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  1. The sun was nice but big shower clouds developing lots of convection, not surprised there was a lot of warmth in the sun we did get up to a dizzy 10C. thats 50F. in old money not bad in a cool westerly set up.
  2. Wow A Sunny morning with a hint of Spring again. Temp at 8c. Thats 46F. in old money. With much lighter winds and clear skies we should reach 10C. Today. Even more in the greenhouse. Will Celebrate with a lunchtime tipple. Have a good day. Good Health to you all.
  3. Well Storm Dennis was a bit of flop. But its very mild here in East Dene. Temps up to 13C. 55F. In old money. Just drizzly here with light winds. Looking good for next weekend with predictions for 14 or 15C. Temps you would expect in March. The lawn needs mowing, but its a bit wet. Good health to you all.
  4. Well as we head into the last stage of Winter, not one flake of Snow. The local farmers must have known, as they did not put up the Snow fences, to protect the main road from snow drifts this year, first time ever. Wind is easing now. The temps still fairly mild. Good Health to you all.
  5. Had some rain here, nothing too major, the winds are nothing out of the ordinary for the time of year. Temps are a amazing 13C. Thats 55F. in old money.
  6. Wind not too bad here in East Dene, not far from Eastbourne Beachy Head. Not much rain yet. Hopefully we will see some sunshine tomorrow after the cool front passes by. Good Health to you all.
  7. Another smashing early Spring morning. Calm clear and sunny with a rapid thaw of the frost temps rising very quickly already at 9C thats 48F. in old money. The daffs are out well and truly. And the grass needs cutting again. Enjoy today before the windy start next week. Going to have a potter in the greenhouse and a tipple. Might be warm enough for shirtsleeves. Good Health to you all.
  8. After yesterdays smashing day we have a return of cloudy skies, the overnight rain has cleared, so hopefully some sun before dark. Sunset today 4.51. Nearly at the spring 5.00 deadline. Temps are a barmy 9C. 48F. In old money. Looking forward to getting some work done in the greenhouse this week. So hopefully we might get some high pressure. Fingers crossed for that sun too come back out.
  9. It has been a smashing, dare i say early Springlike day here near Eastbourne. Sunshine no wind at all. And temps up to a dizzy 10c thats 50F. in old money. This has been a fantastic January.
  10. A Smashing day here in East Dene near Eastbourne. Fine blue sky and plenty of sunshine. Temp at 7C. 45F. In the shade. Feeels nice in the sun, especially in the greenhouse.
  11. Had a few showers this morning, sun is peeping out now. Temps 8C. (46F) Will we reach double digits?
  12. Rain here in East Dene should be a frost free night. First of February next Saturday hopefully we will see more dry weather and some sun. We cid have an hour of sunshine this morning that was a bonus. Time for another log on the fire, and a tipple or two. Good health to you all.
  13. What a super super Sunday. And it looks set to be dry right up till next weekend. Chilly tonight, so the fires roaring away. Was nice in the garden today. Hopefully might get a few chores done tomorrow in the potting shed. But probably spend time in the engine shed instesd. High Pressure so nice to see after the constant lows rattling in from the west. It was a superb sunset this afternoon and still light up till 4.50. Spring is just around the corner. 41 Days.
  14. Another super Weekend of Sunshine, temps up now to 8C. thats 46F. plenty of bulbs coming up. First daffs at the bottom of the garden. Sitting in the greenhouse it felt warm. Have a nice weekend all. Lets hope we have a dry week. The Lawn needs cutting again.
  15. It has been like Spring here today in Eastdene. Sunshine, blue skies and temps reaching 11C. thats 52F. Brillant for the end of winter. If this is climate change, bring it on and more. And the evenings are getting lighter so quick. Sunset today 4.14. Still twilight at ten to five. Brillant. Must be good news for those struggling to eat there homes. And for all the homeless. Lets spare a thought for them.
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