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  1. Premier League Discussion

    I was at the game and despite all of the Spurs stuff around the ground, it still feels like a neutral venue. I also feel Spurs are missing a trick a little by only having 3,000 away fans with over 15,000 empty seats. Having more away fans might help the atmosphere a little. Having 65,000 is still a fantastic crowd, but a much smaller crowd at the lane was far more intimidating. As for the game delighted to get a point, Spurs are a very good side, and I am sure they will sort out the Wembley issue very soon.
  2. Premier League Discussion

    An idea for me would be to have a transfer window for managers, IMO sacking a manager after 4 games is ridiculous. Having a transfer window for managers would stop this from happening.
  3. Hurricane Irma

    This one is showing CNN at the moment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Acap3IrCYYk
  4. August 2017 Results Monthly - Only one player got 15.6c, Alexisj9. Seasonal - The top 3 is 1. simshady, 2. Daniel* 3. BornFromTheVoid Overall - The top 3 is 1. davehsug (1st last month) 2. I remember Atlantic 252 (2nd) 3. Weather26 (4th) This month saw the best entries coming late in the process, probably due to the cooler weather becoming more apparent. August 2017 CET.xlsx August 2017 CET.pdf
  5. This month's winner Alexisj9. Full results to follow tomorrow.
  6. Premier League Discussion

    Didn't see any to be honest. I am going to the Swans game v Spurs at Wembley, if Spurs don't win, there really is a curse there.
  7. Premier League Discussion

    He did well for us, but I cannot really see him playing much for Spurs or Chelsea, one last payday perhaps. But as least we have Bony back and if he s good as he was when he left us, we will be happy. But very pleased to sign Sanches, sounds like a cracking young player.
  8. A little damp in the early hours, brightening up mid morning with a largely sunny afternoon to follow. Temps around 18c.
  9. The New Zealand player deliberately let the ball go after she was tackled and by doing so was able to play on. Whether or not it went forward is another matter. I though New Zealand were absolutely outstanding in the 2nd half. But very impressed with the standard of play by both teams.
  10. Premier League Discussion

    Important win for the Swans today 2-0 at Palace and a clean sheet.
  11. Wayne Rooney A great or not

    He has been a fantastic player for over a decade for England and Man Utd, breaking countless records along the way. He was outstanding in 2004 before the injury in the QF I think, if he had stayed England might have won those Euros. There has been some remarkable snobbery towards him which is very regrettable.
  12. Where would be the best place to look to see the stats of the wind direction this month, and indeed this summer, from recollection it has been between W and SW for most of the summer. It would be interesting to see if this has broken any records.
  13. Premier League Discussion