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  1. Who’s website are you using to view GFS 6? Netweathers is now +99
  2. Your keen with the GFS 6Z again to say it’s only out to +80?
  3. How are you seeing this gfs 18z before anyone else can I ask?
  4. This being Newcastle upwards or Yorkshire updates?
  5. When the MET use the term "north" where are they referring to ? North of where?
  6. I could survive with hill snow just not settling snow on lower grounds. Dont want a march 2013 again
  7. So long as theres no widespread disruptive snow ill be happy. Got a hell of a lot of travelling to do around the country and cannot afford to not do it! I suppose its nearly 3 weeks away and the charts can change vastly in that time.
  8. Thats jogged my memory I remember now! Im very concerned about snowfall W/C 24th this year and im hoping were snow free!!
  9. What did happen then? I thought in 2012 we had lovely warm weather?
  10. Im hoping theres a dramatic shift in the models to a less colder outlook or at least one without any snow for late march.
  11. Captain, You recon after the warm weather we could pick up any snowy weather or we looking at a return to average conditions with wet and windy weather?
  12. Got my fingers crossed it doesn't snow!
  13. Hey Thanks for your comments, im hoping there isn't any serious snow due just want a snow free winter for a change! I will have to keep my eyes on the forecast.
  14. Hey! I am wondering what you guys recon for snow this month recon we will see any at all to lower levels? (Yorkshire area) Im thinking more towards end of month W/C 24th. I know its far out but you guys who understand models more than me can you give me your views? Thanks ZJC
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