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  1. Excel May 21 CET.xlsx PDF ( Summary) May 2021 Summary.pdf Monthly May was a cold month, but this time it was much better forecasted with 13 within 0.5c. Well done to I remember Atlantic 252, the only one getting it spot on. Seasonal After the massive changes last month, the Top 5 remain completely unchanged to conclude the Spring 2021 competition. The Top 3 therefore remains, Polar Gael in 1st, Roger J Smith in 2nd and Quicksilver1989 in 3rd. Overall Not much change either in the overall competition. reef (1st, the same as last
  2. Excel April 21 CET.xlsx PDF (Summary)April 2021 Summary.pdf The cold April caught everyone out this month, in February we also had the weather models predicting a cold start to the month and many went for a cold month only for the second half of February to be very mild. If it wasn't for what happened in February, I suspect a few more would gone for a colder outcome. Monthly Only 3 within 0.5c this month, Godber 1 wins with Daniel* in 2nd, both 0.4c out Roger J Smith was third 0.5c out. Seasonal A largely new top 10, with Polar Gael (1st from 3rd)
  3. 12.0c and 75mm Can't do any worse than April (famous last words)
  4. I do hope that the next ski season we will be closer to "normal" and the pistes will be filled once again.
  5. Excel -> March 21 CET.xlsx PDF (Summary) March 21 Summary.pdf Monthly 3 players got it spot on this month. BornFromTheVoid, February1978 and Polar Gael. 35 players were within 0.5c, compared to only 3 in February. Seasonal The top 10 largely matches the March result. Overall A new top 3, Mr Maunder, 2010cold and reef.
  6. Excel February 21 CET.xlsx PDF (Summary sheet) February 21 CET.pdf Monthly Competition No one got it spot on this month, however both Shillitocettwo and Bobd29 were 0.1c out. Seasonal Competition and Overall Competition Some changes this month in the Top 3. nonameweather 1st from 3rd, weatherhistory 2nd from 6th and Summer18 3rd from 2nd.
  7. Spreadsheet January 21 CET.xlsx Summary January 21 Summary.pdf Monthly Competition 15 players were within 0.2c and two got it spot on. Shillitocettwo and General Cluster, with the latter making a very wise decision to make a late change to 3.1c. Seasonal Competition All change at the top 3 General Cluster, Summer18 and nonameweather. Overall Competition The same top 3 as the seasonal Competition.
  8. Excel Spreadsheet -> December 20 CET.xlsx SummaryPDF Format December 20 Summary.pdf Monthly Scores 3 players got 5.0c spot on. SummerShower, Downburst and 2010cold 37 players were within 0.5c. Seasonal and Overall Scores Excatly the same top 10 as per the monthly scores, so no deductions.
  9. I remember how tricky it was to get a CET under 3.0c and generally that is still the case. So while a cold and dry start to the month seems likely, I think this will be partly offset by more normal conditions for the second half of the month. So 3.5c and 65mm for me.
  10. I was watching the skiing today (Men's Giant Slalom at Santa Caterina) and there really was a massive snowstorm for both runs. Over 1m of snow has fallen over a number of resorts, more especially in Italy. (with freezing levels ranging from 1500m to 2000m) Hopefully much of this snow will form a base for when the pistes do reopen at various times over the Alps.
  11. Overall Some movement in the Top 5. Man With Beard 5th from joint 3rd. Don 4th from joint 3rd. Stationary Front 3rd from 2nd. The PIT 2nd from 6th No change at the top with mb018538 a well deserved winner. Full Top 10 Summary Sheet PDF November 20 Summary.pdf Excel spreadsheet November 20 CET.xlsx Thanks to all players this year and to Roger helping with the competition.
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