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  1. Currently -0.9c decent frost last night still around esp shade. Expecting our region to have a hard freeze tonight - very cold nights for us next week under influence of a northerly
  2. Wondering if the 18z will become a hybrid of the ECM and GFS 12z. Interesting to see where this high goes
  3. Mostly clear and sunny with temp up to 7.8c this afternoon. Will be nice to see snow falling Thursday evening if it is very light. BBC forecast has light snow IMBY for much of the day
  4. How do you think the met/BBC are picking up on this signal? Very light flurries as per the other night?
  5. The high pressure building into Greenland in FI like you say has been present in all today's GFS OP runs, becoming more evident as each one rolls out. Something to watch out for tomorrow and in the ensembles ...
  6. Trending colder by mid month surely! ECM 12z ens down to circa 5/6c max temps, 18z GEFS members looking promising with high pushing up towards scandi, and MO predicting cool down and blocking mid month. All around the Christmas period. I know it's FI but trends got to start somewhere?!
  7. Also some backing from the GEFS Ensemble members late on, a definite dip away with mean falling towards -5. The ECM ensemble late into FI also shows a trend to colder with a definite cluster below 5c. Trends!
  8. I spotted that. OP, Para and Control all showing height rises of sorts pushing towards Greenland with cold coming in from the North. Perhaps a developing signal? See if it is there in the morning! Here's hoping... :/
  9. Hmm I am 50 miles north of the m4 200m asl hoping for a covering at least - chances?
  10. Good! Falling into line with the UKMO and ECM from today! main models all now suggesting an easterly following the depression around 27th. Great model watching!
  11. The breakaway part of the low pressure that UKMO and ECM have modelled is not only evident on the GFS, but breaks away much earlier from the low and dives south!
  12. Ahh yes thanks for that; therefore potentially trapping heights NE of us to allow continued easterly? Cheers
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