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  1. Me & forums sometimes don't work, have never worked and when they impose a ban on you, you're left wondering "Why"? :/

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      I foolishly thought you were taking about here :p 

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      Not telecoms, but I had really bad problems with Cooperative Energy. We had a new gas meter installed in the UK and they didn't register it on their system for nearly 9 months. We could not submit online readings, and the initial a'hole who was my contact refused to accept that it existed. We were getting crazy estimated bills.

      We cancelled our direct debit and refused to pay anything until the situation was resolved. It worked. We got into contact with a great woman in Customer Services, who sorted it all out and got £200 in compensation.

      EDF over here are great. You have  a meter reader round four times a year, and any over payment is back in your account within a few days.