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  1. J10

    World Cup 2018

    Good Commentary of the Belgium Panama game. On Radio 5live.
  2. A dry start with brief brighter spells. however overcast since mid-morning, damp with hill mist and fog and occasional drizzle. Roll on Thursday.
  3. Damp and drizzly will hill fog. Cool
  4. The start of next week is a potentially very cloudy affair for many Western parts, so will be pleased with the High Pressure becoming more widespread towards mid week. However, shouldn't complain too much it has been a cracking start to summer and the odd SW dominated blip will always occur.
  5. A good tour for Wales, a double win in Argentina ( a 30-12 win today) and with a very young side. Something very much to build on for the next couple of years.
  6. Dry and cloudy to start, OVercast and damp with some rain at times later in the morning/early afternoon. this cleared to give a dry mid-afternoon onwards with some sunny spells. Much cooler than recently with a gusty SW breeze.
  7. J10

    World Cup 2018

    I normally don't mind him, but he really was moany today. The Goal Decision system is a massive improvement. Correct and quick. Still unsure about VAR, but it is IMO the right way to go, even if it does need refining.
  8. J10

    World Cup 2018

    lol What a fantastic game, I wonder if we have already seen the game of the tournament.
  9. A damp overnight period into the morning as rain pushed through with around 2-3mm of rain, this cleared to give a bright morning with sunny intervals developing. Further improvements into the afternoon and evening with increasingly long sunny spells to end the day. Max Temps around 20c, but feeling somewhat cooler than recently due to the keen wind.
  10. Dry warm and sunny for the most part but cloud did spread from the north for a time early to mid-afternoon.
  11. J10

    2018 Tennis Thread

    On Clay, Nadal is the best player in the history of the game.
  12. J10

    2018 Tennis Thread

    Very pleased to see Halep breaking her duck today.
  13. A lovely sunny day, with local temps around 25c. but a bit more cloud to the north in the past hour
  14. Thanks as ever to Roger for helping me run this. Monthly Figures SteveB was 0.1c with Polar Gael and Radiating Dendrite 0.2c out. However, Radiating Dendrite very unlucky with the figure being rounded down to 13.2c Top 10 Seasonal Man with Beard stayed in a comfortable first place, with Radiating Dendrite 2nd and Godber 1 in 3rd. If the CET figure for the month was 13.3c, Man with Beard would still have won but by a lower margin from Radiating Dendrite. Overall No change at the top with Man with Beard still well in the lead. Don up one place to 2nd and Norrance up 1 place to 3rd. This month's winner SteveB up 12 places 10th (from 22nd) Excel Format May 2018 CET.xlsx
  15. A very muggy day with temps reaching 20c, with a lot of cloud at times. Some patchy rain so far this evening, with more rain on the way.