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  1. Said goodbye to my hubs at Paris and I'm just back to Limousin. He was very stressed and sad. Me too. Hanging in there for the great times to come...

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    2. Spikecollie


      4-6 weeks now! We've had 4 weeks together here in France.He's waiting for his voluntary redundancy to be accepted. It's taking ages due to Local Authority bureacracy.

    3. lassie23


      That's a long time:mellow:

    4. Spikecollie


      It is. But we'll survive for what's to come. I've had a long day travelling, so I'm in my dressing gown and waiting for him to call when he gets back to Yorkshire. Poor mite didn't sleep hardly at all last night, and neither did I...he had to take the Eurotunnel and then drive to Yorkshire, at least I just took the train. I went with him to Paris to cut the lone journey for him as he was very stressed about it...