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  1. 4 minutes ago, Neiller22 said:

    Well I just watched bbc national news weather there now and it hardly had the low or snow showing  even in the Republic of Ireland. No snow at all for here so god knows what’s happening. The forecasts are so wide of the mark from one another it’s mad.I find the bbc weather completely inaccurate to be fair.  Least it’s snowing here heavy now 

    Noticed that myself, didn't show any snow over the north for Friday.

  2. 3 minutes ago, Neiller22 said:

    Cool. Maybe the east might get a little snow for once. But we will see. Is this low/ blizzard supposed to hit us or not fri. Haven’t checked models. 

    Yeah Lurgan seems to be the cut off point for these warnings so not sure if we will get anything like 10cm. Models have plenty snow hitting the East on Friday but plenty saying that could change in the coming days. Plenty to watch out for this week thats forsure.

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