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  1. If the cold air is still in place when the precipitation to the west arrives it could be fun, it is showing on Euro4 as frontal snow. Looks to be coming quicker than maybe MetO automated showing
  2. Been following the big blog to west coast in, looks like it could run through central counties of Ireland
  3. If temps would drop and some of this precipitation out west would merge, which some of it is, things could be a bit more positive for some later. Euro4 also showing frontal snow for tomorrow night
  4. Fair wee bit of precipitation aimed at us over the next few hours
  5. Power out, dinner not finished, batteries dead in torch, 12% battery in phone, iwatch dead, water coming through sliding door......roll on summer now. Windiest it’s been
  6. Could do with temps dropping Currebt dew points below
  7. It looked that way but it headed slightly further south if you follow the animation
  8. Would be expecting radar to pick it up soon, if white, places going to get a serious dump Ni weather page on Facebook have picked up on it also
  9. Think your right bob Edit:- will be tight actually on second review
  10. Satellite images with clouds height of United Kingdom and Ireland, Weather in United Kingdom and Ireland - SAT24.com EN.SAT24.COM Satellite images with clouds height of United Kingdom and Ireland, Weather in United Kingdom and Ireland - SAT24.com
  11. Based on Euro 4 yes Steve, looking good overnight through to Wednesday for snow potential.
  12. On radar precipitation looks to be getting wintry, some green areas indicating sleet already
  13. Yup, Euro 4 agrees Would have thought by the charts it would warrant a MetO yellow warning for us covering all of NI
  14. ? snow shield be broken over the next couple of days?
  15. Rain’s not to bad here, squall line passed here but again didn’t amount to much
  16. Met E now has a full orange warning out for Ireland. wind picking up, will be a rough night and into tomorrow. Snow chances still looking good for Monday through to Thursday based on 6z
  17. Borrowed this from a Facebook page. Things still look uncertain in terms of wind speeds. She was gusty this evening landing in Belfast international ?
  18. Warnings been issued and updated this morning by MetO, would expect changes still over the weekend. Wind and SNOW warnings ?
  19. Was expecting this forum to be bouncing this evening with what is being forecast on the models at present for next week ? Large parts of the country have potential so see snow fall of varying quantities along with fierce winds, rain and kitchen sinks
  20. Saturday evening and into the middle or end of next week could be pretty memorable for some, hopefully most. Surprised this thread and MOD not lively with the potential shown at present. I even have snow symbols for Monday morning on MetO automated, all adds to the excitement ?
  21. Some of seems pretty mad mountain, what’s your thoughts?
  22. Next week is looking rather manic, I’m gonna be glued to this forum for the next few days I think. The potential storms from Saturday night through to Wednesday look quite serious for some at present. The snow potential also should have a few eyebrows raised on this thread
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