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  1. I have gone through the figures, it took longer than normal due to the total number of entries. Monthly Scores Overall Scores Excel Spreadsheet If you rename the file as an XLSX File it should work fine. Dec 19 CET.xlsx
  2. That was my understanding as well.
  3. Snow-forecast Charts https://www.snow-forecast.com/ Further precipitation likely across the Alps for the next 6 days. Looking at Day 0-3 there is quite a lot of rain expected on the map, indicating that freezing levels are likely to be quite high. For days 4-6 there are localised areas in the North West with over 1m of snow, but less precipitation for many parts of the Alps. Resort focus Tignes - Hotspot area for snow, this general area will see a fair amount of snow over the Next 6 days, Snow Levels are likely to be over 2000m to start, this dropping over the weekend. Other parts of the Alps are likely to largely miss out. At 1500m Moderate rainfall expected until Friday (30mm), before this turns to snow over the weekend. (50cm) At 1500m Light snow for Thursday, 25cm of snow Friday, Drier early Saturday, before heavy snowfall late Saturday into Monday, with a risk of over 150cm of fresh snow.
  4. I think it does use GFS. I think this is type of pattern where small changes to the overall pattern can make big differences on the ground. I am afraid that we will have a keep an eye on it for the next few days.
  5. A pretty snowy week is in prospect for the Alps, with potentially over 1m of fresh snow possible in some parts of the North West. Areas around Tignes look likely to see the heaviest snowfall. There is a considerable change in the freezing level, during the week as different air masses go through. To start the week a Polar Maritime air mass with North westerly winds, briefly turning South Westerly midweek with a ridge of High Pressure bringing a Tropical Maritime airmass. By Thursday winds back to westerly with a Polar Maritime airmass with further heavy precipitation edging in as shown below for Tignes. Looking at Tignes especially the snow is back ended with the heaviest snow before next weekend. https://www.snow-forecast.com/resorts/Tignes/6day/mid
  6. Maps from Snow-forecast.com Some moderate snow in Western parts of the Alps to start the week, with some light snow also likely in North Eastern parts of the Alps. Turning drier more generally across the Alps for the middle of the week. Snow Maps Day 0-3 Snow Maps Day 4-6 Weather Today - Mid Station Weather Tomorrow - Mid Station Weather Tuesday- Mid Station
  7. Monthly Only one played this month, got it spot on. So well done to Don. Three others were 0.1c out, nn2013, Kirkcaldy Weather and Quicksilver1989. Seasonal A complete change of the Top 3. 1. nn2013 2. DiagonalRedLine 3. Weather-history Overall No change in the Top 3. Quicksilver1989 wins from Stationary Front with The PIT in 3rd. A massive well done to Quicksilver who has led continuously since June. Excel Spreadsheet Nov 19 CET - Sent.xlsx
  8. J10

    Euro 2020

    Well should be easy to get tickets for Wales games v Turkey and Switzerland in Baku (capacity 68700) Getting there a little bit more difficult.
  9. J10

    Euro 2020

    Great and well deserved for Wales. They are starting to look like a team now that Moore is up front with the talents of Bale, James and Ramsey behind. What a difference Ramsey makes, if we can keep they players fit, perhaps a decent Euros awaits, but at least we are there. I am not certain when the play-offs are finalised but fingers crossed that the other home Nations (including Republic of Ireland) can make it.
  10. J10

    Euro 2020

    After yesterday's results, if Wales (home) beat Hungary on Tuesday they will qualify for Euro 2020 automatically. England have qualified Republic of Ireland (home) will qualify if they beat Denmark on Monday. Scotland and Northern Ireland will both advance to the play-offs in March next year for a final chance to qualify.
  11. Indeed it is the worst of all worlds at the moment, if you allow the on-field ref to see the pictures, they remain in control of the decision.
  12. VAR has just confirmed it was a goal.
  13. Much prefer it to be on BT Sport tham on Sky, although no problem at all with some coverage back on FTA TV.
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