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  1. ive come back with a frewsh new start

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    2. pat lightning timmer

      pat lightning timmer

      realy shame....oh well...we had some good time back then..lots of us..hopefully.....the jibe is still here this winter..on NW

    3. MP-R


      Welcome back Pat! Living in both the US and UK now then? Only storms you'll be chasing here are Atlantic ones :p

    4. Dorsetbred


      Well it's about time you showed yourself against lightning timmer. How the heck are you, good to see you still come to the best place on the weather web. Max says "Hi"

  2. Colorado is the name Harry...for structyure i will shull up....my chase it would be
  3. lol,,,no.....im coming back......the rules are...no crap...respest Mods,,,,,ect i used to love this place,,,im going to give it another go
  4. GET your A XXXX I have a problem TOGETHER IM BACK ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 SO TOUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH LIVE WITH IT IM BACK
  5. well Paul,,,,ive been sitting here in S/W ..most of the time i watched....worried i go to UK next week.....but been averagebeing honrst some timed irs been hrs unbroken...which i enjoy Paul.......sometimes...honest
  6. Seriously.................if you want to get into storm chasing,,,,,,,,,,OR one day visit yourself....I CANNOT RECOMMENCEMENT These TOURS TO MUCH,,,,ITS BEYOND WHAT ITS FOR DONE FOR ME,,,Im now married in USA but i can tell you..i swear..Paul Bottem taught me the ropes of Tornadoes....IMM now a Tornado look out in South MO USA,,,,I CANNOT STRESS HOW I MISS THESES GUYS OF THE TOURS,,,,,ONE DAT WE WILL MEET
  7. just want to say tro my old friends..hgigh five

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    2. Daniel*
    3. Mokidugway


      Good to have some more free thinkers back on board ..

    4. beerandkebab


      dogs32.....the legend....nice to see you back onboard Pat

  8. A new post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!b am I seeing things...M OD for south OLK cant believe it MD south OK surely..IF this will be discreet H[p if so
  9. my option im afraid is ito Colorado...this is where you will see Isolated supercells every where-else is mish mash for structure this would be my choice my tank if fuel would be there for pics Unfortunate my USC wife is paranoid of my death, to chase..so i cant allot,,but i study instead
  10. wishing well to my old friend on these tours..wish you well Paul...miss these days MEGA...OLD times..GO GET THEM MATE...will be watching throughout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .currently you have the moisture being pinched between the cold pool line....if it can go advect north we are looking at a good chance of initiation that would would occur later..good steep lapse rates ...sticking to the western side to North side to capitalism on these soundings..this would be my bet....just my theory..still learning mode.....my tank would head further North/WQest PS Do Not come To MO..Its Cxxx Hole Colorado majic...i just might favour today..to take then risk if i had the spare GAS
  11. i got 10year green xard..eat crap

  12. happy days....watch for pat mobile 2015

  13. sorry paul .m..im exstactic..serious..im with my wife in usa permanent..got stamo..soooo happy..been hwll

  14. usa.approved me..lol..im a usa citzen...no more seperation..sorry..celebrating......lol0

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