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  1. lol I would love to be wrong and have a white Christmas, it would make the relatives more tolerable, but them, together with wind and rain and mild temps does my nut.
  2. they have been hinged since last winter so i'll stick my neck out lol
  3. It's like racism in society here, always has been in evidence and nothing has changed. We like to point the finger at other countries and say how backward they are and forget that our own backyard needs clearing too.
  4. Yes but you need to bolt the bbq to the ground to prevent it from becoming your neighbour's bbq
  5. The Christmas period is appearing now in models runs and it's not looking good
  6. If you can hang on in here until the new ice age sets in then we should be guaranteed some sleet and if we are really lucky we may see the odd snow grain, even on Christmas Day
  7. They say Manchester United are a team for the future, well one thing is for sure the future is red
  8. Green Christmas for all, might get the bbq out😜

    1. TomW


      Why not treat yourself, it is Christmas after all😂

    2. lassie23


      i'll save you a wing

    3. lassie23


      the models say no to snow, happing torrential rainy windy christmas everyone

  9. I think because he is going well in the champions league, his head shout remain on his shoulders for a little while longer
  10. Best way to be about our winters, saves the usual disappointment lol
  11. Yes I think you are correct, despite what the usual suspects say in the MOD thread.
  12. He's a cold ramper, you have enough of them on here to give you false hope, don't need to subscribe to another one lol
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