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  1. J10

    UEFA Nations League

    Wales very much a work in Progress, a lot of youngsters being given game time . well beaten by Spain but a much better performance and result v Ireland. If we beat Denmark, promotion is assured, but this is still a very big ask.
  2. Much better day for them today. with wins for Gloucester, Saracens and (surprisingly IMO) Newcastle.
  3. Much calmer today than recent days, a damp morning followed by long sunny intervals this afternoon. Somewhat cooler than yesterday too. More importantly, this will give locally impacted areas a chance to dry out. Rainfall totals since Friday (Mumbles) 21mm Friday 14mm Saturday 3mm Sunday
  4. This afternoon remained very windy with gusts of 55mph easing back this evening to 40mph. Cloudy throughout with some showery rain at times with some drier interludes. Despite the strong winds, not feeling that cold due to max temperatures of 19c. Rain since 6pm last night 25-30mm locally, which is much lower than many inland areas nearby who very unfortunately have suffered flooding.
  5. Still very windy here but largely dry past few hours after overnight rain.
  6. J10

    Premier League Discussion

    On BBC Feed of game. "it reminds me of Mourinho's last season at Chelsea when it all fell apart. From the outside it does appear something seriously wrong at Man Utd at the moment.
  7. Monthly Figures - Summary and Top 10 No players got it spot on, with 5 players 0.1c out. Kirkcaldy Weather, coldest winter, daniel, weather-history and ProlongedSnowLover. The top 10 precisely as shown by Roger above. Seasonal - Summary and Top 10. Very much in the same order as the monthly figures above. Overall - Summary and Top 10. No change in the Top 3. 1st Man with Beard 2nd Don 3rd Norrance Elsewhere in the Top 10 Godber_1 up 4th places to 4th. mulzy up 11 places to 6th. Sept 2018 CET.xlsx
  8. J10

    Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    Swans currently just outside the play-offs in 7th with 16pts after 10 games. However still very tight 3pts behind 2nd and only 2 above the bottom half. Given the complete overhaul of the squad preseason, a very decent start with a very young squad, albeit with some inevitable inconsistency in performance levels.
  9. J10

    Golf Chat

    Well done to Europe for an emphatic win today.
  10. J10


     DAY 3 (SINGLES) MATCH 1. RES:J.THOMAS " 2. RES:TIE "  3. RES:J.ROSE " 4. RES:T.WOODS " 5. RES:T.F'WOD " 6. RES:D.JOHNSON " 7. RES:J.SPIETH " 8. RES:S.GARCIA " 9. RES:F.MOLINARI " 10. RES:TIE " 11. RES:H.STENSON " 12. RES:A.NOREN Given my rubbish predictions so far, I was half tempted to go for 12 US wins to guarantee Europe the Ryder Cup.
  11. J10


    Probably too late but I would have gone 14.5 to 13.5 in favour of Europe.
  12. J10


    DAY 2 (MORNING FOURBALLS) MATCH 1) RESULT: Garcia/McIlroy MATCH 2) RESULT: Fowler/Johnson MATCH 3) RESULT: Reed/Woods MATCH 4) RESULT: TIE I have changed the guesses based on it being Fourballs.
  13. J10

    Golf Chat

    What are you arguing, if you are on about quantity, then clearly Sky has bought more rights than the BBC for Football, Cricket and Darts and for a number of other sports. But IMO the actual BBC coverage for live football is better than for Sky, while the lack of coverage of Cricket and Darts makes a comparison very difficult. As for Snooker I would very much doubt it, and Sky is allowed to bid for Snooker, it is just that the Snooker Authorities prefer the terrestrial coverage the BBC provides. It is a pity that the BBC is not allowed to have a dedicated sports channel.