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  1. lassie23

    Save our Christmas Songs

    hopefully, cliff pilchard has laryngitis this christmas
  2. lassie23

    Winter tyres who has them fitted.

    I have just got my winter tyres all i need now is a car
  3. They like to cover all basis lol, some weather is expected next month lol
  4. Everyone pinning their hopes on updates coming from Exeter, I have known their predictions to go tights up, who is going to let them lot in the MOD thread know
  5. I always expect mild and sunny
  6. White Christmas highly unlikely according to the weatheroutlook
  7. lassie23

    Premier League Discussion

    manchester united have no sense of humour, should have kept him until the end of the season
  8. is there a netweather dating App
  9. BBQ christmas at this ratecan you bbq a turkey
  10. lassie23

    Did you know.

    are they all turkey , i'm having goat
  11. lassie23

    Save our Christmas Songs

    the number of the beast by iron maiden is a classic Christmas song
  12. at least in Canada, they don't need an SSW to fry the northern hemisphere just to get two days of sleet lol
  13. lassie23

    Did you know.

    did you know that i'm a lizard person
  14. it's over better luck next year in the October flog index we trust
  15. It's just plain boring now lol