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  1. Even the hailed ICON is on board this morning so its in the bag There was snow up to the gutters at Blakey in 2010 so anything less if this spell happens and I will be very disappointed.
  2. You picked a good time to visit, keep an eye on the weather conditions at the pub via the link in my signature.
  3. A wild Saturday night in watching the GFS 18z roll out. Good luck gang
  4. Whilst nothing exceptionally cold is being shown in the models, its great to see the mean barely getting above -5c on the 850hpa temp ensembles (North Yorkshire) all the way out to 384hrs. Hopefully all members will see something wintry as we head into an interesting looking month for coldies.
  5. On & off wet snow showers overnight. Temp: 1.7c Wind: 15mph Wind Direction: NE Wind Gusts: 30mph Wind Chill: -5c Rain/Snow Melt: 3.6mm
  6. How's the weather down there mate? NH view on ECM at 168 shows the low slowly sinking south towards the UK with some fairly cold air embedded.
  7. Snowing again. Current Temp: -1.0c Today's Low: -1.8c Today's High: 0.6c Wind: 13mph Wind Gusts: 18mph Wind Direction: SW Wind Chill: -9c Pressure: 1002 hPa
  8. Light snowfall Current Temp: -0.6c Today's High: -0.6c Today's Low: -3.4c Wind: 13mph Wind Gust: 18mph Wind Direction: NNE Wind Chill: -8c Pressure: 994 hPa
  9. Snow has stopped falling after 3 days of intermittent showers. Hard to tell due to the wind but certainly over 6 inches has fallen in that period. Current Temp: -0.2c Today's High: 1.2c Wind: 10mph Wind Gusts: 32mph Wind Direction: NNW Wind Chill: -6c Rainfall (Snowmelt): 3.3mm Pressure: 1025 hPa
  10. Snowing. Current Temp: -1.8c Overnight Min: -2.2c Wind: 18mph Wind Gusts: 29mph Wind Direction: NNW Wind Chill: -10c Pressure: 1010 hPa
  11. On and off wet snow showers have left a small covering of snow at Blakey. Current Temp: -0.2c Today's Max: 2.3c Wind: 15mph Wind Gusts: 31mph Wind Direction: NNW Wind Chill: -8c Rainfall + Snow-melt: 8mm Pressure: 1013 hPa
  12. Light snow shower currently, expecting quite a bit of snow on the ridge over the next few days. Current Temp: 0.4c Dew Point: -0.7c Overnight Low: -0.5c Wind: 13mph Wind Gusts: 20mph Wind Direction: NW Wind Chill: -4c Pressure: 1007 hPa
  13. Current Temp: 3.6c Overnight Low: 3.0c Wind: 12mph Wind Gusts: 32mph Wind Direction: WSW Wind Chill: -2c Rainfall: 1.5mm Pressure: 1006 hPa
  14. Current Temp: 2.6c Today's Min: 0.0c Today's Max: 3.6c Wind: 12mph Wind Gusts: 18mph Wind Direction: SW Wind Chill: -3c Rainfall: 0.2mm Pressure: 1013 hPa
  15. Current Temp: 2.5c Overnight Min: 0.0c Wind: 20mph Wind Gusts: 31mph Wind Direction: West Wind Chill: -5c Pressure: 1017 hPa
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