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  1. @Yorkshirepudding That's interesting. My app has no snow at all for tonight other than the odd shower between 12am-2am Looking at the radar I'm not sure any of that snow to the south will make it this far north? It'll be interesting to see what happens..
  2. So what's everyone's gut feeling? Is this morning the last heavy snow we'll get? Or do we think more is on the cards? MetO has the odd light shower through until Sunday before temperature recover. It doesn't look like the low pushing up with effect us so at the moment it's hard to see when/ if there is another dumping in the offering. I'm not been greedy. I'm more than happy with what we have and it won't melt before Sunday/ Monday so if this is it I'll take it. I'm just interested to see what everyone else's gut feeling is, because there is no point looking in at the models.
  3. Day 3 of waking up to heavy snow! It's amazing! We didn't even have this in 2010! My dog thinks he's died and gone to heaven! So do I! The wife is off work today so she gets to enjoy the snow with me and the dog! What a treat! I'm gonna remember this for a long time. (The snow, not being with the wife )
  4. @Yorkshirepudding Yeah it doesn't look bad at all. The showers seem to be losing their intensity as they get to us but there is a nice conveyor belt of showers incoming. If it stays like that it could be an interesting morning. MetO still going for heavier snow in the morning for us as well. We will see. How's your gas reserves? You might not be getting out for a while
  5. I'm ready for a night of radar watching and forum reading
  6. I think West Yorkshire is done with for now. Something might pep up mid/ late afternoon, but can't see anything major happening. Not that I'm complaining. We have around 4 inches on the ground here and it's not melting. Local radio is reporting a change in tomorrows forecast. It's gone from no snow to potentially heavy snow showers? We will see. If we get nothing more now then I cannot complain. It's beautiful out there!
  7. Wow we've just had a right dumping! Looks like it will be the last one for a while.
  8. Another good dumping over night here in Ilkley. Bitterly cold. Says -4 on the thermometer but that wind chill is bitterly cold. Snowing again now. Looks like we could get some nice heavy showers this morning. After that I'm just going to enjoy it. It doesn't look like we'll get a lot more between now and the thaw at the weekend. (maybe a bit more overnight tonight). It's been a loooong time since we've had more than a day (maybe even a few hours) of lying snow. The difference with today from yesterday is it's a lot colder. I don't think that snow is gonna melt like it did yesterday. Have a fun day everyone!
  9. Yes I know it well. My father in law has a caravan up there. He actually moved into a flat a few weeks back, which I think he's happy about given this weather. Not just because of access, but the cold too. Even his snow tires would have struggled I think! Stay warm, it looks like we might get hit quite hard overnight!
  10. @Yorkshirepudding Are the ducks coping OK up there on Addingham Moorside?
  11. Well after the melt came... more snow. The temperature dropped pretty quick this afternoon. Ground froze, blob of snow come over and boom, white over again. Happy days! Looking forward to the evening dog walk later https://ring.com/share/6527297928446428533
  12. It's snowing again here, but it's not doing any damage. Have to say I've just been out with the dog and it's nowhere near as cold as I expected it to be. The snow is melting quicker than I expected too. p.s. the dog loved it...
  13. By the sounds of it I've done quite well out of this feature. As demonstrated by my doorbell camera Tomorrow looks interesting...
  14. Wow watching that radar is intense! One minute it looks like the lovely green and yellow bits will just clip the top of north Yorkshire, then the next update makes i look like it will hit north and west Yorkshire!
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