
  9. Very windy here in Uxbridge and just had a couple of rumbles of thunder, wasn't really expecting that. Heavy rain earlier as well.
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