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  1. This could as well become one of the strongest storms in the Atlantic Basin.
  2. can someone tell me what the difference is between meltwater from greenland, and meltwater that was released from lakes during the beginning of the younger dryas and 8.2 ka event. Is there a chanche there is a new event in the near future. And will the weakening also impact europe's climate?
  3. Hello, i have some questions... 1) How is it possible to make cards with NCEP Reanalysis, (i've seen them a couple of times in this topic, i want to make them too. 2) I've seen a graphic about the decreasing AMOC in the last years. How is it possible that we didn't see the effects from the AMOC on our weather? Is it possible that the warming factors are more overwhelming than the cooling factors. Or is there another reason? Or is the decreasing not 'that exceptional', or is it still coming? 3) Will the cold pool in the At. Ocean have an effect on our weather, and not only
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