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  1. J10

    Premier League Discussion

    Very good player and you cannot blame him, but that really is stupid money for a footballer.
  2. J10

    Premier League Discussion

    As for Man Utd, a huge amount of credit should go to OGS, Man Utd look the sum of their parts since he arrived, which wasn’t the case under Mourinho. I know the fixtures have been kind to OGS, but I cannot imagine that under Mourinho they would be unbeaten in those games. League table when he arrived. (Source whoscored.com) Since he arrived Total
  3. J10

    Premier League Discussion

    🤣 Mark Hughes. 😂 (he is available after all)
  4. Home to Scotland next. Oh sorry you didn't mean that did you. 😁 Despite Wales excellent run in terms of results, not entirely convinced about their level of play. While the Welsh defence is likely to be a step up compared to what England have faced recently I still think England will go into the game as favourites.
  5. This weeks blog (as above) https://www1.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/9401-some-snow-for-the-alps-today-and-tomorrow-then-drier
  6. Some snow this weekend, then turning much more settled generally and milder from the West. View the full blog here
  7. Some snow this weekend, then turning much more settled generally and milder from the West. View the full blog here
  8. Summary The conditions over the Alps continue to be very good with large amounts of snow widely over the Alps. The downside is the remaining risk of avalanches in off piste area. Synoptic Pattern Currently there is a large area of Low Pressure over Scandinavia and this is feeding in a very cold feed on an North Westerly wind across NW Europe. Later today a cold front is likely to bring moderate precipitation across the Alps and much colder temperatures as it does so. An area of High Pressure is forecast to edge into Western parts of the Alps tomorrow and this is likely to build across all of the Alps by midweek (1035mb), bringing much drier and more settled conditions, The Centre of the High Pressure is expected to edge eastwards late in the week, however with Pressure over 1030mb still expected over the Alps. Winds are expected from a more southerly direction, bring in more milder conditions more especially for Western parts of the Alps. Temperatures 850Hpa Sunday South 0c to -1c, North +5 to +7c Monday South -1c to -4c, North -5c Tuesday South West -1c to +3c, Central -3c to -5c, North and East -6c to -9c Wednesday West 0c to +4c, Central 0c to -4c, East -6c to -9c Thursday West/Central 0c to +5c, East -1c to -4c Friday West/Central 0c to +4c, South East -2c to -5c Precipitation and Snowfall As mentioned above, the cold front is edging South East over the Alps today, bringing precipitation initially for NW parts of the Alps [French Alps, Western Switzerland and SW Germany). By midnight tonight precipitation is expected across all of the alps. Further precipitation expected tomorrow, more especially for Northern and Western areas, so for the French Alps, Switzerland, Southern Germany and North Austria. This only slowing fading through Monday with a drier evening expected in Western parts. For Tuesday dry in western areas, with patchy precipitation expected for Northern Austria, this only slowly fading during the day. Over the next 3 days, 50-100cm of fresh snow expected in Northern and Western areas, and the following 3 days mostly dry over the Alps. Snowfall perhaps above 1250m on the front edge of the front, but below 800m thereafter. Summary Some snow this weekend, then turning much more settled generally and milder from the West.
  9. J10

    Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    Probably something that should have happened some time ago, some other fans have been far more vociferous in this regard. However taking the Swans from the bottom of the Football league to the Premier League is something that will never be forgotten.
  10. Monthly As mentioned above, 3 correct entries this month. CheesepuffScott, Walsall Wood Snow and Norrance Seasonal and Overall A new Top 3 Froze were the Days, CheesepuffScott and SteveB Excel Spreadsheet Jan 19 CET.xlsx
  11. Synoptic Pattern To start this weekend an area of Low Pressure over the Alps (Centred Southern France 995mb). This feeding in a long draw northerly for the west of the Alps and generally cold weather over much of Western and Central Europe. Into next week and the low pressure slowly being squeezed away to the Southeast, with a ridge of high-pressure edging in off the Atlantic. This should bring in drier, more settled and less cold conditions. The High Pressure remaining in situ over the Alps for most of next week, so some rather quiet and settled conditions for the most part. Towards the weekend, Low pressure over the UK could bring some North Westerly winds and some fronts from the North. Precipitation Looking at the precipitation over the Alps this weekend, for Saturday evening this is concentrated in an area of North Eastern Italy and South Eastern parts of Austria. During the early hours of Sunday morning this becoming more widespread across much of the Alps. Sunday sees widespread precipitation over much of the Alps, with some very heavy bursts over parts of Austria, especially around the Tirol region. Later on Sunday the precipitation becoming concentrated in more Northern parts of the Alps. By evening the precipitation fading considerably with many southern parts of the Alps becoming dry. Any patchy precipitation for parts of Austria fading quickly on Monday leaving a dry spell of the Alps under High Pressure lasting through the reminder of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. A front is forecast to edge in from the North West on Thursday giving some precipitation for the French Alps, Switzerland, SW Germany and possibly NW Austria. During the day this slowly spreading South Eastwards across the Alps and fading as it does so. At this stage the forecast is for the remnants of this front dying out on Friday. Snowfall
  12. What a brilliant birthday for George North. Given the presents the French gave him.
  13. But we don't want the green green grass of home tonight. 😂