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  1. Snowing in lower Gillingham. Settling on cars but not on the roads as yet.
  2. And it's stopped. Settled on garden walls etc but melting now.
  3. Snow in at work...outskirts of Chatham. Flakes getting larger.
  4. Well after getting off the bus at the top part of Chatham, the temperature has definitely dropped. Can see my breath and my hands were freezing when they had been ok.
  5. After absolutely pelting it down in Gillingham at 3.45 when I got up, it had stopped by 4.45 when I left the house. Medway council obviously think it's going to get a lot colder though as the gritters were out going through Chatham. Fingers crossed!
  6. Frost on vehicles at 22:30 in lower Gillingham and Parkwood Rainham. Looking forward to some proper weather instead of the plain white sky we've had of late.
  7. Long time no post (I read a lot though!). We had some lovely flakes in lower Gillingham, lasted about three minutes then gone.
  8. There's been powdery snow falling in Gillingham since I left home at 5.20. Still going now (in Chatham) but very light.
  9. Wow we have an amazing sky right now, part bright sunshine and part dark, dark clouds. Just heard thunder too! ETA: Here comes the rain, big heavy drops.
  10. Morning folks. We just had a lovely long roll of thunder but the rain that had been going all night seems to have tailed off for the moment. Ooo another thunder roll! Eta: I spoke too soon. The rain is doing a lovely gentle drizzle. Bet that changes later.
  11. I would like to think that it would, purely because I would hate to see a wedding upset, however, Mother Nature and Bertha remnants may have other ideas. Really I know which I would put my money on!
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