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  1. Moderate snow here for the past hour or so, given a fresh 1cm covering on the grass/cars. Not settling on paths/pavements. Any lying snow will thaw quite quickly when it moves away to the South West.
  2. About 1-2cm of snow overnight, this cleared quickly on paths. At 9am there was full coverage on the grass, but this has since thawed quite quickly from underneath. About 30% left. Currently snowing lightly but not likely to amount to anything. Interesting though to see that South Gower had decent snow overnight. https://magicseaweed.com/Live-Llangennith-Rhossili-Webcam/12/
  3. A mix today of sunny spells and snow showers, the snow persistent early this evening and giving a little dusting. Feeling bitterly cold in the wind, but there is a warmth in the sun when out.
  4. Ireland by far the best side in this year's Six Nations and worthy Grand Slam winners. Wales did well finishing 2nd but to be fair, not much difference between the sides 2nd and 5th and Wales would probably have lost to any side away (possibly/probably except Italy). Italy again the weakest side out there.
  5. EFL Cup And The Emirates FA Cup Discussion

    As Carvalhal said, the best side clearly and deservedly won, but little fouls before the first and 3rd goals. But it does show that the replacements that Spurs had for Kane and Alli are far more capable than those for Ayew(s) and Bony.
  6. Heavy snow for this Alps this weekend with great conditions expected on piste for next week - a great time for a quick late season break View the full blog here
  7. Latest Ski Blog out now https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/8801-heavy-snow-for-this-alps-this-weekend-with-great-conditions-expected-on-piste-for-next-week Some very heavy snow this weekend, with some great on piste conditions expected for next week
  8. Heavy snow for this Alps this weekend with great conditions expected on piste for next week - a great time for a quick late season break View the full blog here
  9. Love photos there Malcolm. Horrible looking ski lift accident in Georgia today, luckily no terrible injuries. What sort of safety systems should be in place to stop this happening and has anyone here been in a scary ski lift situation.
  10. Premier League Discussion

    To be honest, it stopped the police getting away with murder. So in that regard well done Liverpool fans.
  11. Premier League Discussion

    It is an acute problem with Spurs. I'll get my coat.
  12. The simple fact is it was a high tackle (under the new rules) and he would have most likely scored a try, so a penalty try. A similar decision was made in the Scarlets Ulster Pro12 match just after the introduction of the new rules in January 2017. http://rugbyreferee.net/2016/12/30/new-high-tackle-laws-from-3-january-2017/ http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/38514314 (video attached) - the award on this occasion was penalty try and a yellow card) Personally I thought the yellow card was harsh.
  13. I thought it might have been a knock on as well for that Ireland try. It certainly should have gone to TMO.
  14. Premier League Discussion

    Important draw today, by the sounds of it very much hands against the pump after Jordan Ayew's early red card. After the inevitable (and deserved) 3 game ban, it will be a shame to miss him for the those games after his recent form. Luckily though the Huddersfield player seems to have escaped injury.
  15. i will hold you to those pics. Have a good one.