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  1. Others will be able to help more, but one major advantage that Austral has is the relative lack of Maritime influence that resorts further west have. Latest forecast suggests a cold and snowy next couple of days, followed by mild and sunny with daytime temps a few degrees above freezing at mid resort level. The current pattern is for the settled conditions to remain in charge into next weekend and into the following week.
  2. The strange thing about Wolves in this years FA Cup, they have deservedly beaten both Liverpool, Man Utd and also Bristol City. Yet they were very lucky in beating Shrewsbury. So it is Wolves, Watford, Man City and Millwall/Brighton. In my biased opinion it would have been a much more open FA Cup if it was Wolves, Watford, Swansea and Millwall/Brighton instead.
  3. I didn't watch the England match, (at the football) but what on earth happened.
  4. I don't think Wales have played that well in the 6 Nations this year, with the exception of the 2nd half v England and the whole game today.
  5. I have made a point of not commenting this season, but I feel cheated tonight. 2 very bad decisions, the penalty was a dive and our defender played the ball. The 3rd goal was clearly (just) offside. If there was VAR, both goals would not have counted. Of course Man City might well have scored goals in any case, as they were well on top. Opportunities like this may come once in a lifetime, I have never seen us in the semi final of the FA Cup. Extremely proud of our performance today, whilst not perfect, we gave 100%, and with a slice of luck we might have gone through.
  6. Latest Mini blog Recent Weather The past week has seen a bit of a change over the Alps, with the spring like conditions over the Alps ending as the clock actually turned into Spring. There has been a fair bit of fresh snowfall over the Alps with more wintry conditions generally. Synoptics The current weather pattern over the Alps has residual milder weather, but already with a North West wind flow starting to emerge bringing colder conditions. The coming week is largely dominated by areas of low pressure edging in the North and North West. Winds are generally from a Westerly to north Westerly direction. Temperatures are likely to fluctuate a little as different airmasses push in. Monday sees very cold weather with 850Hpa temperatures close to -8c. Tuesday turned milder form the West for a times, While Wednesday and Thursday 850HPa generally below freezing. Friday seems temperatures rise a little generally, more especially for the south of the Alps. Precipitation / Snowfall 50cm of snow is possible over a swathe of the Alps this coming week, altitude as ever is important, over 1750m most of the precipitation is likely to be snow, above 1500m snow is expected apart from perhaps Tuesday, with some snow down to 1000m at times.
  7. Great timing!!! As a neutral does seem very very harsh.
  8. Another win for Wales but again not that impressive in a number of ways.
  9. Amazing result for Man Utd, and VAR does seem to see more penalties given than would otherwise be the case.
  10. Blog Link https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/9440-a-mixed-week-expected-over-the-alps
  11. A mixed week expected over the Alps with some snow and alternating weather patterns and temperatures. View the full blog here
  12. Conditions In broad brush terms, the winter so far has seen record-breaking snowy weather over parts of the Alps for January. It turned much more settled over the Alps as moved through February with some very mild conditions over the past couple of weeks. The start of March looks different once again with a changeable week currently suggested. Synoptics The current weather pattern over the Alps is a ridge of High Pressure with a mild South Westerly flow. Into the start of next week, the stormy weather over the Uk is set to move Eastwards with some strong Westerly winds over Northern mainland Europe and over the Alps. This also bringing some cooler weather with some precipitation likely. For the mid part of next week, an area of low pressure is expected over NW Europe, initially feeding in some SW winds on the eastern flank and a mild Tropical Maritime airmass. As this area of low-pressure edges eastwards, winds veering to more of a NW flow, bringing in a much cooler Polar Maritime airmass. Towards the weekend, a ridge of High Pressure is set to move in from the west, so becoming quieter once again over the Alps. Temperatures Precipitation / Snowfall Dry over the alps today, Monday sees a band of precipitation edging in from the West, bringing heavy bursts initially for France and Switzerland but hit moving eastwards quickly on brisk winds so effecting Austria later in the day. Snow initially from 1200m but lowering during the day. Some showery precipitation for Northern parts on Tuesday, but this quickly fading. Dry in the east on Wednesday but some showers in western fringes of the Alps. Snow level above 2000m. Thursday sees the next main system as a band of precipitation edges in from the west, with some large precipitation totals for France and Switzerland through the day, edging into Austria later but fragmenting as it does so. Snow Levels 1800m on the front edge but lowering to 1200m behind. Further showery outbreaks likely on Friday. Moderate snowfalls possible this week, perhaps 50cm above 1800m.
  13. Personally I think it is a step back and I preferred the old layout. However I still like the Maps layout and hope that this does see big changes.
  14. Monthly Joint winners this month DiagonalRedLine and Optimus Prime both 0.2c out. While Polar Gael and syed2878 both 0.3c out. Seasonal / Overall 1st Froze were the Days 2nd vizzy2004 3rd BornFromTheVoid Interestingly syed2878 back up to 4th from 25th after being first in December. Spreadsheet Feb 19 CET.xlsx
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