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  1. Unfortunately that’s low ground rain. Only snow on high ground over northern hills.
  2. It’s a northerly with plenty of temperature modification due to the large expanse of water it will be crossing. This could all change though and we could see a much better outcome if the wind veers more to the north east/east.
  3. Looks good on paper, but in reality would give rain/sleet in the south with daytime temperatures around 6 degrees. Snow up north though. I’m waiting for the real deal from the east!
  4. Yes, South Wales would be in the sweet spot, as per Jan 82, I was there?
  5. I have a feeling that future runs will show the high further south which will water down the easterlies. My gut feeling is that the coldest weather will head further south into France and Spain.
  6. Great if it’s showers, mostly of rain wanted! Hopefully we see something coming from the east soon, which is the direction that delivers true winter conditions.
  7. I can’t see what the excitement is about for next week, yes it will turn colder and there are some snow opportunities but once the Atlantic comes through, we are looking at marginality at best. Snow on high ground in the north west but that’s just standard winter weather from north westerlies. The charts alway look impressive showing cold uppers with north westerlies coming out of Greenland but they very rarely deliver for the majority of the population. Last time we had a similar set up it was mostly rain throughout England and Wales apart from elevation. Southern Scotland did well.
  8. Yes, the trend is promising for coldies. The action will be for the southern half of the UK this time around. This will be the coldest spell of the winter, ice days and snow chances, especially in the south.
  9. Some people are expecting too much from this set up. it’s looking like being windy at times with plenty of rain and showers, snow on high ground and occasionally at lower levels. Temperatures just below normal. Night time temperatures dropping later in the week, once the wind calms down. I really can’t see anything else unless there are upgrades.
  10. Regardless of whether the low pressure area moves further south is irrelevant in this set up. I know certain members are getting excited, but the reality is that there is too much temperature modification due to the huge stretch of water that the air will travel. High ground will do well, especially in the north. A more northerly adjustment will of course lower the temperatures but by then the shower activity will reduce to north facing coasts and hills. I know my take on it won’t be popular but I am only basing it on knowledge and past experience of this type of weather pattern.
  11. The deep low pressure is being over played by the models along with the shower activity. we are looking at a windy week with showers, mostly of rain, away from elevation. Showers reducing towards the end of the week with some sharp frosts. day time temperatures generally between 3 and 8 degrees c. After next weekend we may see higher temperatures move in from the west. I am not seeing enough HP to the north at present to assist in giving more interesting weather for coldies.
  12. I fully expect a watering down of the cold potential from this nnw set up. Obviously there will be snow for the more favoured places before any showers die out later in the period, but these maritime setups rarely deliver to wide areas of the country. I see more opportunities developing later in the month as the wind direction changes with more of an easterly component.
  13. I’m also not convinced of this easterly, especially as the latest weather on news 24 shows milder temperatures by mid week coming from the west. There is no model agreement between the big 3 which also throws up further doubts.
  14. Unfortunately the temperature will be too modified by the Atlantic for any interest, especially for those in the south, this is why we all crave a beasterly, it’s the real deal. PM rarely delivers.
  15. As I mentioned a couple of days ago, the outputs have not shown a true easterly anyway. I would suggest that the weekend outlook is rather cold, rather dry, then becoming wet and windy from the West by mid next week. This is, as it stands today, but of course there is the chance of upgrades, but we need to see these soon!
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