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  1. Proper sick of british winters, with crappy south westerlies and double digit temps, will the jet stream shut down in the future and bring us cold from the east, i doubt it as easterlies are becoming extinct.
  2. dreary dreary me what a dreary day with dreary weather
  3. why do they even bother, their outlooks are so blah with all basis covered, just do weekly and don't bother going any further
  4. Premier League Discussion

    typical of liverpool, beat man city and then struggle against swansea, as for arsenal, what a bunch of mugs, sanchez for mkwho
  5. Net Weather Gardening Thread

    tomatoes in beans in carrots in beetroot in strawberries in spinach in, that's how confident i am of a warm february march and 30c by april i reckon
  6. not many posts in here today, nobody seems to be fascinated by cloudy mild nothingness any more
  7. So basically there is still a chance of easterlies developing just not at the end of January, more like the start of February.
  8. Horribly mild this morning.

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    2. snow*please


      i see your still rocking the bounty avatar 😂 

    3. lassie23


      lol what can i say, i love bounty oh and summer sun you mild ramper:oops:

    4. Mokidugway


      It's  very dry here lass :rofl:

  9. The bbc mentioned the models in their forecast and are going for very mild start to the week, then cooling off midweek, before becoming very mild again next weekend, in other words, a filthy week ahead.
  10. Things that tick you off?

    when you trip over and fall head first into a bin
  11. Fantasy Winter

    endless weeks of cloud and nothingness, .....hold on. i'm living the fantasy
  12. you got more than i did, no covering here.
  13. It wasn't worth waiting for, so you didn't miss anything
  14. heavy blah snow here, it's so blah, it's not settling on cars
  15. got snow lass.

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    2. lassie23


      did you get any bappy

    3. Dami


      if it had started earlier i reckon we would of had a good couple cm, but had a dusting , the covered the grass/ roof/ cars.

    4. lassie23


      shame it wasn't accompanied by thunder