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  1. Heaviest snow of the week has just started falling randomly. Looking at the skies I don't think it's going to last more than 5 minutes though as the sun's shining! Infact it's stopped whilst I typed this.
  2. On the flip side, lovely lovely blue sky and sunshine this morning here now!
  3. Snowed quite heavily here around half an hour ago, enough to redust my car which was completely clear after my drive this afternoon. Still snowing but eased off a bit.
  4. Still light sideways snow here. Slightly thicker dusting than there was yesterday... Let's see what the day brings!
  5. It is an interesting one. The water in our hosepipe on the outside wall of the house is frozen solid, it feels more like a rigid pipe than a hose! I feel it's more to do with the wind and generally slow pace of the snow?
  6. I can't really describe the situation here as any more than a light dusting. Although it seemed heavier at times, I think that's just the wind really. There is at least a dusting on our road surface now which should help anything heavier later lay better.
  7. What's people thoughts for SW London/Surrey for tonight and tomorrow then?
  8. Very fine snow being blown around in Surbiton for about an hour or so. I'm going for a nice 8 mile walk today so hoping for something on the ground later to make the walk a bit different.
  9. Sorry Mother Nature doesn't have a watch! Forget the app forecasts....
  10. Just went outside and it's definitely much much colder than it's been for a while now!
  11. I'm going to take a random stab in the dark, just a feeling but I think it will start snowing here in SW London/Surrey around 3am.
  12. I believe that red alerts will only be very localised, not blanket for a whole large region. As an example, 6" snow in a Kent village will cause far less disruption on a Sunday that 2" snow in the centre of London?
  13. Would not the fact its a Sunday and we're in lockdown lower the chances of a red alert being issues? I hope Vaccines aren't too badly affected mind!
  14. Put your phone in landscape (sideways) instead and it shows on the left!
  15. Hi Steve, what one is this? Does it have an outdoor temp sensor etc? Thanks, Mal
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