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  1. Winds really blowing hard here now, start of the cold front just passing over my area.
  2. Worth noting the Red Alert is only for coastal and mountain areas of Donegal, Sligo, Mayo, Galway, Clare, Limerick and Kerry
  3. There has been signs the jetstream will pick up late next week bringing more bad storms.Polar vortex will happen over east coast of the states next week so the first storms should happen soon after that.
  4. Met Office Storms â€@metofficestorms 1mRainfall totals of 34.2mm at Harbertonford, South Devon and 24.2mm at Plymouth so far today. Rain now moving north and east.
  5. Think the MO only upgraded to amber just to cover themselves. The strong winds will only really be close to the east coast.
  6. Defo still a goer with alot more rain in this one.
  7. Snowed heavy from around 12 this morning here but its all clear this morning replaced with rain and gusty winds.
  8. No gritting from the road service this morning, black ice all over the north. Road closes, crashes all over the show. Bad morning on the roads.
  9. Very quiet here today, thankfully the charts for the next week have wet and windy but no big storms hitting us
  10. Still gusting strong here in Lurgan, nowhere near as strong last night between 8-12
  11. Winds have now greatly eased in the lurgan area. Yellow warning for wind expected after 2am
  12. Think the met office has called this wrong for northern ireland, easily the worst wind we've had this month under a yellow warning.
  13. Been rough for over a hour here, easily the worst wind we've had this month. Lights flicking here.
  14. The Met Office has cancelled an Amber warning for strong winds. A yellow warning remains in place
  15. Didn't hear much through the night in northern ireland, gusts starting to really pick up,local snow showers reported as well.
  16. Didn't think I would sleep through the night, but I did. Winds gusting very sharp here this morning.
  17. Surprised met eireann haven't when to red alert? This storm is stronger than the one that hit them last week when they were under a red alert. Winds starting to pick up here.
  18. Thanks for the reply skywatcher, living half mile away from Lough Neagh should make for an interesting night ahead.
  19. Coastal regions going to get the brunt of this storm?
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