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  1. Let us hope when man can control the weather, they don't use it as a weapon..
  2. A certain site on facebook told many of its followers to ignore Xc weather as they " xcweather uses low resolution model data btw so is not as accurate." is this correct?
  3. 20 mph winds in London as well, seems a lot of over reaction. Supercomputers can't beat sticking your head out of the window at the end of day!
  4. Same here, the rain as been non stop since about 2pm, wind though as been the odd gust as best.
  5. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/man-taken-to-hospital-after-galeforce-winds-bring-down-feeling-under-the-weather-hospital-sign-9128896.html Not sure if already posted, how ironic.
  6. Maybe you need to refresh that page, says max is 61mph for your area. Same as mine been downgraded 2 times this afternoon.
  7. XC weather just downgraded Gusts for north London by 8-10 mph over night. Not surprised at all, not been to bad here all day.
  8. Wind gusts are much lower than forecast on XC weather up to now for here, highest being 27 as opposed to 48 for 3-6pm on their site. Does this mean there is a good chance it may not be half as bad later as well? I am watching http://www.casa.ucl.ac.uk/weather/ for London, not sure how accurate this site is.
  9. Highest gust in London as been around 27 mph it seems, rain seems more the problem at this moment. My son as a football match tonight outdoors, hope it gets called off.
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