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  1. Yeah, just observing this, quite odd. Really still at the moment too.
  2. Rumble of thunder here about five minutes or so ago.
  3. Wind has picked up a bit here, rattling around the house.
  4. They've not cut us off from the mainland yet so all good so far. ?
  5. Had a good view of that from the M56 around Runcorn junction when driving home earlier, looked amazing.
  6. We're staying in Tal-Y-Bont near Barmouth for a week from Saturday, would be nice to see some snow whilst we're there ?️ ?
  7. Bbq plan for this evening looks scuppered but I don't mind if it means we get some thunderstorms.
  8. Not sure what this means? Apart from the twig bit which is clear. Windy?
  9. Cheers Why in the context of that chart though, what am I looking for? Is that 2 fronts meeting?
  10. Sorry but I dont really understand all the charts, what does that twiggy looking line crossing from the East to our region mean?
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