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  1. Hey guys, -4 here last night and that was a reading from two stations. (cheapish ones lol). Everything is frozen solid, skies were stunning during the night absolutely gin clear. we have had loads of flooding with we bothies and salmon houses that have stood for years now 1/3 submerged in water. The firth birst its banks up over fields then along the roads and right to the doorstep of a local shop which was around 300 meters away from where the tide usually stop's. Wind has recently changed direction and cloud's are rolling in, still at -1.3 though.. It's like im waiting for a dove
  2. Was just me being a numpty,,,it is the same only i could have sworn it didnt look as bad as that when i looked. user error doh! its going to be all some folk need on already saturated ground ... its been one after another after another... this one looks quite aggressive though for winds?
  3. Im still trying to find the chart lorenzo put up for the 6th, i can only see the one that greets you when you go to the gfs website which says something completely different for the 6th... thats why when loz posted that model up i was suprised as what im looking at is nothing like that....and er well i will give lorenzo the benefit of the doubt on his post being more reliable than mine lol
  4. Awww I thought it was pushing a low along for 4th-6th for us....will keep trying to be clever
  5. Just read this from weather center "Here is the 12z ECMWF 500mb vorticity forecast for January 4th, where we see two pieces of energy impacting different portions of the nation. There is energy coming down from Southwestern Canada, as well as a storm system over southern Texas and into northern Mexico. It seems to be that these two pieces of energy would be involved in this potential winter storm. If you have been watching the models, you will recall that the ECMWF showed a triple phase (three pieces of energy phasing/merging) that then created a monster storm system. - See more at: http://th
  6. When you say nutter idea's is that because this has only just come about on the models?? I cant find that storm on the gfs at all..infact for the 6th it just kinda looks normal? its like well, there is a significant storm coming on one model and nothing on another lol
  7. I clocked - 3 last night, took the pooch out and it was baltic. roads were like glass along with pavements to...it felt extremely cold because of the damp in the air..the sky was pretty stunning though the space station was really clear..but yeh real frosty. and then gone pretty quick to.
  8. Is this for real?! At first i thought it was a past storm until i clocked the date!
  9. Thats cool alright, Today i was costing up the weather balloon with gps and camera etc to try get some real nice pic's up in the stratosphere...gets to 90-125,000ft...problem is where it lands as its quite common up here to lose signal very easy so finding the payload could be difficult, working on it though.. Lorenzo i appreciate the post and will be putting my head in the learners section, Enjoy the crack here! It would be easy to carry on posting stats of the week or of the day but i want my teeth into forecasting..the GFS was what i used before i came on here, i only really unders
  10. Why does the darn dog always need walk when i spend a mo on here........on the lookout for a treadmill, pm with details!!! speak lata folks
  11. Hey folks, Im trying to get to grips with a few bitties here but i looked at the models for what looks like a real howler for down south, so if i said it looks wild at +168 on the GEFS have i got this right? the site thats in french i think?? and am i right it looks wild? Been nice up here today (real technical i know) but i know the highland ducks are are vacating south at the mo
  12. Hey folk's, You can kindof guess what the weather is in my area, besides in not going to tell you! i decided i am in a major huff now the storms have passed....you see i can understand scientific terms like "blawin a hoolie" and predictions like "hatten down the batches" but now im completely lost lol I thought until a few day's ago some of these charts you are mentioning are type's of mazda's Anyhoo crystal here today and stove is stoked up ready for me to "get ma hid" around some of the things you are saying lol Think of me as a fish out of water only flapping about on the bank
  13. Thanks for that LS, i appreciate that and i find the subject fascinating to but also concerning. I see how you use "in the next few years" and "the coming decades" instead of in the distant future. its a pressing fact in one way or another i just didnt know exactly how it worked. It crazy that the rest of the world is experiencing global warming but we will experience climate change that leads to us getting colder. I guess the only positive is we will see more extreme weather to follow, if that really is a positive! more of the white stuff tho! It will take me a few reads of your rep
  14. Ah i see, well its something to do with the ice caps melting which cool's the sea's surface temp which means cooler water evaporates into the gulf air stream which changes its pattern.....(also something to do with salt water and the cold freshwater of ice caps around atlantic effecting air stream to...... Right will catch you later and thanks bus
  15. KK Bus, Just feel it our winters are set to get very cold and snowy again, in theory the gulf gets weaker then we are more exposed to the northern wind.... With all our wet and windy weather and longing for the white stuff this could be a dream come true for most of us. hopefully LS or LORENZO will spy my ? later.. Awesome pic's of canada, man wish it were here! mind you i cant skate lol Cant believe nevis range when up the road with me today is pushing 7 degree's and even windchill is struggling to get below 5..... Catch up later folks, mother in law coming within the hour
  16. Afternoon folk's Enjoyed that post LS, I have a question though and its regarding the run of sub 4.5 december's. Forgive me please if this is a naive question and if it is in the wrong forum ( no brave enough to go in ) but I wondered if anyone can shed a wee bit of light? So with the sea warming this will effect how the gulf stream and drift operate, and it turn this dictates our weather over the british isles. I read somewhere a while ago the shift on the gulf due to global warming would see our average temps plummet...especially for Scotland ( LS said we had run of below avera
  17. Thanks lorenzo, i appreciate that....just a quick rectification on my -24 that i said to our canadian friend, that was windchill not ambient .not that it's an important but i felt a bit of a numpty.
  18. Hey buddy! really nice having you here! hope your welcome was as warm as mine a few days ago -33!! bring it on! i registered a -24 beginning of the year but -33?!! anyhoo, all the best here!
  19. Wow Bus, Thats awesome info and right up my street of things to learn, im kinda thirsty for it if you know what i mean...signing out to cook curry just now but im going to re-read and digest that again later. Really appreciate your time bro, thanks .
  20. Yup, me neither......besides butlin's has much more to offer on the "east" coast
  21. Bus, just looking at your punt for the next few months below each of your posts. How does a SSW wind bring cooler weather? i think thats what your saying is it?. I thought it was the east and northly type wids that brought us the cold white stuff?
  22. I used to love discovery but since neighbor grew the hedge i cant see
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