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  1. the 39 steps. first version. great to watch with a fire and a glass of whisky - just one!
  2. much as i like our media, and have worked in it for years, it really doesnt get weather reporting right. the express is a joke and they know it.i think the independent seems the most measured. well done them
  3. hope: misty and frosty reality: drizzle
  4. as a pr bloke myself, this is a pr disaster for the bbc. i simply don't understand it. as ever it must be a financial decision. bad news either way
  5. i dont wish to dish on cilla, but i met her with a mutual friend several years ago. we went her london flat before the trip to the theatre. i found very bossy, quite rude maybe she was having a bad day anyway sad to lose her
  6. all of them,except one... the famous grouse at christmas
  7. i'm welsh/norwegian living in england. i want a scottish independence. you are such a rich beautiful country with a ton of luck. daffydd x
  8. sunny, warm and delicious in the east cotswolds. v little activity over 2 days. just light rain and a bit of electrics. this place is better for snow!
  9. i have to go to kiev next week for work. anyone know the city?
  10. just wondered why southern Irelend/Eire weather outputs across tv, radio etc are left alone. i realise that it's a different country but it's a neighbour and a beautiful one at that. the sw tip of norway is fit for coverage on all bbc forecasts but Eire almost ignored. maybe it's a money or political issue. but from where does our weather come? in winter, mostly a more westerly direction. it first lets rip on s ireland ie an almost realtime indicator that a storm or whatever is about to hit the UK. the internet helps for access to whats going on weatherwise in Eire but I for one would like th
  11. my first post as cotswoldsnow having moved from london after 24 years (i was londonsnow then). having scrutinised the models it's no catwalk out there for friday especially. where this blighter goes is still guesswork and another forecasting nightmare both in terms of track and timing but the beeb have admitted all this so we'll see. cheers cs
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