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  1. Raining here but no crash bang wallop
  2. Did you know.

    good goat no goat posts since yestergoat. it's goat to be a recgoat
  3. sounds nasty, hope she is home soon.
  4. EFL Cup And The Emirates FA Cup Discussion

    what a bunch of losers
  5. i'm calling it a night and going to bed, not worth staying up for
  6. where there ant weather warnings today
  7. Premier League Discussion

    I wanted him to stay for another 20 years and take them to their rightful home the championship
  8. is that in the market by london bridge?
  9. Goat pate, should go well with my goat burgers. My argos weather station says 26.6c with showers forecast for later, thundery ones maybe? That would be my second thundestorm of the season.
  10. We broke a temp record, did anyone break the record for most burnt sausages at a single bbq
  11. and snow up north, they mist that out, especially in darlington