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  1. I’m disappointed with the snow here today but not as disappointed as my wife will be tomorrow with her valentines present
  2. Tiny skiff here, you can still see the black tar of the drive it’s that light, has snowed a good hour now to but tiny flakes
  3. Like Christmas Eve, excitement starting to build
  4. Me to Ronan and when it melts then roll on spring. Ground last week to wet and this week to hard
  5. March 2013, a farmer friend was digging out the Ligonel road outside north Belfast over the mountain with a loading shovel and cars where buried in it, serious amount of snow fell, divis and black mountain got a pasting
  6. Donegal Weather Channel providing more great graphics, great posts in their Facebook page, give it a follow if you haven’t already. I haven’t been on the MOD thread in a few weeks now, in here has kept me up to date with potential weather events, great reading the past few weeks guys, keep it up and we’ll hopefully get rewarded with snow next week
  7. Credit to Donegal Weather Channel on Facebook for the below graphic. Hopefully it becomes reality
  8. MetO updated Tuesday, brought time forward and extended northerly extent of area
  9. Showing snow overhead here on radar but dry outside
  10. Quite a few in here should get a taste of white stuff today based on radar
  11. Looked on here as haven’t been in the MOD thread in months and expected no snow chances over the next 48hrs, was pleasantly surprised when I viewed the GFS charts, a couple below
  12. The rains always bucking freezing here Sorry Yes, could be an issue alright. Precipitation turning to sleet based on radar as it crosses into NI
  13. As rare as hens teeth seeing a nearly country length snow event
  14. Keeping it simple tonite, good work by NI Weather page
  15. Well here she comes and it’s moving to the north east
  16. I think the vast majority, like myself, are searching for the next snowfall in our back gardens. It is concerning for many the next few days as you say, if it was snow the servers would have exploded
  17. Could we get westwards correction, is has that ship sailed?
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