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  1. Winds just picked up out of nowhere in Birmingham and heavy rain!
  2. Up at stupid o'clock and it's pouring down and windy ? - another weekend of crap?
  3. Hello Today started off quite windy, light rain and miserable. Got blue sky now and the occassional big dark menacing looking cloud passing over. Still breezy but pleasant. Current Temp: 7 Degrees C Pressure: 102.0 and rising Wind: 22 km/h Gradually reducing
  4. Thunder and heavy showers on and off right now. Big grey cloud in the middle of this lovely blue sky
  5. I'm just annoyed that I had a direct hit and it was just noisy thunder.. No terrible conditions and the rain was heavy but didn't go on for ages. I'm tired of the scaremongering when a storm is coming. I was expecting this to be the worst one I've seen, but the last one from France was more impressive and that was a small area that came over
  6. I'm such a donut. I checked our the south east section page and was commenting on there when it hit :/ I've had 3 hours sleep and wasted sleep being scared.. When all I had was extremely loud thunder, heavy rain on and off and that's it. Went on over an hour but it wasn't severe in any shape or form and I was right in the firing line. Its so humid out here right now I feel sticky
  7. Thunders been incredibly loud. Been a decent bit of rain heavy on and off. Sky is still murky but at least it's not black. Wind is not a problem at all phew. I've got to be up at 8:30 for a 10 hour day and I've had 1 hour sleep so far
  8. Just went outside and I'd definitely say there is 100% cloud cover. Rain was 1 spot every 10 seconds if that so nothing yet but I'm guessing it's coming veryyy soon. Temps gone up from 15 to 17 in the past hour or so and I've gone from feeling a bit chilly to a tad sticky. No wind and very quiet.. Ok as I was just about to finish this it's started raining. Headphones in!
  9. Had nothing here yet which I'm happy about. I managed to fall asleep. Hope I can do it again before it hits
  10. Had distant rumbles and a couple of flashes to the west of me. They were loud enough without being too close. I'm sooo nervous about what's coming!
  11. Pretty cool here. Cloudy and 21 degrees, 1012.0 pressure which has risen slightly from last night but nothing major. 19mph wind apparently.. Feels like a slight breeze. I don't think last nights storm was anything special. For me it was more of a windstorm with distant lightening. The best one was last month I think when it came over from France and stayed strong as it moved across the uk. It was right above me and so loud vibrating the floor! I don't want anything tonight as I probably won't sleep again does anyone know if something is planning to pop up over Brean/Weston?
  12. The wind only just died down here like 30 minutes ago. Stopped me from sleeping as it was going from still to very gusty all the time. Saw the contrast of the storm clouds passing over compared to the clear sky and they were thick, black and the cloud was massive. Happy to see the end of it for one night! Down to 20 degrees now which is feeling a lot more refreshing 1011.0 and 11 mph wind from the East.. Not used to that! Usually SW or NW directions. Either way I can now sleep and peacefully. Good night!
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