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  1. Downloads Excel July 20 CET.xlsx PDF Summary July 20 Summary.pdf Monthly The temperature was 15.7c in July 2020, with 1 player getting it spot on - Kentish Man and 2 players 0.1c out. This month only 7 were within 0.5c ( compared to 46 players last month) Seasonal Some changes this month, with Relativistic 1st (from 11th) and February1978 and Steve B staying 2nd and 3rd. Overall A very similar top 3 and generally across the Top 10. Dancerwithwings stays in 1st, mb018538 remains 2nd with Stationary Front remaining 3rd, with the PIT now 4th from joint 3rd. The rest of the Top 9 is unchanged.
  2. J10

    F1 2020 season

    Disappointed for Hamilton but delighted for Norris and McLaren to get a podium especially after their recent troubles.
  3. Downloads -> Excel -> June 20 CET.xlsx PDF -> Summary sheet June 20 Summary.pdf Monthly The temperature was 15.3c in June 2020, with 2 players getting it spot on reef and February1978. There were 46 players within 0.5c. Seasonal The Top 10 largely matches the monthly competition, with reef, February1978 and Steve B the 1-2-3. Overall A very similar top 3, Dancerwithwings stays in 1st, mb018538 remains 2nd with Stationary Front remaining 3rd, however the PIT is now joint 3rd.
  4. Just to let everyone know, the scores will be a little delayed this month. Probably will be out on Saturday.
  5. 17.3c and 80mm So IMO a warm but wettish July, to match June.
  6. Hot and totally sunny here today 29.2c max, and temps only slowly dropping this evening, still over 24c at close to 10pm. Might be warmer still tomorrow, if the clouds hold off until evening.
  7. For obvious reasons Glastonbury 2020 was cancelled. it would have been held on 24-28 June 2020. From the Met office website. GFS goes for it turning a little bit more unsettled from around Friday.
  8. Championship: Season-ticket holders can watch all of team's remaining games online - BBC Sport WWW.BBC.CO.UK Season-ticket holders at Championship clubs will be able to watch their team's remaining regular-season games online. Not a particularly attractive option to me.
  9. Monthly The temperature was 12.5c in May 2020, seven players got it spot on. DogToffee, DiagonalRedLine, DR(S)NO, Summer Sun, Stationary Front, mb018538 and J10 Seasonal A new top 3. Dancerwithwings won with J10 in 2nd and Godber 1 in 3rd. Overall A few changes in the Top 3 Dancerwithwings stays in 1st, mb018538 is 2nd (from 3rd) Stationary Front is 3rd (from 4th) Excel -> May 20 CET.xlsx PDF -> May 20 CET.pdf
  10. This is true however Merseyside Police are happy for the Everton - Liverpool game to he held in Liverpool.
  11. Swansea. Wasn't expecting anything last night, although I don't look out for thunderstorms like some. When you are woken up by thunder it can get a bit startling. There was also a very short intense downpour. It didn't last that long but was intense enough.
  12. Indeed a pretty intense storm last night. Woke me up last night
  13. A fair point. In an ideal world, probably yes, certainly if the season ended before the end of July there wouldn’t be an issue. Thereafter lawyers would probably get involved, or some financial compromise would be reached.
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