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  1. I thought that Japan looked excellent in the game today. QF lineup W A - Ru B Japan - South Africa W B - Ru A New Zealand - Ireland W C - Ru D England - Australia W D - Ru C Wales - France
  2. what are the odds on that happening. About 20/1 apparently.
  3. Very much an excellent article. Do enthusiast weather station like the ones on WOW and Wunderground tend to be as accurate those at official sites or does it depend on actual details. As an example, if a site as is way out of line with other sites, I tend to ignore it as unreliable.
  4. As earlier mentioned in the August thread, I accidentally missed the entry for seaside 60 for August. This has had a slight impact overall for the Top 10. With seaside 60 now in 12th place overall instead of 23rd. Thanks to Roger for spotting my error. Sept 19 CET revised.xlsx
  5. Sorry to seaside 60 whose entry was accidentally missed. Seaside 60 came 22nd in the monthly comp and was 0.2c out. Seaside 60 came 19th in the seasonal comp and 19th overall. Here is the revised spreadsheet. August 19 CET revised.xlsx
  6. While I do agree that Man City and Liverpool are a country mile ahead of everyone else, is that a bit harsh on Leicester.
  7. September Result One player got it spot on this month seaside 60 with 10 players 0.1c out as per below. But as others have said, a lot of players very close to the correct score this month. Seasonal The Seasonal results very much match the September result. Overall No change in the Top 4. with Quicksilver1989 leading from The PIT, Stationery Front and BornFromTheVoid in 2,3,4. Excel Spreadsheet Sept 19 CET.xlsx
  8. Great win for Wales beating Australia 29-25, it was somewhat nervous for most of the 2nd half, but Wales hung on.
  9. They should have used FIFA20 selection. (https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/gaming/fifa-20-bug-career-mode-patch-feature-teams-update-a9121571.html)
  10. J10

    Euro 2020

    While I wasn't going to the game, it does seem very unfair on those Welsh fans who have bought tickets.
  11. The recent years continue to be weak for meaningful snow streamer events.
  12. Don't know about that, after all he is 78. But at his best absolutely.
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