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  1. Is it me, or is this hurricane being unusually long lived, even for one that hasn't made much landfall?
  2. Lol, yeah, it wasn't super exciting- very low stormy clouds moving at speed, and constant heavy rain pretty much. It's rained most of the day here, just varying in intensity as bands of precipitation swirled round with the low.
  3. Well, after only a couple of hours of sleep, and a four mile round walk in this heat to pop into work, I've been flagging all day. Managed to upload the one video ( I need to see if the second is worth the bother) but my pics and vidz aren't very good quality ( old mobile phone camera) The main interest on this clip is the strength of the gust front, which was so strong that it was blowing the torrential rain up and over the green dome of the local church- it really did look more like fast moving smoke! Hopefully you can just about make it out- it really reminded me of hurricane footage when they're close to the eye. I've also not seen that amount of rain falling at that rate before in this location, which caused short term localised flooding at the bottom of our road, but that rain and wind intensity probably lasted no more than 5 minutes.
  4. Still going in Brum. This second wave is lasting longer, and seems to re-intensify with four bouts now of increased lightning and torrential rain. All in all, two and a half hours of thunderstorms! Possibly the best I've seen in a very long while!
  5. Just starting to hear rumbles from the second wave, as I'm uploading video from the first one. Quality's not great, but did catch the gust front coming through, which was mental.
  6. No thunder, but lovely orange flashes lighting up the clouds. So happy to finally see something this year!
  7. Can see thunderstorm off to south west- bit of a pain as it requires leaning out the window to see it!
  8. In the past hour or so, the breeze has died away, and dark clouds have been edging in from a westerly direction. Got some towers starting to go up, and it's quite humid here, but clouds are moving quite slowly at the moment.
  9. It's been consistently dark and stormy looking to the east of Brum for the past few hours. It'd be nice if we were to get something, even some rain, but I'm not holding my breath!
  10. Wasn't expecting much today, but the cloudscape is getting interested over Brum.
  11. This is probably fairly stupid, but I do wonder if the northerly direction of the wind (at lower levels) inhibited the progression of things tonight? A kinda push back- I know it was mentioned that these were likely to be elevated, so effected more by wind direction higher up, but this noob does muse.
  12. Well, we might not be getting any thunderstorms here in Brum, but at least it's just started raining, so I'm hoping my hayfever will abate a bit!
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