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  1. Bitterly cold BFTV, showers are tiring to snow on the radar. 384hrs on the GFS earlier was a slight to be seen.....Ireland and most of UK turned pink
  2. Snowed earlier and turned the place white, headed over mountain to Lisburn and it was lashing in Lisburn!! Back home now and it's sleety rain, a mild sector must have moved in and temp increased by a couple of degree, looks to be more snow tomorrow between 9 and 11. MetO have it pretty spot on....except the wind warning, not really required for here anyway!!
  3. Same sort of chart as Tuesday with large central belt getting nothing.
  4. All eyes to the skies this morning. Plenty of moisture heading north on the radar. 3 degrees here at minute with icy conditions on the drive into work over the moutain to crumlin this morning.
  5. Today's ended at 6pm sharky but another snow alert for tomorrow afternoon!! Not showing on any weather forecasts other than high level areas!!
  6. Mad drive up from Dublin tonight!! Signage from m50 motorway lying in fast lane, branches and debris blowing everywhere and severe gusts with heavy rain!! Lorries with empty trailers had side curtains opened to let wind blow through and not blow them off the road!!
  7. I can find the Like This button Ronan but can't seem to locate the Dislike This button!! lol
  8. Not much snow showing up on any of the weather forecasts for Lisburn or surrounding areas, over weekend it showed Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday for much of NI. Looks like we could just miss this weeks mid week storm thankfully as it looks quite dangerous. If only we got the below and it stalled over us for a few days.
  9. There's a lot it moisture showing up on radar at minute juuyko heading north east by the looks of it from the south west!! Hopefully some snow for us!! It's chilly here!!
  10. Bad in lisburn with wind and rain the past couple of hours, some really strong gust!! Radar shows the rain to stop in the next hour or so!! Not as cold as it was earlier with ice on road not thawing for most of the day!! Is it to return later and winds to continue? Definitely the worst so far this winter!!
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