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  1. He also works for BT sport and the walkers ads, must be pulling in 3 million a year
  2. Drizzle turned nasty here too
  3. That kim jong un must be really bored, he is still trolling you tube:crazy:

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    2. weirpig


      My  Niece blocked Kim Jong  

    3. Dami


      I only look at Pet shop boys vids on it anyway:pardon:

    4. lassie23


      lol weir my cousin would if it wasn't so funny

  4. That kim jong earns a packet
  5. Chris Evans described as talent BBC are a joke
  6. You have sheep you can tell by my posts, nowt is happening down south we had our fill last night
  7. Gloomy today with drizzle, last night was the first storm of the summer.
  8. Sushi at dami's
  9. lass do you know if those blue blobs on radar in london is actual rain? 

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    2. lassie23


      lol not a weather noob then

    3. Dami


      nah. he looked at the radar a bit with me, but hates thunder cos it knocks out sky and hates snow because due to his knee issue find it hard to walk in.


    4. lassie23


      drizzle it is then:D

  10. My 100 percent storm risk turned out to be correct.
  11. Thundered most of the night here

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    2. lassie23


      lol, get any good photos

    3. Dami


      nah. I was getting flashes maybe every 5 mins. Houses in the way, very few bolts would of been picture worthy. If it had been more flashy I would of taken a vid.

    4. Dangerous55019


      I'm hoping it'll do that today around here :D

  12. Heavy rain, lightning and thunder here, the rain is settling