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  1. Premier League Discussion

    at times Arsenal tore spurs a new weeble today, in other news, Southampton A team 3 southampton B team 0
  2. Grandparents ruining their grandchildren?

    i read the grand parents can cause cancer and had to do a double take
  3. There is a world toilet day, I super duper you not.:shok:

    1. Show previous comments  24 more
    2. lassie23


      johnny cash ring of fire comes to mind:ninja::whistling:

    3. Mokidugway


      Vindaloo does country :bomb:

    4. snowray
  4. September 23rd The End?.

    that would be a fine erection if you could manage it
  5. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    wardy washford off
  6. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

  7. September 23rd The End?.

    Don't forget to duck and cover
  8. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    we wes wobbed
  9. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    need to bring on rooney
  10. September 23rd The End?.

    i have a stuffs bunker too
  11. September 23rd The End?.

    My nuclear blunker will be up and running by then
  12. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    would help if they actually had the ball to pass it lol
  13. September 23rd The End?.

    a wife isn't just for christmas but for newyear too
  14. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    oopsie meanwhile over at wembley