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  1. ive come back with a frewsh new start

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    2. pat lightning timmer

      pat lightning timmer

      realy shame....oh well...we had some good time back then..lots of us..hopefully.....the jibe is still here this winter..on NW

    3. MP-R


      Welcome back Pat! Living in both the US and UK now then? Only storms you'll be chasing here are Atlantic ones :p

    4. Dorsetbred


      Well it's about time you showed yourself against lightning timmer. How the heck are you, good to see you still come to the best place on the weather web. Max says "Hi"

  2. well Paul,,,,ive been sitting here in S/W ..most of the time i watched....worried i go to UK next week.....but been averagebeing honrst some timed irs been hrs unbroken...which i enjoy Paul.......sometimes...honest
  3. just want to say tro my old friends..hgigh five

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    2. Daniel*
    3. Mokidugway


      Good to have some more free thinkers back on board ..

    4. A.J


      dogs32.....the legend....nice to see you back onboard Pat

  4. i got 10year green xard..eat crap

  5. happy days....watch for pat mobile 2015

  6. sorry paul .m..im exstactic..serious..im with my wife in usa permanent..got stamo..soooo happy..been hwll

  7. usa.approved me..lol..im a usa citzen...no more seperation..sorry..celebrating......lol0

  8. usa.approved me..lol..im a usa citzen...no more seperation..sorry..celebrating......lol0

  9. im soòo happy..can be with my wife..got greem card..2 yrs seperation..10 yr green stamp..lol

  10. im just so hsppy at the moment..2 yrs gwt greem card..if your jealouse get stuffed

  11. over the moon....w yrs hell..got approved....timmer mobile..next year your see...lolol..to excited..llol


  13. loud booming sounds of thunder here...sounds like a war in the distance

    1. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      You get all the good weather..... So not fair *sulks*

    2. pat lightning timmer
    3. Keraunic


      I love it when it sounds like that. Eerie and menacing.

  14. Yes I thought this after!I think he's hyping things up...On a good note we have just had our first tornado warning.Its extremely windy here and warm.I can see three cells linear in nature heading our way..Not to impressed to be honest but hey things might change.Thanks Dorset alsoEdit...13 tornado reports in illinoisHere in the news we have had several Mobile homes blown over fromDamaging winds.Ive seen two pictures that look like possible tornados in Missouri but have yet to be confirmed if they are or just large funnel clouds.Mainly here was loud thunder which was near constant but I personally didn't see a lot of lightning,the wind was impressive at times.No hail here just heavy pulses of rain.
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