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  1. J10

    Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    Still finding it difficult to be in the Championship. It was a dream being in the Premier League and absolutely gutting to go down last year. Have got a season ticket as usual, but finding motivation very difficult at the moment.
  2. Indeed, looking forward to the wind veering NW after Wednesday. Should be much sunnier conditions. fingers crossed though that GFS 12z is wrong for the weekend. Look forward to that as well if it materialises.
  3. A mix of damp drizzly weather with hill fog and some drier brighter spells. Disappointing again though in truth. 19c
  4. Damp and drizzly am and early pm. Drier and brighter later with brighter spells, occasional sunny intervals. More pronounced sunny spells evening. Yesterday Damp, drizzly and misty throughout. Temps high teens both days but largely irrelevant.
  5. J10

    Premier League Discussion

    Pity they didn't do the same last season!!!
  6. Sunshine Hours 2018 Aberporth 125.4hrs (1-17 May) Aberporth 125.8hrs (1-17 June) Aberporth 167.2hrs (1-17 July) Aberporth 86.1hrs (1-17 August) Personally looking forward to the winds turning north Westerly around midweek should bring in much brighter weather.
  7. Re the highlighted bit, 100% agree, Also the averages are for the past 30 years, the past 10 years has seen disappointing Augusts, to say the least.
  8. At Penkridge, August is sunnier than June, overall, but only slightly and on a daily average is actually less sunny, but not much in it either way. but both months are less sunny than May/July.
  9. The first week of September (as soon the kids go back to School) often is far better than August.
  10. Using stats from the Met Office -> https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/climate/gcpvj0v07 Across the UK as a whole over 1981-2010 period Sunshine August is the 4th sunniest month with May 1st, July 2nd, June 3rd. Rainfall In terms of rainfall it is 5th/6th driest, with May, April, June and July drier in that order. February is also slightly drier but obviously has far fewer days. Temperatures In terms of temps. August fairs better being in 2nd place being the second warmest just behind July.
  11. Dry and bright with sunny spells to start, it quickly clouded over to give a cloudy/overcast afternoon, but mostly staying dry, temps 17/18c Turning slightly damp this evening and a little drizzly.
  12. Looking at Met Office Stats, 2018 was sunnier locally than 2006, but not as sunny as 2013.
  13. Lovely and warm in the sun this afternoon but it does cool down quickly in the evening.
  14. Overnight rain cleared quickly to give a dry day with decent sunny spells for morning and afternoon. feeling Warm in the sun, but always with a cool breeze. Temps 18-19c.
  15. This morning and afternoon, dry with overcast/cloudy skies, with occasional brightness around midday. Damp this evening. Temps maximum 20c, and gusty South Westerly winds (30mph).