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  1. lassie23

    3 Word Story

    meanwhile in iceland
  2. I thought they would lose out to sky, are the ITV viewing figures okay
  3. It looks like the first decent August in ages is on the cards, there was talk of it hitting 40c here by the weekend, but that was in the MOD thread lol
  4. lassie23

    3 Word Story

    surface and spewed
  5. lassie23

    3 Word Story

    termite mound that
  6. The hazelnut tree has spoken......cold winter a head. If the October Fog Index agrees then prepare for a snowy one.🥶

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    2. Zak M
    3. CreweCold


      Oh don't worry Zak...it's an in joke. He'll get it.

    4. Zak M

      Zak M

      Was going to say 🤪

  7. Jumps racing with the long distances is particularly risky I would have thought?
  8. Feel sorry for horses having to run in 37c heat, is there a temperature level that if reached, means racing gets abandoned?
  9. lassie23

    3 Word Story

    ambrosia soggy custard
  10. lassie23

    3 Word Story

    cushioned shoe insoles
  11. lassie23

    3 Word Story

    along with custard
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