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  1. Nerve, it was tripe
  2. Sold it to me be watching it from now.
  3. A nice breeze today, making it feel just right, i'm sure it will vanish by tonight, making for a sticky one.
  4. thanks for the adivce innit
  5. need advice on how to fix a thread
  6. Was pretty hot today and it's a very humid night, feels more like July, hit 27c , 30 no longer looks likely and thunder looks more likely up north than here.
  7. is it full of beautiful actresses like the first one
  8. How did ajax get to the final, they can't even pass to each other
  9. Is that an astronaut
  10. It was one of those annoying series that went nowhere fast, i don't think i will be wasting my time this time round watching it. Plenty of good drama on tv at the moment, we are living in a golden age of tv drama, breaking bad, game of thrones, bates motel, narcos etc etc
  11. The cat is hogging the fan:closedeyes:

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    2. lassie23


      lol no sea breezers here

    3. Mokidugway


      super dupers hit the fan   :sorry:

    4. lassie23


      super duper happens

  12. It was a product of its time, not sure it fits into the here and now.
  13. all the transformers movies are a crime against celluloid.
  14. surely it's not a continuation from the last series