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  1. What strange weather. Had very loud thunder last night around 11.30. 3 loud bangs overhead then nothing. Some showery rain after which was heavy. Must be very local as the stars were still visible.
  2. Yes the rain is here at last. The rain dance worked. A Nice thundery afternoon. Time for a tipple or two. Good Health to you all.
  3. Who turned the light off. Its gone so dark here. Rumbles of thunder. No rain. Yet.
  4. A rumble of thunder heard here. Still very calm, but the sun has gone.
  5. Another very humid start, we had a little sunshine, but storm clouds are gathering now. It is totally calm, no breeze at all. Current temp 22C. Good Health to you all.
  6. First rumble, dark skies and gusty winds, its going to be a stormy night.
  7. What a scorcher again, 33c for the fourth day in a row . A Breeze picking up and we had some flying ants, sure sign of a storm brewing. It does feel humid. Good Health to you all. No duvet tonight, and no logs on the fire.
  8. Yippieee, a dop of rain at last, from the slowest moving front on record. Its still very warm. Good Health to you all. Time for a tipple or two.
  9. Yes its topped out a very nice summers day. Now that strange lump of cloud has gone. Temps up to 22C. Hope there is more to come. Jolly good health to everyone.
  10. A Jolly good start too the day with warm sunshine, but now a dirty great U.F.O. Cloud blotting out all the sun and its not moving. As there is no wind whatsoever. Very weird.
  11. A Nice drop of rain this morning for the lawn. Lets hope we see some sunshine later today. Have a good day everyone. The very best of health to you all.
  12. Another nice summers morning here, some cloud about now, should stop it getting too hot. Good Health to you all.
  13. Its been a decent warm day today,with some nice sunshine, and very light winds. Maybe a hint of summer coming back. Cut the grass this afternoon, was surprised how much it had grown. Good health to you all.
  14. What another Autumn morning in June here. 17c and drizzle with low cloud. Im pinning my hopes on a dazzling September. Good Health to you all.
  15. A Dull start to Monday Morning, we are having a light shower of rain here at the moment. Looking at the radar it looks like it will soon pass. I Do hope so, my good wife has put the washing out on the line already. Good Health to you all.
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