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  1. J10

    Premier League Discussion

    Chris Cowlin who does regular stadium updates on Youtube was at the event.
  2. J10

    BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2015

    Thoroughly deserved winner, Geraint has been excellent for a number of years, initially winning Gold a part of the Team Pursuit at the Olympics at London in 2012 and Rio in 2016. On the road being a super domestique for Chris Froome, and finally when given a chance to win it, has done superbly well. I do feel a bit for Lewis, but him being the best driver in the world is something we have just gotten used to. The fact that he has already won it (2014) might have counted against him.
  3. Exceptional view of downslope (katabatic) winds in Jura neuchâtelois, Switzerland yestrday, December 15. Report: Jura & Trois-Lacs
  4. J10

    Premier League Discussion

    From BBC website To be outplayed is one thing but to be shown up with work rate in a big game this like is shocking. Before the game Mourinho said Liverpool were lucky, for once Jose I agree with you. For a start Liverpool are lucky not to have you as manager.
  5. J10

    Save our Christmas Songs

    I always find that very sad.
  6. https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/9305-further-snow-for-the-alps-this-week-for-the-higher-slopes
  7. Further Snow for the Alps this week for the higher slopes View the full blog here
  8. J10

    UEFA Champions League

    Liverpool should already have been out of sight on the night, but it was a vital save.
  9. Webcams at Les Gets (1100m) showing the dropping snow level, first this afternoon showing rain turning to snow the 2nd showing heavy snow now falling http://m.webcam-hd.com/lesgets/front-de-neige-panoramique
  10. Current Synoptic pattern Europe – The Azores High is ridging across the Atlantic, allowing a cold North to North Westerly blast across NW Europe. There is also a deep area of low pressure across Scandinavia which is a feeding a very cold Northerly across Western parts of Scandinavia. Alps overview and temperatures The Alps is at the southern edge of the Scandinavian low pressure, and this should feed in large amounts of precipitation and with the cold air, much of this is likely to fall as snow with more detail in the precipitation part of the blog below. Next week – A cold start to the week with northerly winds 850Hpa below freezing across the Alps moreso in Eastern parts below -5c at the end of Monday. A ridge of High Pressure starting to edge in from the West later on Monday, however precipitation is still likely for much of the Alps on Monday, The High Pressure continues to build in for Tuesday, this slowly kills off the precipitation during the day, turning very cold across the Alps with an Easterly feed setting in, 850HPa -7c North East of the Alps and -3c to the South West of the Alps. Wednesday - A quiet day on with High Pressure over the Alps, turning slightly less cold from the South West 850HPa -6c North East of the Alps and -3c Central parts of the Alps, and 0 to +3c far South West of the Alps. Thursday and Friday – Low Pressure starting to edge in form the South west bringing a little bit of precipitation for Western areas on Thursday and perhaps this edging further east on Friday. Milder 850HPa temperatures edging in, above freezing for western parts, but generally -3c to -4c further East. Precipitation – Today – Sunday 9 December – Precipitation over most of the Alps, with only the far SE of Austria remaining dry. The heaviest of the precipitation over the French Alps, NW Italy, Southern and Eastern Switzerland and NW Austria. This set to continue through Sunday and overnight into Monday, with large precipitation totals expected. Monday 10 December – Further precipitation continuing in largely the same areas as per Sunday with the heaviest of the precipitation expected in Western parts of Austria, and precipitation becoming lighter in Western areas later. Tuesday 11 December – Patchy precipitation in Western areas to start this quickly drying out by afternoon, further precipitation continuing in Western Austria until the evening before fading away here later. Midweek – Largely dry Wednesday, perhaps a few showers in the south West, more widespread precipitation in Western areas on Thursday, this perhaps spreading further east by Friday fading as it does so. Snowfall – Heavy precipitation is expected over a swathe of the Alps in the next 48 hrs coving the French Alps, NW Italy, Southern and Eastern Switzerland and Western Austria. 50cm of snow is expected widely above 1500m with over 1m locally. At lower levels, at 1000-1250m it is more a rain to snow event with perhaps 25cm of snow possible, but exact details will depend on location. Summary This week may well see snowfalls to start the season off on a good note with excellent powder conditions expected around midweek. Going forward there may some milder weather which may weaken this snow base, but a good build up to Christmas from mid station upwards.
  11. Works fine this end. What version of Excel do you have,
  12. Firast "Mini" Winter Blog for 2018/19 Season Current Synoptic pattern Europe – There is a “zonal” weather pattern across the Atlantic, with Low Pressure over the North Atlantic and NW Europe. with pressure of 976mb to the North East of Iceland. The Azores High is slightly ridging over Iberia, pressure 1024mb here, with a mild and damp flow in between for Northern mainland Europe. Further East there is High Pressure for Russia and SE Europe. Alps – The northern parts of the Alps are currently receiving mild South Westerly winds bringing a Tropical Maritime airmass and a fair amount of precipitation. Next week – Mild to start with South Westerly winds, this is followed by a ridge of High-Pressure edging over NW mainland Europe on Tuesday with the winds veering to the North West. The 850HPa temperatures dropping below zero for Eastern parts of the Alps most notably for Austria. By Wednesday, the milder South West winds are slowly rebuilding from the West, bringing in the milder weather to all parts of the Alps by Thursday and for Friday, but as if often the case always staying that little bit cooler over Austria. Outlook – At this stage, another North Westerly blast is set to bring colder air once again over the weekend as shown in the charts, followed by a very cold blast from the North around the 11st November but this is a long way off. Precipitation – Today – Sunday 2 December – Heavy precipitation expected over much of Switzerland, the French Alps and NW Austria at times. Snow levels very high 2500m generally, perhaps 2200m NW Austria. Monday 3 December – Further precipitation across Central parts (north – south) of the Alps. Snow Level around 2200m. Cold Front – Late Monday 3 December / Tuesday 4 December – heavy precipitation for Northern parts of the Alps mainly in early hours Tuesday morning, largely clearing by Tuesday afternoon. Snow levels dropping to 1800m. Patchy precipitation for NW Austria later Tuesday, snow to around 1500m. Thursday 6 December –A warm front edging in overnight into Thursday giving, a further spell of precipitation is expected, heavy in western areas for the morning, snow down to 1900m. Friday 7 December – Mostly dry to start, a cold front is set to bring precipitation to Northern areas with snow down to increasingly low levels by Saturday. Snowfall – There is set to be considerable precipitation over parts of the French Alps, Switzerland and to a lesser extent running into NW Austria. Above 2500m, 50cm of snow is expected, with over 1m in some spots. At 2000m some decent accumulations of 50cm possible, but 1500m and below, rain is far more likely. Summary With the exception of the highest slopes, snow accumulatoin this week looking mostly limited. However from around next weekend, things may well get far more promising.
  13. J10

    Euro 2020

    Decent draw for Wales, play to our potential and a good chance of qualifying. England should qualify, Scotland have a decent chance and already are in the playoffs, Northern Ireland a nightmare draw, while Republic of Ireland have a tough draw. Would be good to get to Euro 2020, Euro 16 was such a great experience.